Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Sick Day

Yesterday I went home early from work because from the moment I woke up, I felt nausiated and gross.

It got worse last night... it felt like the stomach flu on top of the nausea... ick! After making a few trips to the bathroom, I hit the hay at 9pm. Liam was a sweetheart and didn't wake up until 1am. When I went to pick him up and feed him, all the yuckiness that had subsided from laying down for a few hours came rushing back. I put him back in his crib when he was done eating and rested until he woke again at 4:30 to eat... same thing happened... I put him back to bed at 5 and wrote my boss an email.

I stayed home today, but after Ian left at 8, Liam woke again and I could barely lift him I was so weak... I started getting hot flashes. At 8:30 I started trying to call the babysitter to see if there was any way she could come and get Liam and take him back to her house... as I could barely stand, let alone pack him up and drive him somewhere. (I got her voice mail, DANG!)

My sweet mother-in-law called me and I asked her what I should do, who I could call? She mentioned Ian's cousin who is in school and might be able to come help me with Liam while I stayed in bed. I called Ian at work and asked if he could make the call to his cousin for me. He said his day wasn't especially busy and would come home and take care of us. THANK GOODNESS!

Liam and I fell asleep and then Ian called... he had stopped by the grocery store to get me some chicken noodle soup and his truck wouldn't start. As sweet as that was, we already had soup here, so it seemed like a wasted trip. About a half hour later he got home and came upstairs to make sure I was okay. (Yes, he was able to get his truck started again.) He brought me water, gingerale, chicken noodle soup, AND TULIPS! He brought me flowers! How sweet is that?!

The rest of the day Ian took care of Liam and brought him to me when he needed to eat. Thanks to my husband, I was able to rest well today and start feeling better. I feel tons better this evening... I have a bit more energy and was able to give Liam some attention tonight before he went to bed. He is such a great baby... we are so blessed to have such a mild and sweet boy!


Robin said...

I am so soryy you felt so sick hun. I am glad Ian was able to be there for you, that is wonderful. We all have colds so I don't know about hanging out too soon. I'll call you soon.

grandma -dixie said...

I am so sorry you are down with the flu, it is hard to be sick with a baby, I hope your doing better. Give a big hug to my boys.I gave the boys chicken noodle soup when they were sick,you know water and chicken soup cures everthing around our home.(ha-ha) It's like windex in the movie" Big fat greek wedding".Big hugs and kisses for my kids. Love you tons,oh and thank-you for calling me your sweet mother-in-law,that made my day, miss you mom

Tori :) said...

I hope you're feeling better today. It seems that the stomach virus is working it's way around our neighborhood. I remember when Tristan, Alec and Isabel all had it at the same time. I was catchin' puke all day. It ws great... :(

Anonymous said...

Pretty sweet husband you have. Hope you let him know.