Sunday, September 28, 2008

2 years, 11 months

Dear Son,

You've had a tough week.

Last Sunday you had a 101º fever. My parents were here visiting so Grandpa and Daddy gave you a blessing.

Monday you seemed fine. We went to Kangaroo Zoo and you jumped and slid to your heart's content. Grandma and Daddy were just like little kids too, following after you and playing non-stop!

Tuesday you weren't yourself... ornery... and dare I say rotten.

Wednesday you were sweet and obedient.

Thursday seemed normal.

Friday you had sores in your mouth so we knew for sure you had been suffering from hand, foot and mouth. I stayed home with you.

2am Saturday morning was the beginning of 5 bouts of vomit. So all of Saturday you were lazy, clingy and exhausted. We hung out in bed for a few hours watching movies and playing with your aquadoodle. You brought a puzzle in and once you got it together, you fell asleep for a couple hours. Your day was a boring one until I went to the R.S. Broadcast and you were left in Daddy's care. He and Uncle Drew took you fishing and you caught your first fish! We were all so proud of you!

Today you slept in until after 10am! You let me hold you for an hour or two while you slept. It was nice to laze, doze and enjoy having you nuzzle close. You've seemed back to yourself after that good sleep... though you still aren't eating.

All ills aside, things have been typical toddler life. Another 4 weeks of learning and growth has passed us by. You are very strong willed and becoming a bit of a sass lately. We are sometimes found speechless as to how to respond to your stubbornness and bossy demands. Yet another stage that we hope will soon pass. And when it passes, we hope the begging for treats all the live long day will too.

In the meantime (during the non-boogery moments), you love... singing made up songs, anything made of sugar, the book Daddy Kisses when Daddy reads it to you, saying "holy moly" over and over, dinosaurs, puzzles, saying hello to strangers, bump-bumps in the road, WATER, Lightning McQueen gummy vitamins, jumping on and off anything, slides, saying good night to the moon and good morning to the sun, your tricycle and going faster than the monsters who are soooo slow.

You are my cute little cowboy! Living life without you would be boring.

Love you always,


Suzanne said...

It sounds like you've had a busy weekend! I'm glad that Liam is feeling better. Isn't it funny how kids are angels one day and so not angelic on others? :)

RCRambling said...

Not the dreaded hand, foot and mouth disease!

My neighbors little boy has it now, too (I'm just thankful he didn't catch it from us, since we had it back in July), and one of my other blog followers just emailed me for advice because her little guy got it.

It must be making another pass this season...

Nancy Face said...

I'm sorry about all the sickness...but this was a very sweet post! :)

MK said...

Glad he is felling better. Hopefully he does get over the sassiness and treat begging soon (we are still dealing with it at 5 1/2 though!). Good Luck with that one.

The NON-Superwoman said...

He's growing up way too fast! Wow.

utmommy said...

He is definitly a cute litte cowboy!

Leatha said...

Glad he's feeling better, poor thing. What a cutie!

Miss Megan said...

I love that you post these letters to Liam. Someday he is going to find all of this so neat, and you will never regret keeping track of the boy he is and the man he will become! I totally plan to do this when I am blessed with kids. Thank you for sharing!

Lynanne said...

We had hand foot and mouth earlier this summer...evil, very mean, awful virus!

Hope Liam's 36th month is much better!