Friday, April 25, 2008

2 years, 6 months

Dear Son,

It's official!

You are two and a half today!

What a milestone!

You've grown so much the past month in so many ways!

Your speech just leaped into phrases and sentences in the last week! You surprised your Daddy when we got home from Boise... and me too! I think you learned a few things from Sierra... and your Aunt Heidi seemed to be able to decipher everything the two of you had to say. Made me laugh. I was floored at some of the things she was telling me that you were saying. What a smart little guy!

I don't want to forget to report what you said when we drove into Boise last Friday. You saw the temple and said "my temple!" really loud! I said, "that is YOUR temple?" and you replied, "Mommy's temple!" On the way out of town we drove by it again and you looked up high at the spires and said, "boy up dare!" I loved that you noticed the Angel Moroni on top of the spire!

You've been singing a lot all of the sudden. "Twinkle twinkle", "wheels on the bus", "sunbeam", and all the other songs you make up about whatever you are doing. Very darling! I am enjoying your little voice even more than usual.

That reminds me, you like the popcorn song and have noticed all the popcorn trees this month. We went to get ice cream with Kate this evening and she took you up close to a popcorn tree while we were outside. You thought that was pretty cool and you let her hold you for a long time after that.

In other news, you seem to have taken a break from your artwork the past couple weeks. You were getting good at drawing a sun with a smiley face and then adding on the rays one after another. On the 14th you made a sun beam collage for Great Grandma, but you haven't done that kind of detailed work for a little while since then though.

Your ninja skills have been in tact since that first time you got out of your crib. The past two nights you've found your way to our bedroom multiple times. A kid that can leap out of a crib AND open his bedroom door with little or no noise, well, that is AMAZING! We'll be transforming your crib into a daybed this weekend, to say the least. A half asleep little boy shouldn't have to scale a 3 foot wall in the middle of the night.

As for your eating skills, those have declined into what the world would call normal. You'd rather sit on Dad's lap and eat 3 bites of his identical meal then yours all chopped up tiny. Dinner time is frustrating, but your palette is still pretty broad so we are happy about that. We always have the eggs, oatmeal, ravioli, string cheese and yogurt on hand if needs be.

Your favorite movie this last week is Milo and Otis. I guess that kind of wild life adventure is something that gets you laughing. I am glad we found that $5 bargain at Wal-mart.

Your favorite activity this past week has been cutting paper into "baby" pieces. You are so focused with those novel little safety scissors (shisthors). 45 minutes is the record for keeping you busy with that.

You still throw tantrums now and then, but your fun personality has been visiting more often lately. Miracles never cease, kid. We have enjoyed you very much. It's such a blessing to have you in our home learning all the ins and outs of life. Your abilities are amazing to witness and we love helping you strengthen your skills. You're a charming little kid and we love you more than what can be relayed on paper! Thanks for being so resilient and sweet. You are the best, Liam!

Love Always,



Anissa said...

A very wonderful tribute to your 2 1/2 year old. It's amazing to me how much they change and grow and learn in one short year. It's hard to believe my kids will be doing some of things in a year. WOW.

Anonymous said...

The singing sounds like fun! I know I look forward to hearing Little Dude sing the actual words to some songs, although he is kind-of doing a bit of "singing," at times. It just is in baby-eez yet...

Suzanne said...

Congrats, Liam, for graduating to your big boy bed! It seems like his facial features have changed so much in the last 6 months. He seems like a little man now, but still is just as handsome! :)

K said...

Love that picture! Happy half-birthday, Liam!

Tracey said...

Isn't this a great age?? I love 2 year olds. They rock.

He reminds me so much of my first boy at that age. Towheaded, blue eyes and cute as a bug.

Alice Wills Gold said...

Gina, I am so impressed that you always remember your letter...what a precious gift.

My girls love MIlo and Otis too.

It is really good that you let Liam cut with scissors as much as he wants...this is a skill that a LOT of kindergartners don't have.

He is such a beautiful kid.

Stepherz said...

Oh, Gina. He's such a handsome boy. And he's such a happy tyke. I know I'd like him so much if I ever met him!

Isn't he starting to look like a little boy? So gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

I just love hearing him sing, too. What a cutie!! So much fun to see what a little man he's growing into. :-)


Terry said...

Is it possible that Liam is getting even cuter??

You should get a video of Liam singing for us. I bet its adorable.

MileHighMommy said...

Looking so grown up these days! It just keeps getting better, doesn't it? I'm loving this stage too!

Daisy said...

What a great letter!! I love letting them cut with the safty scissors!! That keeps Cameryn busy for a long time!! You have a really sweet, intelligent boy there!!

Sorry, I haven't commented in awhile but I have been sick and busy.