Thursday, June 26, 2008

2 years, 8 months

Dear Son,

Another month went by and I've decided June is my favorite month of the year. We've had a lot of fun in the summer sun and also in the shade. You've had a love for the outdoors since you were a tiny guy... and as you've grown, that love has too. I am glad you enjoy it so much. You can always find something to do. Even when we've been camping this past month, you find rocks to throw, things to climb and dirt to kick. You are a water baby too! You can't resist water. From zero degrees to ninety degrees, you'll jump right in!

Tonight I was beaming with pride. We had gone to Home Depot to pick up 21 tomato cages. You didn't run away from me AND you held on tight as we dragged them to the car. THEN you helped me unload them from the car and pull them apart. THEN you fetched one after another so I could put them over our tomato plants. I asked you for #13 and you said you were too tired to do it. (Insert mama's smirk here... because of your mature statement.) You went towards the house and I heard the door slam shut. I followed you a couple minutes later thinking you'd hopped back on the computer. I opened the door and you were standing at the kitchen sink with a chair, washing your hands! You know me so well. I love you!

Even though I am a day late in posting this letter, I am glad I did. I can report today that you officially know how to work a computer mouse! You were painting online today. I was so impressed! Both Megan and I worked with you yesterday and you still couldn't get it down. I was very surprised today when you took the lead and you rarely said, "MOM HELP!" Then tonight you were clicking 100% of the time with your pointer finger on the left side of the mouse... a pro!

Some other gems that I've forgotten to post in the past couple months:

Sildy - You always ask us if something is silly when you think it might be. "Mom, is dat sildy?"

Bwo Away - You are concerned about your hat at all times outdoors. You are so scared the wind it going to blow it off.

Twees Bwoing - You are an enthusiastic story teller with an impeccable memory! Almost two months ago there was a horrible wind storm. Ever since that fateful night, you' ve been scared to sleep in your own bed and you tell us why each time you encounter your bedroom. (This story is among many others about your daily adventures...)

Talk - When you tell me the same thing over and over and I stop repeating or acknowledging... you say "Mom! Talk!"

Fwee? - You've learned how to negotiate. If we tell you that you can have one of something, you don't ask for two, you ask for three immediately. It's so darling how you say "fwee?" so sweetly, we cannot say no.

You are a doll.

I have to conclude this letter with a little something about how I've felt lately. I finally feel like I've toughened up the past month. Yes, I yell and throw fits just like you, but I feel comfortable and unaffected by the loads of work raising a child is. I guess I could only compare it to someone training for a marathon... they huff and puff when they first start training, but they slowly get the muscles and stamina built up to push through and actually enjoy the run instead of dread it. The workload is the same as it always was but I don't mention it as often. I just do it and move on. Change doesn't usually take me two and a half years to adjust to... but it happened this way on the motherhood calling.

I love you, baby boy! You are a sweet and amazing little person! Your jokes are clever, your movement is lively, your voice is angelic! I wish I could bottle it all up and keep you this adorable and affectionate! Thanks for your hugs and kisses. Thanks for your middle of the night snuggles. Thanks for granting favors and for the high fives.

You are one of a kind and we love you so very much!

Yours forever,


utmommy said...

Another great letter!

I love his talk! Twees bwoing, how cute is that?!

RC said...

I love the negotiating tactic! What a clever boy!

Anonymous said...

The sprinkler pics are so cute. When my mom waters her plants and grass my son always find a way to get into the water

Suzanne said...

Gina, I love reading these! Liam is such a good little helper! And anytime a child washes their hands without being prompted is reason to celebrate! :)

My Full Hands said...

Very sweet.

Katie said...

These letters are a fabulous idea. Liam is going to love reading these one day.

Klin said...

Those are my favorite things about being a mom. Tthey never end.

Jamie said...

He's adorable - so smart and so funny.

Boy am I jealous about him staying with you at the store, we have defintely not gotten there yet.

Stepherz said...

His little lingo is soooo adorable! What a cute silly funny boy he is!

Oh,,,,, have I told you how much I LOVE the plaid!? Gorgeous new bloggy makeover!

MileHighMommy said...

Love the bday letters, as always! You are a fantastic mom! Glad to hear you're feeling comfortable in that "mommy skin" lately too!

Terry said...

Sweet letter! Eliza was a runner too when she was one and two years old. She got away from me at the mall playground once when I was distracted for a few seconds with helping Sadie climb a slide. I looked around the playground and couldn't see her and I started yelling her name. A woman saw how nervous I was and told me she was playing on the strollers just outside the play area with another child. I swore I would not take them both in public again without David. I didn't! I didn't go anywhere with them for seven months or so. We stayed home. Don't worry, he will out grow the taking off stuff!

Daisy said...

Cameryn was the same way with the computer. I tried and tried and tried to show her and she just couldn't get it. One day all the sudden she's on there navigating the internet (kinda) and turning on her princess music.

Another letter I thoroughly enjoyed!!

Leatha said...

I love it. And this black and white pic is my new official favorite pic of Liam. So cute!