Sunday, November 29, 2009

Doing Christmas Things

Liam had a pretty good day yesterday. He helped us put up the Christmas lights and also got to visit with Santa.

Liam modeling his Rudolf hat that Grandma Dixie made him.

Helping Dad put up the lights.

Before we left to see Santa, Liam insisted on drawing him a picture. "Look Mom! I made Santa's beard and glasses!" I think the hat on top is pretty funny. Santa was tickled pink to receive such a gift!

Waiting anxiously for his turn.

Santa complimenting the interpretation of his reindeer friend, Rudolf.
(And while tugging the hat, he created Dopey ears on poor Liam.)

Dopey and Santa.
Liam was a bit nervous. Can you see the fist in the sweater?

Liam helped me pay for a train ride after visiting with Santa.
He had such a fun time!

Here is last year's visit - click here.

Monday, November 23, 2009

One of those random good days

We all were morning people today. Then my work day went pretty well. Then I picked up Liam and his teachers were raving about his awesomeness today. Then we got home and we all ate a good dinner. We. all. ate. Liam ate not only his dinner, but asked for a banana and an orange too. He didn't ask for a treat.

Then we read his new High Five book we got in the mail today while we were still at the table. Then we danced to loud music and went spinning in the office chair together. Then he agreed to take a "quick shower" and got ready for bed so easily.

Did aliens abduct my Liam and replace him with a long lost agreeable twin? I think I am going to keep this one. I really really like him a lot!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

School Photos

Thursday we got a treat! Liam's school photos were waiting for me to pick up! They are so cute! The school did three poses and a class photo! I was very impressed with the smiles! He obviously does well with an audience! Now we just need to frame the class shot so he can show us who he is talking about when he comes home with the latest gossip.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Home Sick

Liam is home sick from school today with a fever. I have had the pleasure of spending the day with him.

He's in the other room working on building a block tower with his dice shaped erasers. He is singing my favorite Primary song too. "God gave us fam-a-lies, to help us become what he wants us to be..."


Saturday, November 07, 2009


Today Liam was home bound for most of the day. We got a lot of chores done and Liam even earned his keep between playing. I think he played with about every toy he owns today. Around lunch time he was building towers with his blocks. After a few tumbles of a few lonely towers, he constructed a more detailed piece of architecture. It reminded me of a temple. I said, "Hey that looks so great! It actually looks a like a temple. So where is your Angel Moroni?"

He grabbed the best prop he could find to top his masterpiece!

Thursday, November 05, 2009

School Photos

I picked Liam up from preschool today and his teachers raved at how great of a day he had! I was happy to hear such a good report on the day he was getting his photos done with his classmates.

On the way to the car he was telling all about the picture taking experience. As I put him in his car seat he said, "I am a bigger kid and all the bigger kids were standin' up, then all the smaller ones were sittin' on chairs and the really smaller ones were sittin' on the rug."

I burst out laughing when he said that last line about the really smaller ones!!! SO FUNNY!

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Air Craft Carrier

Liam got a surprise birthday present from Uncle Blake and he loves it! What could be better than your own Navy Air Craft Carrier just like the one your uncle cruises around on? 6 jets, launching strip that actually launches the planes, and sound effects! So cool! Thank you, Uncle Blake!

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Halloween Fun

Liam right before we left to go to the trunk or treat at the church.

Liam getting the goods at trunk or treat.

Later that night we went to my friend Kate's party. Liam went trick or treating with her hubby, Brandon and his dad, Ed. He had way too much fun with everyone's undivided attention that night. Liam had fallen asleep on the way there and again on the way home. I was glad I took his pajamas with us.

Pouty but still so Handsome!

Ian went with me to pick out our photo package on Saturday. We both decided we loved this picture and opted to get it as one of the two free digital negatives. We picked out all the stuff we won in the package and then Ian spent some extra on me. I get four 11x14 prints for our wall at home! I am so excited! There were so many photos to choose from, getting those extra prints is just so priceless to me. Yay for a sweet husband!