Thursday, May 25, 2006

Happy 7 Month Birthday, Liam!

Dearest Son,

On your 7 month birthday you are sick. Sick with what? Hand-foot-and-mouth virus! You have to understand your mommy is not familiar with this illness. She had never heard of it in her life (well not that she remembers anyway). I thought my poor baby was teething or possibly had an ear infection. Not so. You had blisters in your little throat and tiny red pocks all around your body (those showed up this afternoon). You have been refusing chest and bottle because it has surely been hurting you to take down anything. No wonder you are drooling gallons these past two days! This sneaky virus really had me mixed up! I was giving you gels and tablets to numb your gums and I guess a little of that stuff reached your throat and calmed you down a bit.

I am so lucky to have you taking a bottle every day so when you refused me, you would accept a bottle instead. I know you were getting dehydrated and it pleased me you could chug down close to two ounces because the bottle didn't irritate your throat so much. I was so nervous that you had suddenly weaned yourself from me these past two days. But to my delight you indulged around 10pm tonight. I think that is a good sign you are getting better. I am so happy about that, my tired boy. You deserve some good sleep tonight with a full belly.

Hopefully tomorrow and over the long holiday weekend we can play a lot together as I suspect you'll be feeling yourself again soon. You are growing so big! 29 inches tall and today you weighed in at an ounce shy of 19 lbs, Mr. Hearty! You have proven your strength these past two days refusing to be put down, changed, fed, etc. What big muscles you have! Dad says you are as strong as a crocodile rolling to dominate his prey. And I tell you what, kid, you are going to be able to beat me in arm wrestling in no time (and your dad shortly after that)! What an athlete you'll be some day.

You are crawling, climbing, spitting, rolling, smiling (more), laughing (more), sitting, studying, kissing, drooling, exploring, learning and splashing! We are so proud of you! We get the biggest kick out of those smiles, giggles, puddles of drool and all your navagational skills! You make us happy! You make us laugh a lot! There are more smiles in this home because of you. What more could parents ask for then a content baby like you?

You are a beautiful blondie bald tot that we have the honor of marveling over each day. What a blessing you are to our family. Happy Birthday, Master Liam! May tomorrow be a happier feel-good day for you! The world needs your contagious grins and electric blue eyes. I know you won't let us down. I hope each day of your life you find as many reasons to smile and have that twinkle in your eyes.

Mommy and Daddy love you more than anything, kiddo!


Tori :) said...

Happy 7th month Liam!! Liv is 4 months today!! And her legs are all sore from shots so she's not a happy camper either. :(

Robin said...

Poor mama and poor Liam, I have never heard of that virus, it sounds very painful. Hang in there. THis is a very sweet post to a very wonderful little guy!

Tori :) said...

I had never heard of that virus either until a few months ago. My sister-in-law's daughter (I guess that would make her my niece.) had it. Any weird virus that ever was her children have had! Poor Liam. I knew something was up, he was so unhappy! :( Hope he feels better soon!

Nikkie said...

Happy 7 month birthday Liam!

I've heard of this virus before, its not a fun one. I'm glad the doctors were able to figure it out and that he'll feel better soon!

Katie said...

What a great post to Liam! I've hear of HFM, and hope that he's feeling better in no time and that no one else catches it.

Kristen said...

Poor little Liam!! :-( How sad to spend his 7 month birthday with that yucky stuff!! I hope he gets better soon!

What a great letter to him!

utmommy said...

That was a sweet letter. Sorry to hear about the illness. All four of my kids have had it, and they survived. It didn't last too long for us, so hopefully it won't for you either.

soleclaw said...

I have heard of this one, though luckily haven't experienced it yet with baby E. Good luck battling it!!

I can't believe how big your Liam is! Only 7 months and 4 inches longer than my 9-month-old peanut!!