Tuesday, November 25, 2008

3 years, 1 month

Dear Son,

I have a three year old! It's still surreal to say it out loud. I have a three year old.

You are getting so tall, and heavy. It's a task to carry you around. You like us to tote you around still. You get so tired when we are out and about... you plead with us to carry you. It's a workout, you are killing my back, but you are hard to say no to. In the mornings you insist on me carrying you down the stairs... sometimes I am so delirious, I fear we'll both tumble. I like how you do the full body baby monkey hold in the mornings though.

You're charming and loving. You randomly and frequently say you love me. What more can I say? My heart melts when you do this.

You're smart and strong willed. Your reasoning techniques are sneaky and when they aren't sneaky, they are repetitive and carry on for too long. The nature of the 3 year old beast, but MY you can hold a greedy thought. You are good at slamming doors when you don't get your way or are caught off guard with my plans for you. I try to stifle laughter when you go out of your way to open a door only slam it.

You're a comedian, kidder and tease. I love it when you say you are "just kidding." We get a kick out of you asking us 30 times a day if your joke, story or site you see is silly too!

You never seem to run out of energy. I know this is a given for people your age, but my goodness, you never stop until the lights are out and you are forced to sleep. Speaking of which, I have to report you've slept in your bed for 2 weeks now! Another testament to me that miracles are real and I am a frequent partaker.

Your voice and word emphasis is indescribable! The way you say Daddy or Mommy at the end of a request. The way you quickly say "duh" instead of "the" in your sentences is darling. I wish I could capture your speech completely. It's so sweet and adorable.

You are trustworthy. I love that I can take a shower or sleep in and know you won't get into trouble. You'll eat your breakfast, watch your chosen show, or play with your toys in your bedroom. I can hand you your allergy medicine and gummie vitamin and know you'll down the medicine first and then that yummy gummie treat. I can walk out of the dining room when you have markers and know you'll replace the caps when you are done and leave them at the table.

All in all, you are still impressing me with your constant growth and abilities! I love you so much and I am very grateful you are a part of my life. You are loyal little friend. You have your moments where you don't like me, but you recover quickly and we can laugh again. Thanks for your continual resilience. You teach me more about myself as the months go by. I know your memories are sticking now. I only hope I can make them good ones.

Love you always,


Leatha said...

What a sweet little man! He's such a charmer. I am always scared of tumbling down the stairs when Jaya wants to be held first thing in the morning too. I love your descriptions of his speech - so adorable. He is such a bright and darling little guy.

RCRambling said...

Wonderful, as usual, Gina, but this caught my attention today - "You have your moments where you don't like me, but you recover quickly and we can laugh again."

I had one of my first experiences with this, from Little Dude, this morning.

No hug and refused to come near me before I left for work. He didn't want me touching him or my stuff. It was heartbreaking, and I know it is somewhat because he was still mad at me from last night.

Keep reminding me that "this, too, shall pass," right?

Lynelle said...

This is a great letter! I hope he enjoys this blog when he is grown. I am sure it will be great memories for you. It's a great way to watch both of you grow. I am not sure I know how to express myself in words with my days with the kids sometimes.

Suzanne said...

Wow, I wish I could trust my kids with markers...but no. Sadly, that isn't going to happen anytime soon! ;) Gina, Liam is a wonderful boy!!!

Clare said...

i love all your little notes about liam!! so sweet!

Nish said...

Hey Gina,

Just came across your blog and I simply love how much you love your son, reminds me of me! God bless yo and your family as you continue on this most rewarding and fulfilling loving job that He gave you 3 years ago!

The Goddess said...

Awww, you always make me cry with these.

It's it just incredible watching them grow and develop there own little personalities. It's so bitter sweet. Sometime I wish I could just freeze the kids at certain ages because they are just SO precious.

I have one more that will be leaving home soon and sometimes I wish I could have those day back when they were just so tiny and precious.

Daisy said...

I love the random "I love you"!! Luke has started doing that too!! It just melts my heart each time!!