Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Liam-glish 101 - Take 1

Word: "Achother"

Context: "Look Mommy! They love achother!"

Friday, March 27, 2009

Sprouting a Garden

Liam Summer 2008 - Our tomato harvester

It's that time again!

Liam helped me plant the first half of our garden last night. Ian picked up a couple of the jiffy greenhouse peat moss kits. We sorted through all the seeds we've bought in previous years and decided what we would try this year. We've stored them in the garage, so I am not sure if they'll germinate. That is why we start this process in March right?

Last night we planted:
Brussel Sprouts
Delicious Tomatoes
Roma Tomatoes
Sweet Peppers
Winter Squash
Poppy Flowers

A few days ago we ordered all the rare seeds we want to try this year. It's fun picking them out as a family. We are going to have some funny looking squash, melon and tomatoes this year. We love experimenting with rare breeds - Ian especially.

Ian is expanding our garden area this year to accommodate everything. I think we'll wait to do the cucumbers and pumpkins outside when the frost is clear... putting those behind everything else will only benefit us. They seem to crawl and take over EVERYTHING!

Anyway, I love this time of year! Spring is so near!

UPDATE: We received our hybrid seeds in the mail and got those planted exactly a week later. Tigger Tomatoes, golden tomatoes, Moon and Stars Melon, cucumbers, a variety of squash, and more.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

3 years, 5 months

Dear Son,

How did another month slip by? If I had actually asked you this question, you'd reply with an, "I don't know!" Well, I don't know either. But it was a fun month. You are slipping out of the toddler stage and right into manhood. You are so so so grown up in your speech and actions. It stuns people how much you have to say - and how well you say it.

Being the talker you are, you are constantly calling out for me or Daddy to ask us to come see something you've colored, tell us something you just realized or even just to say you love us. You get so excited to tell us new and old information all the time. It's funny when you accidentally call us by the wrong name, repeat the wrong name as a question like it was a joke, then correct yourself. Your sense of humor is darling.

Yesterday, as we were driving home, you grabbed your back pack that I keep all your “what if” items in. You opened it up and told me so as you were doing it, “Mommy, I need something in my pack pack.” I started laughing. I love how you say it. Even with me explaining time and time again that it goes on your back and it’s called a back pack, you still call it a pack pack. With your cute voice and the way you spin the words, it’s hilarious. You kept calling it different things to keep me laughing like, “This is my Dora pack pack.” Or “Is this a dinosaur pack pack?” I was laughing so much. The lengths you go to for a laugh...

This past month you have become obsessed with coloring in the lines! You are so proud of your hard work. We are too. You have taken more of an interest in pencil sketching this month also. Your drawings are pretty amazing! I love how are artistic you are with your lines and what you later decide those lines will evolve into. You've created dinosaurs, monsters and a you did a lion the other day complete with teeth. I was so impressed then and I still am today!

You are such a unique kid, Liam. I really feel blessed to know you. I think a lot of folks feel that way too. You are not dull in any way. You face life with smiles, confidence and pure delight. It's easy to get along with you and bask in your presence. You aim to please (even after you've been asked for the 14th time to do so)! You are truly a blessing to me, your dad and so many others who care for you. I hope you never let your spirit lose that spark. You truly are one of Heavenly Father's sunbeams that you sing about. I love how you've learned the words from our nightly practice and sing them so loudly, "I'll be a sunbeam for HIM!" You might read this some day and think I am just a bias mom, but I know you are an instrument and key player in our Heavenly Father's Plan. A true ray of light to me and many others. I hope you will always have a conviction of how important and special you are too.

Love you always,

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

2 months overdue for a 3-yr-old meltdown

Tonight as we were teaming up to bring Liam off the peak of a drawn out meltdown, Ian noticed that Liam wasn't looking directly at him as he spoke.

He said, "Are you looking at my hair?"

Liam calmed a bit more and nodded. Then Ian went on about how he's losing his hair and asked if Liam thought Mommy would still love him if he was bald. Liam nodded as he looked at me and I smiled.

Then, to take advantage of the calm that was starting to happen, Ian said, "And did you know you have Mommy's eyes?" Liam argued and said that his eyes were the same color as Daddy's not Mommy's. So Ian went on to say they were the same oval shape and Liam agreed.

We finally were able to talk out why the meltdown started, explain his actions (and our actions) then clear the air with hugs and kisses.

Being three is hard. Being the parents of a three year old can be hard too. I am so grateful we stick together though. It would be a lot more difficult if the calm happened, but the resolution wasn't there. We are all learning.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Rock Throwing Weekend

After Liam's swim lesson yesterday morning, we came back to the house to pack up the camper and hit the road. We got some hamburgers on the way out of town and Liam quickly fell asleep until we were almost to Manti.

We arrived at the Palisades campground at 2pm and spent the rest of the warm day playing outside! Actually, Daddy didn't last long as he did all the camping prep and set up, so we let him take a nap in the comfy camper while we went exploring.

Liam has a long time relationship with rocks and water. The three combined make for hours of entertainment. I convinced him to take breaks and look at the camera a few times and also to go walking with me to check out the rest of the lake. Well... not before going back to camp for sunscreen, since it was so windy that dang hat kept taking flight.

He did find a use for that hat though...

Here Liam demonstrates how well he throws rocks into the lake...

A tree climbing demonstration is next...

Then we learn about docks and how on windy days, it feels as if you're on a boat. We laughed at how much we were bobbing on the water. Liam thought the water was going to take us away from shore.

On our way back to camp as we walked around the lake, I tried to teach him how to walk backwards. For once, he was actually slower than me! He kept on telling me to wait up!

There was a grate over the water in a small nook of the lake. Liam was nervous walking on it, but he quickly figured out that rocks may be compatible with this metal thing. He went and gathered a lot of rocks and went to work.

We woke up Daddy and started a fire for dinner. Hot dogs! Liam gobbled up his hot dog, apple sauce and pasta salad in a hurry because he knew there were marshmallows waiting for him soon after.

After dinner, the boys went to throw more rocks at Liam's request, then they got out the kite.

The wind was so fierce, Daddy kept faking like it was taking him away. Liam liked having the reins and making the kite dance. He also liked running around with it even though running was optional with the velocity of the winds.

We kicked the soccer ball around for a little while, then decided we better clean up and get ready for bedtime. We were all ready for bed before the sun actually went down. Since we didn't have any books to read per our regular routine, we let Liam call Grandpa in Minnesota and tell him about his day. I don't think he left any details out for Grandpa. Daddy took the phone when Liam was done and for one last activity, we looked at all the photos and video I had taken of him that day.

It took a long time for us all to finally fall asleep with the creaking of the camper furnace, the high winds and the glow of the sunset. But since we were the only campers in the entire place, we slept really great. No sounds other than the wind.

This morning, Liam woke around 7ish and Daddy got up to give him his graham bunnies to eat in bed. We all snuggled to keep warm for awhile. The furnace did run out of propane in the middle of the night, but we had a spare space heater to suffice into the morning. Thank goodness!

Liam and Daddy got dressed and transformed Liam's bed into the breakfast nook and Daddy started frying up eggs for our breakfast burritos. It was fun cooking and eating in the camper. In the past, we've always done those things outside since we usually camp in warmer times of the year. Liam thought it was pretty novel that he had actually slept on our breakfast table. What a deal!

We cleaned up breakfast and then went for a drive up Six-Mile Canyon. We stopped a couple times to throw rocks into the creek running through it. It was beautiful up there and I was sad my camera battery had died last night. We also drove into Manti to get a closer look at the temple. Liam said it wasn't a temple since it looked more like a castle and Moroni wasn't on the top of it.

Liam fell asleep on the way back to camp, so we tore down/packed up and checked out. He didn't wake up until we were half way home.

It felt so good to get out of town and spend quality time as a family -- outdoors. I have a resolution to get out more this spring/summer/fall and get to know Utah better. We've been here too long to have not seen Zion's and Arches (to name two). We'll definitely be checking out Antelope Island up north too. Lots to do and see outdoors in this great state and now that Liam is able to hike along with us, we are going to do lots of it!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Last Sunday

I forgot to post last week (March 8th) about our Sunday drive and duck feeding session. It was a nice relaxing Sunday as a family.

First we went down to see Drew and Tyler for awhile. Liam and Wyatt about wore themselves out playing and chasing. I got video of them running in circles after each other. Liam's squeals were so funny as Wyatt would lap him!

All of us took a nice long drive to find a house that Grandma and Grandpa had found online. They wanted us to take a closer look and take some more photos.

After that we stopped to feed the ducks. We had put the stale bread in the car thinking we'd go after we went to see the uncles, but the delay was welcome. It was a relaxing day.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Another Saturday with Liam

Liam continues his entertaining position in his swim group. Or maybe he's just trouble more than the entertainer. As distracting as he can be for the rest of the class, at least he's having fun for 45 minutes each Saturday morning. I caught some video from the balcony. On the first clip he sees me and goes under water to show off. Booger.

After his class he apparently had worked up an appetite and asked for a cheeseburger for lunch. So I took him to McDonald's. He ate the whole thing! Plus he got a spiderman toy! Sweet!

After that we went to a school with a clearing so we could fly his kite. He had a great time running around and then taking a break on the play equipment. We got tired of that and started flying the kite again and then he decided he was tuckered out and ready to go home.

I put him in his room with a movie and 5 minutes later he was out. I took a nap too. Very nice.

After naps, we went on a walk to Joslyn's house to feed her fish. It was such a pretty day, we didn't even have to have jackets on. When we got back to the house, he got out his tricycle and rode that for awhile.

We went grocery shopping as a family and Liam was so good! He was very helpful too! In the pasta/rice aisle, he saw some ramen packages had fallen on the floor. He asked if he could get off the cart to go pick them up. I said, "yes, thank you" and off he went. A stocker was working nearby and thanked Liam profusely for helping out like that. He was so impressed that Liam noticed some help was needed.

We all came home and ate a late dinner together. Then Daddy read Liam a book and he was off to bed. A great day!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Zoo Trip with Dad

I went to a bridal shower on Saturday after Liam's swim lesson. Ian had planned on taking Liam to the aquarium while I was away, but when they got there the line was going around the building. They apparently marketed the new anaconda exhibit better than we thought.

So they trekked on to the Hogle Zoo instead. Ian said all the animals were out and about. A much funner experience than in the summer when all the animals are too hot to play outside.

Here are some of the photos that Daddy took.

Liam carrying around a bag of Cheetos in his hood - Daddy's clever idea.

Prowling tiger.

Melman got up close to say hi to Liam.

Marty (ie-Smarty) was there to Liam's delight!

My cute boys.

His father's son - picking the gorilla's nose.

What a big kid!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Our Little Stingray

Liam's first swim lesson was on Saturday morning. He was trying to push us out the door all morning, he was so excited! His class didn't start until 10:30am so we finally left at 10am to get there a bit early.

Liam had a false sense of security as he jumped into the pool. He's been so used to wearing a life jacket each and every time he's been in contact with water. Thankfully there were only 4 total kids for his "Stingray" teacher, Alissa, to keep track of. 2 obedient ones, 1 entertainer and 1 wanderer. Liam was the entertainer. He had it in mind to splash, dunk and blow bubbles (from what we could see from the balcony).

We need to figure out some signs to communicate with Liam from the balcony. (When he looks up at us as if to say, "I should be in time out for that stunt!"). Such as, "Pay attention to your teacher!" and "Be careful." and "Stop that!"

Alissa seemed very patient and good at engaging all of them pretty well. She reported afterward that Liam is really brave and it's a good sign that he'll do well with swimming.

Kudos Liam!

Monday, March 09, 2009

Because we all need a hearty laugh

I found this in my archived videos and laughed at my then 20 month old laughing. The sound effects (by Daddy) still to this day make him laugh the same way. It was hilarious watching this again with Liam and hearing the same reaction.

I'll have weekend photos up soon... laugh while you wait...

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

I remember this

I am sorting through old photos tonight and found these.
Liam at two weeks old. So so precious!

Sunday, March 01, 2009

"This is our Song!"

Ian took Liam to run some errands on Saturday morning. (Insert happy mama face here.) Over the course of the weekend, Ian would tell me different stories of their outing. My favorite gem is when they were in the store the "I'm Yours" song by Jason Mraz came on and Liam said,

"Daddy this is our song!"

As soon as they got in the car, the song was on again and Liam exclaimed the same thing!

"Hey this is our song!"

Ian was impressed because he recognized "their song" by just the strumming intro.

Jason Mraz is a fave of ours. Apparently we've bred another fan with our excitement over "I'm Yours" in particular.