Monday, September 25, 2006

Happy 11 Month Birthday, Liam!

Dear Son,

Today is your 11 month mark. And what a mark you have been making on my world since day one! You are growing, kid, and I don't just mean how tall you are getting. That expanding brain of yours is workin' overtime! I am pretty sure you know what we are saying most of the time. I see you study each new thing you see and reach out to investigate further. Dad understands that need and whenever we go shopping he helps you touch EVERYTHING. Just last week he let you hold every kind of fruit so you could study each one. He pronounced the word for each one very carefully so you would be sure to retain each name (for later when you speak English).

You are walking, not just stepping here and there. You have destinations to reach and even when you trip and fall, you don't fuss. You get right back up and keep on keepin' on. I love it when you have a toy in each hand as you walk towards me. You like to show your skills. You look so pleased with yourself as you hold your loot. Such a little man showing off your strength and coordination!

Your favorite thing to do currently is play in my flower beds in the front yard. You and dirt are good friends. Mud or gravel, even better. You like to pick my flowers and scrape them in the dirt. You like to grab fistfulls of dirt and let them go, and then do it again. You like to find rocks or leaves and hide them in your fist so hopefully when I pick you up, you'll be able to smuggle your treasures into the house (for further study). You are comical to watch as you explore the world around you.

You are testing the waters of eating solids and sleeping more at night. You can drink from a straw. Your favorite word is "BA". You have two upper and two lower teeth. You take breaks during your feedings to laugh or snicker. You give goofy grins that show off that funny gap between your two top teeth. You've learned the art of going backwards down stairs. You practice this skill at every opportunity. You ignore me when I try to make you smile for the camera. You love climbing in and out of containers. Suitcases are your mainstay. You even try to get into things that are too small for you. You like to empty the paper rolls in the bathroom. You giggle at the site of water. You still giggle at the site of the cats. As I always say, Liam, "simple pleasures..."

It's hard to believe that 11 months have passed us by like a blur. It's been the most beautiful blur I have ever come into contact with. You continue to prove marvelous, my sweet boy. We couldn't have ordered up a better boy than you! Your mild nature is unique. It's such a blessing to have a child like you in our home, in our lives, in our family.

Happy birthday, Bug! You are making strides! I sure wish you could remember all these imprints you are making on our world.

Love you always,


Robin said...

I absolutely love this letter. Beautifully written and wonderful details. Oh that cute little bug.

Ashley said...

i love these type of letters! they are so special and i know liam will love them one day!

little bit will NOT look at me and smile for the camera anymore either. i have to catch her off guard to get a smile :)

happy 11 liam!

Juliet said...

Almost a year already?! It does fly, doesn't it? Happy 11 monthes, Liam!

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Wow he is just the cutest!! Seriously! Happy 11 months!

The Wooden Porch said...

This is such a sweet idea! I wrote lots of letters to my daughter (one the night before she was induced, the second the day we came home from the hospital and the tones of those letters are completely different once I held her in my arms!!), but I haven't done even one for my 7 month old! I think I'll write him one tonight. thanks for the "reminder"!

Angel Baby said...

As always, so perfectly sweet.

I can't believe he's 11 months already! It seems like just last week he was only 8...

Sorry I've been MIA. I've thought about you though. Hope all is well in your world out there in SLC!

grandma -dixie said...

Happy 11 mth Birthday Liam.... Thank-you Gina for your time,love, and for your willingness to make us a part of your world,we are forever grateful. My heart is so full and my buttons are popping with pride. I am so thankful that I have such a loving and giving daughter(in-law) I dislike (in-law) I feel like you are my daughter and I am thankful that Liam and Ian have you in their lives. Thank-you for being such a loving mother,and wife. Beautifully written letter. Time really has gone by like a blur. Thanks to you we have it captured in pictures.

Mona said...

I love love love this entry!

I thought he had a mohawk in the first photo!