Sunday, March 25, 2007

Happy 17 Month Birthday, Liam!

Dear Son,

I always knew I would be a mother. I wondered what my children would look like, what their quirks would be and who they might become in my care. The millions of things a prospective mother does to prepare herself for raising a child is no guarantee that she'll be successful as a parent. That simple fact made me nervous before you were born. I've since learned that each child is even more unique than I ever thought possible.

The fact is, you are special. Beyond unique. Your personality is more electric than I can handle sometimes. Really, you are just too good to be true! No book or any personal preparation could have clued me into the complete happiness you bring me. That motherhood is really all about gut instincts, not pre-learned skills. Now that I have you, I'm not nervous anymore. Your will to do good things will see you through to wise decisions, safe environments and loyal friends.

This past month I've been made more aware of your love and appreciation of me. It's very rewarding and very humbling. It's one thing for me to know how much I love you and how my heart skips a beat for you each time you smile, giggle or learn something new. It's another thing altogether to KNOW you love me back... that you are just as tickled with me sometimes! I love spending time with you. I love that you want to sit on my lap, that you greet me with big grins and offer kisses and hugs when I really need them.

The past few weeks we've been implementing the word "please." From the first time you've said "peez" or "eez" and every time since then, I get a surge of pride and joy. Today we noticed you even ask yourself please before you take another cracker or pretzel out of your snack trap. Just so thoughtful!

This morning you proved yourself a jokester once again. You were sorting coins between the two cup holders in your chair. First you put the coin up to your lips and I could tell you expected me to react as I said the words, "No, you know better!" So you continued passing coins between the two containers, then without a coin in your hand, you put an imaginary coin in your mouth! I started laughing! After making sure you were joking of course. And you were! I love how funny you try to be! You take after your daddy that way. It goes to show how intelligent and clever you are. And at such a young age... It boggles my mind, boy!

Tonight you said kitty kitty and meow (mou). You say da da on demand and when you see something that reminds you of Dad. When I ask you say mama, you respond with pop pop, pa pa and even ba ba. Makes me laugh because you used to say mama at random times.

You mimic what we do more often now. I was putting my head to the floor the other night to retrieve a toy from under the couch and you came beside me and touched your head to the floor to do the same thing. We looked so goofy with both our heads to the floor.

The other night Daddy and I were singing along to a CD in the car. I looked into your eyes and sang the chorus and you started singing along with us. It was a sweet family moment! I wanted to bottle it up.

Sometimes I get so emotional and wish I could slow your growth down. I am at the point in motherhood where I understand why folks choose to have more children. Taking part in your learning, language and manners is breathtaking! I knew this would be my responsibility, but I didn't know how grand of an effect it would have on my heart and soul. I've said it before, and I will say it again... that you are a marvel, Liam. It's evident that you are destined for greatness. I am so grateful to be playing a part in your path to excellence. Participating in your life has in turn made my life so full. Being your mother is an honor... an honor I am not sure I am worthy of some days.

Love you always,


Jamie said...

So beautiful! He sounds like a great little guy.

My daughter sometimes pretends to throw things in her mouth, too, because she knows she isn't supposed to. That is so funny that they both do that.

Mom2 said...

Very beautiful letter to Liam, someday these letters will mean a great deal to him... I know what you mean by wanting to slow time down and being able to bottle precious moments they just grow up so fast and befor you know it they are all grown up and have famlies of their own. Just grab and savor the little fun ttimes. HUGS and Kisses. Grandma Dixie

Tori :) said...

I love reading your monthly birthday letters. They are so sweet.

Robin said...

I always love the letters. It reminds me how lucky I am to be a mother too.

Terri said...

He's soo dang adorable Gina...


How are your neighbor's baby?

longdistancegrandma said...

I love that Liam will have everything on this blog. He will have many months of daily entries before you came to your senses and stopped blogging every single day. Liam you are a joy and a marvel. I'm sure Paul and Dixie feel great pride too. I swell will pride over your mama everyday because I know that she has always looked forward to being your mommy. I am now in tears. When you are old enough to read this you may be embarrassed by grandma's pride in you and your parent's but tears and pride are grandparents rights.
Love you!

Glass Half Full said...

Love this! What a cutie!

utmommy said...

Happy 17th month to your darling little Liam!

Busy Bee said...

I like what you said about understanding why people choose to have more kids. Sierra is growing so fast that I feel like I can't spend enough time with her. I don't want to miss a moment of her growth and learning. It's just amazing to watch, amazing and bitter sweet. Sometimes I wish she would let me hold her like she did when she was an infant. But, I love it when she CHOOSES to let me hold her and snuggle with really makes me feel loved. You probably feel the same about Liam.

danellb said...

I think this is my favorite letter so far. So sweet!

Angel Baby said...

Asking himself please for a cracker- that is just so priceless!

My favorite thing about you is that you see how good Liam is... I feel the same way about Annabelle- that she's so good and wants to always do good and please me and would never purposefully do something to make me upset. I encounter so many parents who seem to believe that their 12/15/18 month old is mischevious or bratty or defiant... it's so nice to read your blog and see how positive your relationship is with Liam. I love it!

Anissa said...

You have such a way with words. Your letters perfectly describe how I feel about my kids... but I just don't have the talent to put it into words like you do. Beautiful. And my heart just melted reading about Liam saying Pleeze to himself. Love that.

Terry said...

I laughed out loud in delight when you mentioned Liam saying Please to his snack trap! I was so tickled with the story of the fake coin to the mouth. That is amazing that at 17 months he already has a sense of humor like that! That is amazing! I just love it!!!