Wednesday, May 28, 2008

2 years, 7 months

Dear Son,

I am 3 days late in writing this, Liam. I don’t like to put off your letter because the months may meld together on my next report, but here we are.

You’ve been a lot of fun this past month! I have thoroughly enjoyed spending time with you. You’ve been so busy absorbing any and all information. Your phrases are turning into sentences and your ability to relay information is so unique and darling. I can’t get enough of your sweet little voice. A voice that sings all the time and makes up songs as you focus on whatever you are doing. I’ve also enjoyed playing with you outside lately. You’ve been riding your tricycle a lot and get around pretty fast on it. You still haven’t made friends with the pedals, but you show signs that you will soon. You love kicking the ball around in the yard, studying roly-poly bugs, finding worms for the chickens, exploring Daddy’s boat, hitting things with long sticks and playing with the water hose.

You are in the “Liam do it” stage. There are some things I’ve learned to not even attempt to help you with because I'll be told “Liam do it” if I try. This independence is adorable. You crack me up with all the things you want to do yourself… and sometimes get hurt doing the things you insist on, but you’ve stayed tough and keep going.

I need to report that you’ve started saying “I love you” without any encouragement or “I love you” from us. Yesterday morning you snuggled me (instead of insisting on going downstairs) and let me rest a few minutes longer. When I opened my eyes, you said you loved me. I melted.

You are giving hugs lately too. It’s so sweet to be squeezed when I least expect it. You not only want kisses, you want hugs. I enjoy that so much!

Last week (a Tuesday or Wednesday night) we had a horrible rain and wind storm blow through. There are two huge poplar trees right by your window and outer wall. They were banging up against the house so loudly. You came into our room frightened like we’ve never seen you. Daddy tried to show you what was happening outside and explain what the wind was doing. It didn’t calm you like we’d hoped. The howling of the wind and the continued clatter outside had you shaking with fear for a long time. We let you bring your pillow and sleep between us for a while. A couple hours later I took you back to your bed.

Since then, every night you’ve come into our room after 1am needing to snuggle because you are “scared.” I share my king size pillow with you until you fall asleep then I take you back to your bed.

The past two nights you’ve had a high fever and have needed more attention in the night. You haven’t felt well AND you’ve been “scared” so it’s been rough seeing you so desperate for attention (when all of the rest of western hemisphere is sleeping). Between snuggling and any small light source, we get you back to sleep. Flashlights have been overused at bedtime and in the middle of the night when you need to repel the darkness. We’ve had about 4 flashlight deaths in the last month alone. We need to invest in some glow sticks or a Twilight Turtle.

The other sad thing this past month is your diet. You’ve declined even more than the previous month with your desire to eat healthy meals. You won’t eat eggs anymore. That used to be a staple for you. You won’t touch the dinners I make. You may choke down 2 bites, but then you start begging for treats. I wouldn’t have believed anyone who told me that my child would be addicted to sugar at 2 years and 7 months old. But alas, here we are. “Peas” (soybeans) are the only treat you’ll agree to that isn’t in the sugar family. Hopefully we can figure out a few more items that you’ll tolerate as healthy treats in the coming weeks.

No matter the stage you are in, Liam, I love you and enjoy you. I get quite impatient at times because you're so smart, but I love you nevertheless. You are a big ray of light in our home. We find much joy in all your little doings. Thanks for your continual love and affection. I wish I could express how much you mean to me. My heart is full and my cup runneth over. A mom couldn’t ask for a better son.

Love you to the moon and back!


Photos courtesy of Meredith Photography.


RC said...

Nicely said and I so hope his diet improves! I am seeing some of this with Little Dude, too - things that he loved in the past, but now doesn't want near him...

Take care and give that cutey a snuggle from this bloggy friend!

Suzanne said...

Gina, what a wonderful post! Isn't it the best when they say "I love you." I just really can't think of much better than that! :)

Klin said...

I'm pretty sure it's just a phase with the food. I hope it is short lived. Kim's wasn't :( I mean isn't. Yes she's 12 and still is my pickiest eater and says "eeewww" to most food.

Could you little man get any cuter? He is just adorable.

Daisy said...

I sympathize with the only wanting snacks. Mike and I had to take all the snacks away because Cameryn was sneaking them and then not eating any of her actual meals. I allow one snack between me, Luke and Cameryn after Luke has a nap and that is it.

Once again, I just love the way you write your letters. I forget as the weeks go by when they did something and said something funny. You must take notes, haha, just kidding.

Katey said...

He is such a great little boy. I'm so glad to have your example of amazing motherhood-ness-ship in my life!

I love you both!

Robin said...

What a blessing to have angels sent to our homes. Sometimes I am so frustrated by my children, and it is easy to forget how totally innocent and wonderful they are, so i am grateful for the moments that make me remember what a huge blessing I've been given.
Liam is beautiful and so smart! Love your letters.

Alice Wills Gold said...

Oh i love that photo of you all really shows the attention that you both give to Liam..if that were a pic of LG and I, we would be just standing there....we are old and lazy.