Wednesday, May 31, 2006

He's Standing for Something

I mentioned over the weekend that Liam can now stand in his crib. Well as you can see, we have draped the crib in soft blankets because he has a talent of ramming his head into the wooden bars since he started crawling a few weeks ago.

The Strategy: Pull quilt completely off of side bar. Climb onto quilt and grab bars to get into the standing position. Cry loudly while balancing. Do not fall.

In other news:
Yesterday morning, Master Liam found two new toys. This Ford Truck was sent to us with a flower arrangement in it when we were in the hospital (sent from Grandma and Grandpa P). The truck is a fully functional toy and I have stored in on the bottom shelf of his changing table the past 7 months. He found it and loves it! In the second picture it shows how he's examining it... as if he wants to disect it and figure it all out. A true boy and son of his father.

His other discovery... well, take a look. I caught him as he was winding down on the excitement of this tiny marvel... on to something else that caught his eye... as always, the short attention span is revealed. (Please note that dropshots dumbs down the quality in a big way. I really do NOT sound like a robot and my kid's skin isn't that grainy.)

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Works for Me 4

I know that all my WFMW's have been products you have to buy, but I am not as crafty as most of you fabulous women.

This product is a lifesaver for me and my self esteem. I'm sure I am not the only female adult that suffers from acne, so here is my solution.

And what is cool about this product is that you can buy it at Wal-Mart, Walgreens, any drug store! Pro-Activ does work, but you have to be in a club so they ship you more product every 2 months. I never ran out of the stuff in 2 months time, so this was a waste of my money (for about 2 years). PLUS, AcneFree is HALF the price of Pro-Activ and it works better in my opinion (I have been using it for over a year now). For half the price, it is worth trying and you can use the website to get a free trial if you would like.

ABSOLUTELY works for me!

Monday, May 29, 2006

Liam at the Park (a 3rd First!)

We put Liam on the swings for the first time today. Okay, yes, another first, so that makes three today. That's what happens when the parents have a day off and can actually spend quality time with their baby.

I told Ian this past week that if we didn't do anything else on Memorial Day that we take Liam to the Park so we could put him in the swing. So around noon today we did just that.

He wasn't too sure at first, but after a minute we got some good smiles out of him. I took him down the slide too, but he wasn't too impressed with it.

Ian didn't want to ask someone to take a picture of all three of us at the park, so he resorted to taking a family photo on his own. Nice, huh?

2 Firsts today

We went to Sam's Club today to pick up a few things. Since Liam is finally out of his infant car seat, we don't have that to clip onto shopping carts anymore. So today was the first time Liam sat in a shopping cart all by himself! What a big boy!

He took a nap this afternoon and I was downstairs. Awhile later, I heard some jabbering and a little grunting... I went upstairs to see if he would go back to sleep for me... NOPE. He was standing, he had climbed up the side of the crib and with all his strength was trying to stay standing so big! He had the panicked/surprised look on his face that said, "help me, Mom!" Precious!

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Big Grins

I had to post these 2 shots of Liam grinning big over the weekend. He loves his Johnny Jump, but not as much as he loves cords, wires, shoe laces and ribbon... crazy kid!

Saturday, May 27, 2006

A better baby

Liam and I went on a walk this afternoon. It was an overcast day and a little cooler than usual. He seems to enjoy his stroller. He just looks around and jabbers as I push him in it. This is a picture of him admiring my roses... very cute!

When we got inside he played for a minute, then saw Orion and chased him further than he has before! Orion is too quick for him... and keeps just far enough away.

And then I had to get some shots of him standing so well! Obviously he is feeling much better today... we actually slept last night which is amazing! Thanks for your kind thoughts in my last post. Sick baby no more! I am so happy he is finally eating and smiling!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Happy 7 Month Birthday, Liam!

Dearest Son,

On your 7 month birthday you are sick. Sick with what? Hand-foot-and-mouth virus! You have to understand your mommy is not familiar with this illness. She had never heard of it in her life (well not that she remembers anyway). I thought my poor baby was teething or possibly had an ear infection. Not so. You had blisters in your little throat and tiny red pocks all around your body (those showed up this afternoon). You have been refusing chest and bottle because it has surely been hurting you to take down anything. No wonder you are drooling gallons these past two days! This sneaky virus really had me mixed up! I was giving you gels and tablets to numb your gums and I guess a little of that stuff reached your throat and calmed you down a bit.

I am so lucky to have you taking a bottle every day so when you refused me, you would accept a bottle instead. I know you were getting dehydrated and it pleased me you could chug down close to two ounces because the bottle didn't irritate your throat so much. I was so nervous that you had suddenly weaned yourself from me these past two days. But to my delight you indulged around 10pm tonight. I think that is a good sign you are getting better. I am so happy about that, my tired boy. You deserve some good sleep tonight with a full belly.

Hopefully tomorrow and over the long holiday weekend we can play a lot together as I suspect you'll be feeling yourself again soon. You are growing so big! 29 inches tall and today you weighed in at an ounce shy of 19 lbs, Mr. Hearty! You have proven your strength these past two days refusing to be put down, changed, fed, etc. What big muscles you have! Dad says you are as strong as a crocodile rolling to dominate his prey. And I tell you what, kid, you are going to be able to beat me in arm wrestling in no time (and your dad shortly after that)! What an athlete you'll be some day.

You are crawling, climbing, spitting, rolling, smiling (more), laughing (more), sitting, studying, kissing, drooling, exploring, learning and splashing! We are so proud of you! We get the biggest kick out of those smiles, giggles, puddles of drool and all your navagational skills! You make us happy! You make us laugh a lot! There are more smiles in this home because of you. What more could parents ask for then a content baby like you?

You are a beautiful blondie bald tot that we have the honor of marveling over each day. What a blessing you are to our family. Happy Birthday, Master Liam! May tomorrow be a happier feel-good day for you! The world needs your contagious grins and electric blue eyes. I know you won't let us down. I hope each day of your life you find as many reasons to smile and have that twinkle in your eyes.

Mommy and Daddy love you more than anything, kiddo!

Wow, I am beat!

I am so tired and I know Liam is too. The 2nd night of no sleep has taken it's toll. I am dealing with a cough, a horse voice and wouldn't you know it, engorgement because Liam simply doesn't have much of an appetite. He will drink from the bottle, but not much. So I am left to pump for releif and that really isn't cutting it...

I know Liam is teething, but I made an appt with his dr. to make sure he doesn't have an ear infection too. His fever broke yesterday, but if there is anything going on in his ears, I want to start treating it with antibiotics not just pain medication. Our appt is at 4:20 this afternoon.

Yesterday I posted about the teething tablets and gel. They seem to be hit and miss. The main problem is that I can't read the poor baby's mind to know what he needs at each intolerant moment. Also, my post was short and sweet because I thought I might get a few winks while he was sleeping. Nope. As soon as I hit "publish post" he starting carrying on again. It was just a bad day and that turned into another bad night and here we are today... dealing with everything but the fever. And what makes it even more sad and frustrating is that Liam is freakishly strong! He thrashes and kicks and wrestles his way out of any position. He cannot be comforted by simply holding him when he cries. He wants down and wants to be held at the same time. He can't be pleased when he is this miserable. Ian described his strength to a rolling crocodile! It takes two people to change his diapers. One to hold him down and one to take care of the diaper. Too strong for his own good at this point in his life...

Ian got his teething toys into the fridge yesterday so at 6am here is Liam with his seal toy chewing away... Poor kid.

This weekend we are supposed to go visit our friend, Rupert, but I am so scared that Liam isn't going to improve and I am not going to get rid of this cold. I hate having concrete plans for a long period of time then having to break them. We still have another 24 hours to decide what we will do. I want to go so bad, but a long drive with a crying Liam is not the best situation. Plus taking my cold to someone else's house. Plus I got no work done this week so I should probably work Saturday. Uhg!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Works for Me 3

My kiddo has had a fever and uncontrolable crying since last night around 7pm. Not much sleep to speak of so I took the day off today. I would have taken him to the sitter if there were more than a few moment of calmness today so I could get a nap. Nobody other than a child's mother should listen to this kind of screaming and carrying on. And the only reason Liam and I have gotten two 1 hour blocks of nappy time is because of Hyland's Homeopathic Teething Tablets and gel. I got these here a few months ago because I knew sooner or later Liam would start teething. And that he did... starting NOW! I am glad I haven't had to deal with a sad child like this until now. Man, not being able to comfort your child is heartbreaking! So he has just started his 3rd hopefully longer-than-a-1-hour nap because of these tablets. Thank Heavens! I have come down with something kinda like a cold so I need to hit the pillow too.Works for me (and more importantly, Liam)!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Tori did a Sevens list today and asked me to do one as well.

7 things I want to do before die:
- Quit working
- Learn an instrument
- Visit Europe with my sister
- Finish college
- Serve a mission (and/or become a temple worker)
- Take my time on earth more seriously so I can be worthy of eternal blessings

Be a grandma

7 things I cannot do:
- Sing
- Speak anything other than English and Pig Latin
- The splits
- Watch sports on TV
- Give a lesson in R.S.
- Make quick and funny come backs
- Post a blog without checking for grammar 10 times

7 things that attracted me to my spouse (or 10, but who's counting??):

- He was interested in me
- His street smarts
- His sense of humor
- His body
- His work ethic
- Athleticism (good at every sport)
- His lips
- His family
- The way he is with kids
- The way he is with animals

7 things I say often:
- Honey, ____
- Simmer down
- Geez
- Momma loves her baby
- Say, I love you, Mommy!
- Okay
- I know

7 books I love:
- The Da Vinci Code
- The Porter Rockwell Series
- Women of Genesis Series
- All the Og Mandino books
- All the Dale Carnegie books
- Ensign/Scriptures
- Politically Correct Bedtime Stories

7 Movies I could watch over and over:
- Hitch
- Notting Hill
- The Emporer's New Groove
- Elf
- Mr. & Mrs. Smith
- Anna & The King
- Tommy Boy

7 People I'd like to hear Se7ens from:

It's Okay, Sweetie
Little Hensley Fam

Monday, May 22, 2006

He's really goin' places...

2 new tricks:

First, this kiddo can follow me in his walker. The walker is only 2 weeks new and he knows how to navagate it now! This morning he followed me for the first time and I just laughed! What a big boy!

Second, he is climbing and trying to stand! I am convinced this child will be standing in 2 weeks then walking all over the place! We are barracading him with pillows at the moment... watch out!

My Life Monday 4

My parents named me Gina because . . .

My dad's sister's name was Regina and they called her Gi Gi. Her full name was Mary Regina. In 1963, she was hit by a car and died at 11 years old. My dad was 9 years old at the time. She was crossing a busy street from the neighbors house coming back home when it happened. My dad says that his poor brother witnessed the whole thing. So sad...

Because my dad loved his sister and liked her name, he and Mom decided "Gina" would be more appropriate than Regina. He thinks Mom wanted something more original than borrowed. Anyway, they both liked the name Gina. My middle name, Christine, just came out of the blue. It just sounded good with Gina they say.

My mom swears she wasn't over protective of me when I was 11 years old, but I remember her being very careful that year.

I have always loved my middle name and wanted to name my first girl Cleo Christine. Also, when I was in grade school and middle school we moved around a bit. Each time we moved I said I was going to tell people my name was Christine. I always forgot or got nervous and didn't end up doing it. My dad has always gone by his middle name and apparently my Aunt Gi Gi did too! I wish I could have made "Christine" stick back in the day... I think I look more like a Christine than a Gina. All the Gina's I have met are brunettes.

As for my current last name, I got that from a really hot guy named Ian. Not so original, but it works well with my first 2 names.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Toothless Grins

Liam woke from a nap shortly after I got home from work today.
So since Ian was out, I thought I would have a little photo shoot.
I only took like 30 photos!
He seems to like the word "BANANAS" a lot!
I say it over and over when I am trying to feed him his cereal and fruit/veggies.
It makes him smile just like this!

Friend Spotlight 1

I have to do my first spotlight on Verena. (So, don't be offended that it isn't you today...)

She and I have been best friends since we were in 5th grade. ( I love saying that, and she knows it, because it speaks deeply of how well we know each other.) A long-time friend like that is hard to come by and she still loves me to this day.

We have been through so much in our lives and have been fortunate to be able to support one another through those times. I remember many life-altering experiences we both have had over the years. The most recent rescue she made was when I was in labor with Liam. I called her at 6 in the morning and she took my call and helped me cope with my situation. I recall when I was dating Ian that there were many heartaches that I called her late at night about. And her husband cared for me enough to let her take those calls. She's rescued me time and time again. And luckily the big moments in life that neither of us coped well with, were when we lived in the same town... What a blessing that was! Now she is only 2 hours away but will soon be 1,600 miles away again (to Indiana). That fact tugs at my heart quite a bit, but I know she is only a phone call or email away. She is so well educated and grounded that I can always count her to be completely rational. She is always looking out for me and thinks about my interests often.

She has always told me that she is not a "social" person, that she doesn't have a lot of friends. It is weird for me to think of her that way because of how she is with me... So open and blunt and caring towards me. I feel extremely honored that for someone that only keeps a handful of people in her life, she has hand-picked me to keep. What a privilege. I mean, look at this woman! She is gorgeous! Never an awkward stage in her life... beautiful always.

Before I close, I have to paint a childhood memory of when we were in middle school. When I would stay the weekend at her house, we would stay up late. We would make the BEST tuna salad sandwiches on toasted bread, then go hide in the big laundry room downstairs and play one-on-one UNO for hours! We laughed so much! I also remember my dad dropping me off early on Saturday mornings on his way to Air Force Reserves and I would just walk in their house and go down to Verena's room and sleep head to foot in her twin bed. We were such skinny kids... two in a twin was plenty comfortable... head to foot. LOL!

Another tid bit... I really feel accomplished if I can make Verena laugh... much how I feel about making Ian laugh. It takes something really odd or extra funny to make them laugh. So when I can make that happen, it's quite impressive in my mind.

Verena, you are a priceless piece of my life. I admire you beyond words! Thanks for all the wonderful childhood, teenage, college and married memories!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Sit, Liam, Sit. Good boy!

Yes, I know, you are asking it in your head and I really don't have an answer for you. "How can you stand having such a cute kid like that?" Well, folks, it takes a lot of energy and self control not to eat him up! I come close... each and every day... a CSI could prove there is plenty of my siliva all over him from kissing him so much, but I resist from "eating him up" and keep him in tact. (Oh those blue eyes just melt my heart!)

Liam is a such a well behaved boy. He is getting to be more predictable and that is a great trait for a baby. He'll wake around 7:30 every morning then be down for his morning nap by 9. While he sleeps, I am able to work in my home office (in bed with my laptop). And then when he wakes, he only needs a little cuddle and then he is content to sit (yes he sits so well now) in his crib and play with his toys (and talks to them too). I am able to get all my work done each morning. What a great age this 6 months is, eh?

Yes, this is a great age. So great that I feel like I am missing out on a bunch when I drop him off at the sitter and go to the corporate office for 5 hours. I found this comic awhile back and I didn't find it the least bit comical. I am so scared this is going to happen to me. And I sometimes wonder if it already has. I did miss his first giggle (see my VERY first post), BUT Ian called me at work the moment it happened so I could hear his second giggle. So it was okay.

Since Ian picks Liam up from the sitter, he is the one that gets the "report" if there is any. And I am always running late for work when I drop him off that I don't have time to get details of the previous day's events. So, I am sometimes wondering if I missed a FIRST. Maybe Shari is gracious like my friend, Katie, and doesn't say anything to wait and see if I say I noticed the NEW thing. Or maybe she assumes whatever new thing to her has already happened at home previously... I guess it doesn't matter. We get to enjoy whatever new thing when we are home with him, so that is okay too. I just don't want to miss anything that my little boy does... there is nothing wrong with that!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Works for Me 2

Okay, I was rather impressed with myself this past Saturday... so impressed that I kept on commenting about it over and over ever since (sorry, Ian, but WOW)! I bought the Scunci Steamer over a year ago and have used it here and there for cleaning tests, steaming wrinkles out of clothes, drapes, bed spreads, etc, BUT Saturday was the day I became thoroughly impressed with his product!

Earlier in the week our lasagna overflowed to the bottom of the oven. I have had other previous messes, splatters and whatever in there waiting to be cleaned for months too. So I told myself I would get the steamer out on Saturday and see if the infomercials were true. Oh my gosh, I just put the metal brush on the hose and scrubbed a bit with the steamer and voila! A brand new oven! Amazing!!! I simply couldn't have been more impressed with myself (and the steamer of course)!

Works for me!

Monday, May 15, 2006

Cute Kid!

I forgot to post these on Saturday. Doesn't my kid look older and wiser? He is growing up so fast! We had to drop his crib mattress last night because he is almost ready to climb and stand up! I am ready to take bets on how early this kid will be walking... SERIOUSLY!
Click on photos to enlarge.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Robot Voices

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Our voices sound really weird on these "dropshots"... Anyway, here is Liam doing his crawling thing, he finds the heat register and then at the end he does his side pose. He is finally sitting on his own now too! What a strong little kid!

Friday, May 12, 2006

6 month check up

Well, Liam passed his 6 month check up with flying colors. The doctor seemed surprised that our child is already crawling all over the place. He is always so encouraging when we bring Liam in. "You're doing great, guys!" He is a really sweet doctor.

Liam is 18.5 lbs now! I really thought they would tell us that he was 20 lbs. He is in the 96% for his height at 29 inches!

He did really well, as usual, with his shots. He was chatting with us and smiling then all of the sudden realized what was happening to his legs... he only cried for a few seconds and even smiled as the nurse said good bye.

The only crappy thing about this visit is that we found out we had an outstanding balance to pay from the hospital visits... DANG!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Two Things That Made Me LaUgH

Okay, 2 things made me laugh today...

1) I got to work and I had this in my email. I laughed out loud it was so funny... Oh my gosh, where did this clip come from???

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2) Rose had Liam today and when I went to pick him up, he was sitting in an old fashioned looking walker. Yes, once again, Rose bought him another toy! What made me laugh is when I picked him up and started chatting with Rose, Liam started talking back to her like she was having a conversation with him (though she was really talking to me). He just laughed and got so excited and this in turn made me laugh. (So I really can't tell you what Rose was saying because I was so distracted by my little comedian. Oh well...) He is so animated, it just cracks me up! ...I could tell that he just adores Rose. I don't think he wanted to leave. Good thing he goes back to her house tomorrow and gets to play some more. I wish she could take him every day. I know he has her undivided attention at all times and that makes me feel so good. That reminds me... he goes to the dr. tomorrow for shots... THANK GOODNESS she has him tomorrow. He needs lots of attention on shot days.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Mother's day is soon here...

I just read a fellow blogger's page and was so uplifted by it. Please go here.

I wish I could write half as well as this gifted gal. I feel like I can't express my deep love for my mothers like GGC did in this paragraph:
Every day I learn something new as a mother, but as we approach Mothers Day I would like to pay homage to the motherS. The motherS who have raised me and the motherS who come and read this blog and the motherS through time, all insightful and encouraging and inspiring, all of whom have ideas and opinions. The "it takes a village" mentality is in all of us. We all want to impart our wisdom, to share our stories, to help each other. It is one of the great wonders of the woman, her solidarity with other mothers, new mothers like me; her ability to mother as a mom, a grandma, a great grandma and beyond. And to all of the "moms" who have raised me... All the mothers I have loved before, I thank you for offering your love and insight to me, my first year with a little one, my first year as a mommy.
Ditto! I am very grateful to so many women, mothers, who have contributed to my life, my success and molding me into a good human being. I don't think women could survive without the helping hands of other women, mothers. I guess for me, this mother's day is more of a sisterhood day. A day where we mothers show appreciation to other mothers with tokens of love and adoration for all that they have done in the previous year's time, for us. For me. (As for the men... let it be a day that they honor us and ALL that we do for them.)

I love you, Mom and Mom2. Thank you for loving me when I am weak and feel small. Thank you for respecting the decisions I make. Thank you for spending time with me in person or on the phone. Thank you for your kind gestures and encouraging words. Thank you for spoiling me with your unconditional affection.

Happy Mother's Day to all you wonderful moms out there. Keep up the "good works". ;)

Works for Me 1

Well I might as well have something assigned to me for my blog on Mondays and Wednesdays... helps me insure that I get on here and journal.

I read Nettie's blog today and really enjoyed her tip about baby vitamins and administering this or any medicine in the tub. One smart mommy...

What works for me is Kid-e-Col. We have been using this stuff since Liam was a couple weeks old. He has always been a gassy kid so this stuff has been a lifesaver. When he is crying out of control all we have to do is put a few drops of it in his mouth and he immediately calms down. It's all natural catnip and fennel, so it's safe to him give multiple times in a day (not that we need to).

My friend, LeArta, gave this to us at my baby shower. I am so grateful she did. We just barely bought a second bottle a couple weeks ago (in other words, it lasts a long time).

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

4 Things

Okay I just discovered while putting Liam's socks on this morning that he has healing blisters on both his big toes. He is pushing off his toes to crawl around, etc. So sad... growing pains I guess.

My child finally ate a big helping of avacado last night. I think he likes it better this time because it was more ripe and really smooth. (We got a better food processor.) I am so excited that he loves this green food because he was getting very partial to orange and yellow foods.

More Kisses Today
While trying to get Liam settled in his crib, I picked him up and he grabbed my face with both hands and kissed me... on the lips. When I asked for more kisses he gave me 3 more!!! Then I turned it into a game by kissing him on the cheek over and over... and I got a good laugh out of him! Yay for baby kisses and baby laughter!

Cute Outfit
I bought this outfit when I found out I was pregnant with Liam. He finally fits into it and it's so cute on him! The bottoms are white too.
"Guess what I am doing right this minute..."

Sunday, May 07, 2006


Picture Intermission Over

Sorry for not writing for a bit. There hasn't been a lot to report or vent about which I guess is a good thing. Liam continues to progress in his crawling attempts and is fully navigational now. If he can see something he wants, he will get to it, FAST! He finally figured out how to sit up. From the crawling position he will shift to his side, do a side pose and just hang out that way playing with a toy or giving us a grin. He still doesn't balance well and from that side pose, he'll fall backwards and bump his head. I am so glad he is so tough. Only about 50% of the time he falls back like this does he cry about it.

Yesterday was the MOST productive Saturday we have had in LONG time. Ian got up way early to start turning the garden spot with a shovel. When I woke up he said we needed to rent a roto-tiller to turn the whole garden area as doing it by hand wasn't cutting it. I got Liam all ready to go out into his playpen in the back yard, with his little sun hat and blankets covering the pen. While Ian went to pick up the tiller, I got busy pulling all the BIG weeds, old veggie plants and hefty piles of grass cuttings out of the plot. Ian tilled the area while I was still hovering around him getting any big stuff out. He also tilled my future flower bed in the front yard. While he went to return the tiller, I fed Liam and layed him down for a nap. Ian got back a few minutes later and started loading the truck bed with all the yard waste and I went out to help him. We had so much crap to take to green waste, even weeds and cuttings from LAST summer! What a relief to have it all gone!

While Liam slept, we showered and got everything ready to run errands after dumping the yard waste. Since our Freelander is in the shop along with the stroller and nice car seat... we transferred diaper bags so during our stops Ian could carry the manly JJCole bag while I carried Liam in the front carrier. (Somewhere in there I organized all the leftover yard sale stuff to have the local charity pick it up on Tuesday.)

Liam woke and we got him loaded and off we went to the green waste site. While Ian was raking the stuff from the truck bed, I noticed some old friends pull up beside us. I got their attention and we visited with them for awhile (R & V Morgan). They got a glimpse of Liam and fawned over him for a few seconds then we were on our way. We stopped at the bank to finally deposit our garage sale proceeds from last Saturday, then headed to the Vineyard nursery to pick out our garden plants. We got most of our tomatoes and peppers there, but didn't find a few other things we wanted so we headed to the next Nursery up the road, Cook's. We got all our squash, corn, melons, celery and herbs there. I also picked out a variety of flower seeds I will put in the front yard. Liam was a big help in this. (He was in the front carrier and swiped at every packet I selected.)

Liam slept on the way home and it was an easy transition getting him in his crib so he could sleep longer. We took naps too! We were beat and we still had to go grocery shopping... uhg. At 6:30 we went to a small bbq get together with the Olsen's, Edwards, Jenks and Birch's. I am glad we went in our fatigue because we had a really nice time and had an easy excuse to leave as Liam's bed time is 8pm (and he shows it). We were desperate to go grocery shopping still though. So we kinda hoped Liam would wake again so we could transfer him to the car. He did. He was acting like he didn't feel good, so that was sad. I fed him, cuddled him and gave him some medicine. We loaded him up at 10:30pm to head to get groceries. I felt so bad for him as he zoned out the whole time we shopped. He was as exhausted as we were. I felt like I was sleep walking in the store.

We got him back in his crib by 11:30 (how sad is that). We took care of groceries and got to bed by midnight. Come morning we couldn't move and Liam was a grump. We are so sore. Thank goodness for a day of rest!