Monday, May 24, 2010

Pizza Quesadilla

Once upon a time there lived a small boy named Liam who asked for the same thing for dinner every single night. As soon as he would get home from school he would say, "Mom, I want a pizza quesadilla for dinner!" Every. Single. Day.

Most nights his mom would say, "You need to eat what Daddy made for us for dinner." So a lot of times Liam would do what she said, but there were other times that he got the dinner he asked for.

One day, his mom decided to make the daily requested dinner a little more healthy. She got out the wheat tortillas, the mozzarella cheese and the pasta sauce. She thought, "I surely could hide some more healthy items into this quesadilla without Liam knowing." So she found some peas and mashed them up really good and spread them under the cheese. She thought she was so clever. So much so, she was determined he wouldn't notice at all. So she took a picture.

Then she called him to the table, "Time to eat, Liam!"

She watched him walk towards his place at the table. She noticed him examining his food a little too closely. And to her surprise, he immediately spotted something green. She worried. Then he cautiously ate half the quesadilla... then he finally protested. He said, "This green stuff tastes like peas!"

His mom tried to explain that his dinner still tastes like pizza and coaxed another fourth of the dish contaminated with those undesirable peas down the small boy. He finished his oranges, wheat crackers and V8 then went and played... leaving a sliver of the quesadilla behind.

Now when Liam asks for pizza quesadillas, he reminds his mom to leave the peas out. She is still wondering what else she could hide behind the cheese. Hmmm.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

We have a garden (again)

We didn't start on our garden until May 15 this year. No seedlings, no prep or anything prior to yesterday. And, you know, I think this may be the most successful garden we have ever done!

Yesterday morning we went to the nursery to pick up a few plants.

Liam wanted some marigolds in our garden too... that was his first choice out of all the other pretty flowers. Marigolds are not my favorite, but when Liam selected those, a part of my childhood came back to me. My mom loved marigolds and would always harvest the seeds each fall. And, isn't it tradition to have marigolds line a vegetable garden?

Anyway, we worked hard weeding, tilling, raking, and cleaning up our garden space. Liam was big help and it was so nice to do a family project together. You could see the pride in his face as he sowed seeds and placed the purchased plants in the soil. I hope he grows up to be a green thumb and veggie lover like his dad.

And Liam couldn't end the day without some little boy fun! The sun was setting, but that didn't stop him from enjoying the water just like our plants were.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Have I mentioned that he's cute?

Chalk and Friends

Liam took his chalk outside to share with the neighbor kids, namely Joey (pictured). I took photos. There are 5 sweet faces that live next door and all of them love to have their photo taken. It's nice to have so many models at my fingertips.

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Get Away to SLC

So last weekend we had a complimentary stay at the Sheraton in Downtown SLC. We had been telling Liam the week previous that we'd be going to the penguin exhibit at the aquarium and then to a hotel to swim and stay the night! He was so excited to get there. So much so that the aquarium was kind of blah to him, or so it seemed.

We got ready to go to the pool the moment we got checked into our loft style room. Here is our cutie water baby.

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