Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Photos I never published

These were all taken a few weeks ago before Ian left for his business trip to Boston.

Friday, June 26, 2009

3 years, 8 months

Dear Son,

It's been a pretty good month! The past two weeks your dad has been out of town... you've become my little sidekick! We've really enjoyed each other a lot more than we usually do and it's been so great!

This month you have seemed to pick up your art projects again. I am not sure what ignited your comeback to art, but you ask to paint on a regular basis and you also do sketching when we drive around in the car. You are so focused.

Another thing, since it's been so rainy the past month, you've become our little meteorologist. You look at the sky often and inform us that it's going to rain. It makes me smile that you notice even the hint of gray clouds and expect the worst out of them.

The other day we stopped at K-mart to pick up a couple things. On our way to the registers you mentioned you had to go potty. So I U-turned and headed to the back of the store. You eyed the toy aisles and slowed down... then stopped, then told me you didn't have to go anymore. I didn't believe that for a second. I practically dragged you to the restroom and put you on the pot. Well, you saw the toilet paper housing... and you couldn't figure it out. You tapped on it with your index finger more than once. I don't know if you were seeing if it was motion activated or what, but that tapping was so adult. It was so so so funny!

It's so neat that you are growing up so much! I love talking to you about your day and asking you to do things and you reply like it's no biggy and then do what I ask. I love how you randomly tell me that I'm your best friend and that you love me. I totally get a kick out of you telling me I am funny when I don't think I am. Your sense of humor is just so keen. You pick up on stuff that is silly to you all the time. I adore that about you.

Thanks for being so wonderful and sweet! I love you so much!


Sunday, June 21, 2009

At the cabin

My amazing friend Kate and her in-laws invited me and Liam to stay with them for the weekend. Saturday morning we got up and headed to Salt Lake to meet them at their family garage sale. Liam had a good time playing with some old toys and what-nots and also socializing with everyone.

When the rain got to be too much, we started putting everything away. Liam helped too. He was so darling running back and forth for things and organizing items in his own way. The funniest thing was when he grabbed two old fashioned suit cases and was waddling towards the garage to drop them off. Strain was written all over his face. It was darling. I wasn't the only one that got a kick out of that scene.

When we were all inside drying off and warming up, Brandon's grandma paid Liam a whole dollar for all his help. He said he'd rather have a quarter, so he thought it was quite a deal to get four quarters instead of a buck. So funny!

We had a bit of lunch, visited and played awhile then headed up to their cabin in the mountains. It was raining so hard as we went up the canyon. Liam of course fell asleep so he didn't get to see all the major puddles we were plowing through. We unloaded some things at the cabin, then went down the mountain a bit to meet the rest of the family at a cafe. Liam did pretty well for awhile, but then decided he couldn't wait much longer for the corn dog he ordered. When he got that, we were all in the clear to enjoy our food.

We got to the cabin and all sat around enjoying each other's company. Liam pretty much stole the show as this sweet family was attempting to have a meaningful Father's Day Eve. Liam snuggled in with Kate and Brandon and then I noticed their shirt collars go over their noses. Yikes, Liam was letting loose in more than one way over there. They saw beyond the stink and laughed a lot over the ticking time bomb sitting between them.

The camera was rolling as Dad and Grandpa would read their cards aloud and Liam would start a new ruckus. Everyone had a great sense of humor and appeared to get a good laugh out of Liam's antics. A favorite Father's Day present was shared with Liam. There was bubble wrap that Brandon's dad, Ed, gave to Liam and that kept him busy until the next day! We were all amazed there were still bubbles to pop after so many sessions of jumping and dancing upon them.

When the presents were all opened, it was time for ice cream cones. We all enjoyed a yummy treat and then it was time to start settling down to head to bed. Liam went upstairs with me so I could get his make-shift bed set up next to mine in the vaulted corner upstairs. It was such a cute litte nook that I wish I had taken a photo. Brandon's Grandma was bringing us blankets and Liam looked up to her and excitedly said, "It's like a club house!!!" She was delighted right along with him.

The next morning it was still rainy outside, but we all got up and ate yummy waffles and bacon together. Some of us stayed at the table to chat and Liam and Ed went into the main area and still found more bubbles in that bubble wrap to pop!

We got dressed when we noticed the rain has eased up outside. Grandma took Liam to the river bank to throw rocks and I followed behind them with the camera. They were so cute out there playing. This grandma was very nervous about my boy falling into the cold water. Whenever he'd get close, she'd grab the back of his jacket for good measure. He didn't seem to get the fact that if he fell in, the water would wash him away faster than we could save him. He just got used to the jacket grabbing after a bit. I loved how doting she was. They had a great time gathering really big rocks to throw together. She'd always be rationed the smaller of the two rocks.

After they ran out of big rocks on that side of the river, we were led to another section with a few big ones to drop in. You'll see the before and after photos below. Right before they throw in the biggest rock of the day... then the two of them laughing it up because the massive splash all landed on the photographer!

After warming up toes by the fireplace, visiting, coloring and eating oatmeal pies, the rain stopped again. The sun came out and Liam let us all know it was time to play with the Wham-0 ball toss set. I couldn't beleive how much energy Brandon's Grandma has! She tossed and chased that ball around for awhile.

When it was time to say good-bye Liam's attitude showed up. He didn't want to leave this fun wonderland in the mountains. He was kind enough to thank the whole family for inviting us though and handed out hugs. We rolled down the windows and waved a final good-bye as we drove away. Not five minutes later Liam fell into a deep sleep.

Thanks for a wonderful and memorable weekend! We hope we can see you all again very soon!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Way too much fun and laughter

Liam wanted me to play with the little beach ball in the front yard tonight. I considered it, then I thought if I play, I must grab the camera. We volleyed the ball around for a minute before he started wanting me to take photos of his hat on the ball. He was acting like it was his friend. This photo is the funniest! We previewed it on my camera and chuckled for a good while! I still think this is the most hilarious shot!

The rest of the time outside, I lifted Liam on my dirty gross feet and helped him laugh a lot more. He was cracking me up! I couldn't choose one favorite photo... so here are most of them.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Photo Gallery of Liam

I never posted the gallery that Brooke put up of all the photos she took of Liam last month.

HERE they are.

In other news, there really isn't much to report. Everything is good around these parts. It's been raining here like crazy the past two weeks. The garden is doing great, but poor Liam would like to be outside more. He'd love it if we'd just go play in the rain with him.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Loud Video

This video is of Liam playing last Sunday evening. We have some annoying motor scooters in our neighborhood that are out to kill eardrums. So beware of how high your sound is set when you push play. Liam squeals a bit in these too.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Our Weekend

Friday night after a delicious bbq chicken dinner by Daddy, Liam and I left the tired chef and headed to the library to pick up a book I had on hold. On the way, Liam and I made an agreement as to how many books he was allowed to get. We agreed on 5. We walked into the library and Liam caught the eye of an older woman (as I am sure his camo hat and darling face draws one's eye). He went right up to her and said hello, then she asked if he was going to get some books. He excitedly said "Yes, I am going to get 5! My mom said I could have 5!" The exchange was so darling, I don't know how else to explain the mutual delight between them.

On the way home we picked up ice cream at Baskin Robbins. Liam chose a pre-made Clown cone that got him ridiculously rainbow colored by the time he finished it. He was quite a sight. I got him in the bath then put him to bed.

Saturday was a day of work. We all got up early. I started cleaning up around the house, Liam designed a perler bead project or two while Ian helped the DishNetwork guy get our cable installed. It was a busy morning, but since it started at 7am, we weren't too far in before I freshened up and headed to Albertson's to pick up a few specific deals before that sale was over.

When we got back the Dish guy was still working on stuff so I stole Ian and we got started on cleaning out the garage. This project spanned most of the day. Poor Liam was left to his own devices (bubble blowing and collecting roly poly bugs) as we worked. He was a pretty good sport. By the end of the day he was playing with the two neighbor kids and had a great time taking turns on his trike, his pedal car, doing bubbles and sidewalk chalk and even went to their backyard for a bit to swing. After all that fun, we went over to a block party in a cul-de-sac nearby. I visited with old and new friends while Liam rode his trike in the street for the first time. All the kids had their bikes and were having a great time in the blocked off circle. (To Liam's dismay, the night ended with a disclaimer that this night was special and he'll never be riding his bike in the street again.)

Today we went to church but not before Liam had a meltdown. So because of that we were a bit late, but Liam did well in sacrament meeting with his letters and numbers dry-erase workbook. He is writing a lot of numbers and letters now. Very impressive as I watched him today.

I picked him up from his Primary Sunbeam class and he told me he learned about eyes and hands. He had colored a picture of an eye and also had a toilet paper cylinder as his telescope. Later when we called Grandma, he told her that he learned about eyeballs in church. He said, "if you cover your eyes, then you can't see and you might fall down the stairs." It was pretty cute!

After church we had some lunch and then headed to feed the ducks as a family. We all had a great time in the mild weather outside. The ducks were as friendly as ever. We even saw quite a few little ducklings taking after their mentors to be as greedy over the bread as possible. We found a special duck a few minutes into the feeding that didn't seem to see any food we threw towards him. He even let us get close and Ian ultimately picked him up. We diagnosed him blind and not just people-friendly. He seemed to want to go home with us and if we weren't pretty sure he was a sick duck, we may have adopted him.

When we got home, Liam never went inside (but to use the facilities and change into shorts and clogs). He played on his trike and pedal car for a long time. When he needed a break from that, he'd volley a small beach ball around the yard. He has such a talent for keeping himself busy and active. It was nice to be outside together and watch him enjoy. I don't know where his energy comes from.

Notice the concentration with tongue involved in both these photos.

I was chasing Liam - He was looking back and laughing so cute!

After getting very dirty muddying up his trike and helping me wash it with a hose, Daddy brought out a bag of popcorn to share before it was bath time. Liam was so cute sitting on the porch chowing the popcorn. We shared the popcorn and a big cold water bottle like old chums on the porch chairs.

Bath time wasn't a struggle, and neither was pajama time, nor bedtime prayers, nor books, or even song time. He was agreeable and it was so so so so so nice.

Friday, June 05, 2009

Erf and Berf

I love it when Liam sings "The Family is of God" not just because it's got a great message and sweet tune, but also because when we get to the part where it says "He sent each one of us to earth, through birth..." He says "ERF" and "BERF" really loud with the R's highly pronounced and it cracks me up every time.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

3 years, 7 months

Dear Son,

A month and a week slipped by since my last letter to you. I apologize. I've had a difficult time staying calm lately. I tend to react badly to your misbehavior and find myself an unfit example of how to be when one doesn't get their way. Yep, your mom has needed an attitude adjustment. I said it.

You really are an exceptional kid, Liam. Yeah, the boundary pushing and stubbornness are fit for the course, but your ability to entertain yourself and continue your independence in other big ways are not.

You amaze me with your abilities. You are so creative, bright, nimble, tough, tender, aware and witty!

~Your coloring in the lines, drawings and perler bead projects impress me so much!

~You are pumping yourself on the swing now!

~You jump off of things that are too high and stay unbroken.

~You run so fast that nobody can see you!

~You give hugs and kisses to wake me on the weekends and always before saying good-night!

~You may accidentally bump or hurt me or someone else and immediately say "oh sorry" to make it okay.

~You've come up with some inside jokes to bring up when you see I am sad or frustrated. I love that you remember my goofy moments and try to help me get back to that place.

~You sing "Jesus Loves Me" and "The Wise Man" and a new one that I love "The Family is of God (the first verse)."

~You let us sleep in on the weekends if needs be. You are so good to watch a movie (as you eat dry cereal and milk in a sippy cup) or play with your toys quietly.

It was so sweet on Sunday morning you came in around 6:30am, crawled in with me and then slept with us until we all woke up at 8:30am! It felt so nice to sleep that long and to have you, Daddy and Purr Bug all keeping me warm and comfy.

On Friday we took you to see the movie Up and you loved it. You've been to the movie theater twice before with your dad (Kung Fu Panda and Monsters vs. Aliens) so not 5 minutes into the show you looked over to him and asked where your popcorn was. He quickly went and came back with loads of treats for you to enjoy. Popcorn, slurpy and licorice! Watching you pig out and intently watch and laugh at the movie was pure delight for me. You were so cute in that big seat enjoying a good flick the right way.

I hope you know I love you so much. You are so good to me so much of the time. I hope I can watch myself better and be a more calm mom for you starting now. I will pray extra hard for it and not so casually. You were sent to us so we could help you become what Heavenly Father wants you to be (as the song says). I need to keep that at the forefront of my mind. Keep loving me and forgiving me like you do. I am grateful to you for your merciful ways. You've already found ways to emulate Christ in that respect and many more.

Love you always,