Monday, November 26, 2007

2 years, 1 month!

Dear Son,

I am a day late in writing your monthly letter. I apologize. I got caught up in a wonderfully long weekend spent with you and your Dad. It was a beautiful four days together as a family. I will always be grateful for this, your third Thanksgiving holiday. You have been such a good boy and we appreciate your tenderness more than you might know right now.

This past month I’ve been trying to be a better mother to you. I have been reading some parenting books and have found some interesting methodology on how children think. I am finding myself being more even tempered with you. I’ve tried a few tips given in the books to help calm you and discipline you in a loving, respectful way. It’s been neat to see your reactions.

I am grateful for resources that can help me be a better teacher and mother to you. You are a bright soul and I love you so much for trying so intensely to please us. You work so hard to bring smiles and shared excitement over your new discoveries. Your electric personality just grows by the day. It’s a marvel to watch you learn and grow. Heavenly Father is blessing you, me and your Dad as we teach each other to be better people. We feel very blessed to have you in our daily lives and it seems you feel the same way about us.

I read an Ensign article tonight by President Gordan B. Hinckley. He speaks of our little ones and how precious “your kind” are. He recalled a memory of taking his grandchildren to the circus and how he watched their reactions instead of the three-ring entertainment. It reminded me of all the times we have taken you to see animals at the farm or zoo or pointed out the window to the cows and horses as we drive along or even just taking you to feed the ducks. We do most any activity because of the joy we see from your eyes as you enjoy yourself and discover the world around you. That hearty laugh of yours... You are our joy. You are our “constant renewal of life and purpose” and we love you for it.

Brigham Young said, “ A child loves the smiles of it’s mother, but hates her frowns.” Less than a week ago when you and Daddy were playing with the radio on the bed and I was folding laundry… Daddy was scanning through the stations and when there was a pause without music, I would frown and pretend to cry. You’d say, “DAH-EE” and the next station would come in and I would bob my head and dance along with the music, as you were. Then it would go off again and I’d cry again. Your reaction was priceless as you’d reprimand Daddy to put that music back on. You were so sweet to make sure I was happy. I love you so much, son!

A wise and wonderful mother named Cornelia once answered her friend when asked if it were true that she had no jewels and if she were poor...
"No, I am not poor,'' answered Cornelia, and as she spoke she drew her two boys to her side; "for here are my jewels. They are worth more than all your gems.''
This rings true for me as your mother, Liam. You are my prized gem. You are the brightest spot in our home and anywhere you go. It’s an honor to take care of someone as priceless and beautiful as you. I hope I can be a person you look up to and want to be your friend and adviser as you grow into a man. I will always be there for you and try my best, with the Lord's help, to be who you need me to be.

All my love,



Anonymous said...

Beautiful post Gina ...Grandma Dixie

Aly said...

Such a sweet letter. I'm interested in knowing what books you are reading.

The Goddess said...

What a beautiful letter. I SO love your blog!!!

Mel said...

Love the quote from Brigham Young:)

D said...

What a lucky boy to have such a dedicated momma. Beautiful letter!

I also would be interested to know which books you are reading.

MileHighMommy said...

Your letters are always so touching.

I'm curious about the books too...disciplining in a loving, respectful way sounds fantastic!

Terry said...

I love the quotes... It is so true...I love seeing my kids get excited. It brings me such joy. I look forward to things like Christmas now so I can see those happy smiles and hear those squeals of delight coming from my sweet little ones.

Anissa said...

What a neat idea to put those quotes in. Loved it! You still amaze me with your writing talents.

RC said...

I linked this month's letter to my blog, as your story about Liam wanting you to be happy rang so true to something that my little guy is doing right now - isn't it amazing how our children can read our feelings/moods and reflect them?