Friday, March 31, 2006

Cracking Down Result 1

Okay, last night wasn't fun. I put him down at 9:30, he screamed until 10:30. Once I got the blog posted he was screaming again. I think he finally went to sleep at 11pm. I woke at 1am to screaming, but I didn't know how long it had been going on. I fed him at 1:30am. 3:45am came and Ian woke up to the screaming and said, "when did you feed him last?" I told him 1:30 and he then asked how long he'd been crying. I only heard him for about 10 minutes at that point, but wasn't sure if he'd been crying much longer and I barely woke to it 10 minutes earlier. I went down at 4am and returned him to his belly, putting the pacifier back in too. He slept until 5:40, I fed him at 6am. And what do you know, he slept until ALMOST 10am! I wore that kid out letting him scream so much in the night! He still needs to learn to sleep on his back... that is why he screams so much... rolls to the back and can't get to his belly again. Round II tonight...

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