Saturday, November 25, 2006

Happy 13 Month Birthday, Liam!

Dear Son,

It was a busy birthday weekend for you. Your little cousin, Sierra, came to visit and you enjoyed showing her around the house. You were very possessive of your toys and even went as far as slapping a wooden block between her eyes to show her how fun a block can be. You also enjoyed racing her up and down the stairs, having spitting contests with her and jumping on the bed. When you woke up from your nap today you looked all around for your little friend. You seemed sad that our visitors were gone. Hopefully we can see Aunt Heidi and Sierra again soon.

You learned how to wave and mean it this weekend. You have also recently started laughing on your own accord as if you are making a joke and then we join you in the laughter. It's just so adorable to see that goofy grin on top of your jesting giggle. So we trade laughs back and forth for a minute and then you move on to whatever you were doing before.

The past few days you've been bringing your books to me to read to you. You motion to get up on my lap and you listen really well until we get half way into the book. You then start turning pages and study the book more closely. You'll even carry a couple of your small board books to the car so you can turn pages while you are en route in your car seat.

You point at things you want or want to show us. This past month you've learned to see what WE are pointing to also. You recognize that we are showing you a location and your eyes always follow (some times with your legs taking your body to where we've instructed).

You are eating all kinds of foods and it seems your sensitive stomach has been outgrown. You haven't dealt with any stomach pain this past month and I am grateful (as I am sure you are too).

You've dealt with your first diaper rashes this month which has contributed to your distaste for diaper changes. Oh the lovely effects of every kind of menu!

Your tip-toe-penguin walk is turning into a toddle type of run. You are quick! It's really fun to chase you around the house and see how fast you can go in your glee. It brings me much joy to see you laugh and respond to us when we get on the floor and play with you. You are such a kissable kid and it never fails to make you smile when I repeatedly give you smooches and squeezes. You are all about giving the open mouth kisses when you are in the mood. We feel especially honored when you hand those out because they are very far and few between. I never thought kissing an open mouthed baby would bring me so much happiness.

You continue to be a charming child. Today at church you gave quite a few adoring church members your award-worthy toothy grin. I beam with pride when you show folks that stinkin' cute gap between your teeth! It's just too much... I want to freeze that sweet face and pay the bill for a billboard so the whole valley can see that mug! Or maybe a mural on one of our walls would suffice.

Thanks for keeping me on my toes kiddo! You are such a fun person to spend the majority of my time with! Also, a million thanks for the long nap you took today so I could catch up on some Z's too. There is no better gift than long needed sleep for a tired mom.

Love you always,


Tori :) said...

Can you believe he's 13 months already? I told Sei, "I can't believe Livie is 10 months old already! It's gone too fast!!" Liam is a cutie and that's a beautiful post.

Robin said...

What a cute little ham! I can't believe all that he is doing and hate that I can't see it live!

grandma -dixie said...

It's hard to believe that Liam is 13mths,time has just spun by so fast. What a darling grin that cute boy has.!!!! So happy that you had time with your sister,sister time is great.

BlogWhore said...

Happy Birthday, Liam!

Juliet said...

It occured to me that this blog will be a wonderful treasure for Liam to look at when he's older. Quite a gift in progress.

Gina said...

This is his life history... to be published at a later date for him to have for his children.

Anonymous said...

Your letters to Liam are so well written! What a lucky boy! He is too cute and looks like such a happy kid. Miss you tons!

Nettie said...

I can just imagine that laugh. And kudos to you for already helping him develop a love of books!

Anonymous said...

Sierra and I had a great time with you two this past weekend! The kids are growin so fast! It was interesting to see how different those two looks and personalities. Sierra is very dainty and Liam is a little soldier (up for anything). Sierra just loves you Gina! She seems to recognize you everytime we see you. Liam preferred you too, but I took no offense. okay, love you. Heidi