Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Happy 11th, My Darling Boy!

Happy 11 years to him. Happy 11 years to me. He made me a thing I always wanted to be. A mom. He arrived here at only 6 lbs which I took as an added blessing for him to be small in my arms a bit longer than the norm. My real life dolly. The hard parts have been real, but the good parts supersede and magnify my joys in motherhood. His every success is my daily prayer. His confidence in himself is my eternal goal as I raise him. 

He is a blessed boy. I know our Heavenly Father has legions of angels watching and protecting him from the womb to now ... a handful of them are on this side helping him along. I thank the Lord for these special players in his life. I owe them everything.

Wednesday, March 02, 2016

So proud of my boy!

This darling child called me today while he was spending time with his dad and other loved ones. That alone brightened my day. He then went on to tell me 3 awesome things among other sweet details! 1. He's in a play at school and invited me to come see it in a couple weeks! 2. He told me how much he likes his mainstream class and how comfortable he is now. He fits in, is making a lot of new friends, and feels happy with himself! 3. He told me he's been staying out of trouble on the bus this week because he's reading the book I gave him Monday morning. He's excited for the second book and wants ME to read the first one to get on the same page with him! He is a dreamy little dude. I needed that conversation today!