Tuesday, December 30, 2008

3 years, 2 months

Dear Son,

Golly it's been a busy month! So many holiday related things to do and see. Visiting with Santa, Christmas shopping, driving through the decorated towns and twinkling neighborhoods, finding a tree, breaking Hallmark collectible ornaments, finding more things to ask for Christmas presents, Grandparents and uncles in town, misplacing your enthusiasm, gingerbread men making, eating too much junk food, playing in the snow, breakfast with Grandpa each morning and entertaining your Aunt Heidi and cousin Sierra. This list could go on for awhile. You've had more fun than any 3 year old could ask for!

Christmas, this year, was so much more fun than I ever remember! The spirit of the season entered our house earlier than usual and it still feels like it's lingering in the air. And it's all because of you, your age, your personality and your anticipation! You were so excited for Santa to come! It was pure joy talking to you Christmas morning and snuggling with you a bit before we went downstairs to see what treasures Santa left. Santa came through with your Yoda action figure! You were so happy! It took you awhile to notice the race track Santa set up for you but when you saw it, you started racing your McQueen car and went and found more cars to race with it. A holiday dream watching you and partaking in your glee.

You got some new games and puzzles from both sets of Grandparents. I have to report how much more intelligent you've proven to be because of these items. You mastered a 35 piece puzzle and got an A- on the BrainQuest Q & A. You impressed me with your fluency on MightyMind shape tiles/cards in a matter of minutes (a game for 3-7 year olds). I still can't get over how logically your engineer brain works! Now I have to go find the Super edition that says it's for 5-8 year olds.

Speaking of intelligence... you are singing your ABC's and Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam so well. I love singing with you each night after prayers. You are such a good boy to go to bed so well and sing so sweetly each night! I love kissing and hugging you good night and telling you that you're the best as I walk out of your room. You either reply with "thank you" or "I da best."

Your fits and whining are sticking around, but you are easier to reason with and show signs of improvement with staying in time out when put there. You follow the rules pretty well and try your best to listen when you are corrected. Mom and Dad are getting better at sticking to their guns at all times, so you, of course, have to follow along. It cracks us both up when you run to the other to tattle that one of us said no to you... and somehow you don't suspect the other parent will just say the same thing. Might as well see if there is a crack in the system... each and every time anyway, eh son?

We've found that you've picked up some less than stellar vocabulary words from either daycare or the TV or someplace. I think you widened Grandma and Grandpa's eyes a few times while they were here. We just tell you that isn't a nice word and move on. No need to dwell on something we don't want to repeat. You are learning how to correct us on words that you think aren't nice too. We always wonder if you heard something different than what we actually said. Funny kid.

We love your sense of humor. You crack us up daily. We can't get enough of your giggles and jokes. The "you're silly Mommy" comment every now and then puts a smirk on my face. Even when I am not being silly you think I am. I love that you find humor in simple things. You love to brag about your muscles and how big you've gotten. Lately your head has had a growth spurt. We talk about your head and how big it is daily. Mainly when putting shirts on or taking them off. You are so proud that you've grown so you just laugh and play the struggle-to-get-the head-to-fit game with us. When we ask you why your head is so big you just say "I don't know" in the cutest voice and with a glimmer of pride. What a man. Gosh, you are darling.

I like how independent you are. You can open the fridge yourself, do all your puzzles yourself, put in DVD's to watch, wash your vital parts in the tub, put on your shoes, fulfill favors we ask you to do around the house and more. It's so neat to have a little man living with us. You really are helpful and polite - and we love it.

Liam tickling Sierra's funny bone - one moment of many.

Another month to be thankful for a boy named Liam. I am so happy you are in my life to bring me joy and test my patience. You are one of a kind and I love you more than anyone or anything. You are something I crave when I go to bed and when I am working at the office. I love spending time with you and wish, sometimes, that I could wake you up for another hug and chat... or take off work early and drive you someplace fun to play. You're a nut like your dad and it's difficult to be without comic releif for too long. I can always count on one of you for that.

Love you always,

P.S. I love to tickle your shoulders and knees. That hearty chuckle from your belly makes me smile a mile wide.


RCRambling said...

Just wanted to assure you that we had our own not-appropriate word repeated here, too. And like you, we are trying not to make a big deal - just correct him and move on.

Oh, and have I mentioned that Liam's addiction to all things "Cars, Lightning McQueen or Tow Mater," is now an addiction shared by Little Dude?

Happy new year, Gina!

Klin said...

I am not baby hungry, but I am now toddler hungry. I miss those days of learning and exploring. I've always loved the toddler years.

The Goddess said...

Awww so cute. I can just picture the look on his grandparents face when he shared his little inappropriate words. I totally agree with the way you handle that.

That is the cutest picture ever with him and sierra. You are quite the picture taker. Not to mention he is so handsome and photogenic.

Happy New year to you all!!!

utmommy said...

Love toddler stages, they are SO fun!

noble pig said...

I love that age! Sounds like it was a wonderful holiday.

Suzanne said...

Wonderful letter, Gina! I can feel so much of your gratitude and it's sweet!

Daisy said...

What a cute picture!!! Don't you just love how kids have to test you each and everytime.. they like to see if you'll give in just once. Lovely letter as usual!!

Yvonne said...

Your letters are always so great--you don't gloss anything, you always tell it like it is. I think that is terrific.

I love the "another month to be thankful for a boy named Liam". Too sweet.

Hugs to you, gina.