Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Movie Kiss

Last night Ian and Liam were sitting on the recliner chair together. Ian was surfing the channels on TV and came across an old SNL skit. The guy stared into the girl's eyes then grabbed her face and kissed her in an overly passionate cheesy way.

Not two minutes later Liam was staring into Daddy's eyes all serious then grabbing his face and kissing him while he moved the rest of his head from side to side. It was so funny! I was laughing so hard... and then I got my turn and I laughed even more. Gotta love a wet stage kiss in your own living room!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Snow Indoors X 2

It snowed in our house twice in 24 hours time!

Sunday afternoon Ian changed Liam's diaper and left the baby powder open. Not 5 minutes later I found Liam in a white mess in his bedroom. He helped clean it up and all was well.

Monday morning Liam was watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. It was quiet in the front room, the usual, as he watched his favorite show. I was on my computer in the family room. I suddenly smelled the sweet aroma of his baby powder and wondered why I would be smelling that. I wised up and ran to the living room to find everything covered in white powder. Everything! I had left his powder open and left it on top of the TV console. Whoops... a much bigger mess to clean up this time and Liam was not assigned to help.

Friday, April 25, 2008

2 years, 6 months

Dear Son,

It's official!

You are two and a half today!

What a milestone!

You've grown so much the past month in so many ways!

Your speech just leaped into phrases and sentences in the last week! You surprised your Daddy when we got home from Boise... and me too! I think you learned a few things from Sierra... and your Aunt Heidi seemed to be able to decipher everything the two of you had to say. Made me laugh. I was floored at some of the things she was telling me that you were saying. What a smart little guy!

I don't want to forget to report what you said when we drove into Boise last Friday. You saw the temple and said "my temple!" really loud! I said, "that is YOUR temple?" and you replied, "Mommy's temple!" On the way out of town we drove by it again and you looked up high at the spires and said, "boy up dare!" I loved that you noticed the Angel Moroni on top of the spire!

You've been singing a lot all of the sudden. "Twinkle twinkle", "wheels on the bus", "sunbeam", and all the other songs you make up about whatever you are doing. Very darling! I am enjoying your little voice even more than usual.

That reminds me, you like the popcorn song and have noticed all the popcorn trees this month. We went to get ice cream with Kate this evening and she took you up close to a popcorn tree while we were outside. You thought that was pretty cool and you let her hold you for a long time after that.

In other news, you seem to have taken a break from your artwork the past couple weeks. You were getting good at drawing a sun with a smiley face and then adding on the rays one after another. On the 14th you made a sun beam collage for Great Grandma, but you haven't done that kind of detailed work for a little while since then though.

Your ninja skills have been in tact since that first time you got out of your crib. The past two nights you've found your way to our bedroom multiple times. A kid that can leap out of a crib AND open his bedroom door with little or no noise, well, that is AMAZING! We'll be transforming your crib into a daybed this weekend, to say the least. A half asleep little boy shouldn't have to scale a 3 foot wall in the middle of the night.

As for your eating skills, those have declined into what the world would call normal. You'd rather sit on Dad's lap and eat 3 bites of his identical meal then yours all chopped up tiny. Dinner time is frustrating, but your palette is still pretty broad so we are happy about that. We always have the eggs, oatmeal, ravioli, string cheese and yogurt on hand if needs be.

Your favorite movie this last week is Milo and Otis. I guess that kind of wild life adventure is something that gets you laughing. I am glad we found that $5 bargain at Wal-mart.

Your favorite activity this past week has been cutting paper into "baby" pieces. You are so focused with those novel little safety scissors (shisthors). 45 minutes is the record for keeping you busy with that.

You still throw tantrums now and then, but your fun personality has been visiting more often lately. Miracles never cease, kid. We have enjoyed you very much. It's such a blessing to have you in our home learning all the ins and outs of life. Your abilities are amazing to witness and we love helping you strengthen your skills. You're a charming little kid and we love you more than what can be relayed on paper! Thanks for being so resilient and sweet. You are the best, Liam!

Love Always,


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Today's photos

On the way to Boise on Friday, I got out the camera as I was driving to take a darling photo of my sleeping boy. To my disappointment, the battery was dead. And even worse, I didn't bring my charger along. So I was stuck for a whole long weekend with family and no tool to document it!

After a long relaxing weekend with Heidi, my mom and little Sierra, we headed back to Utah today. We stopped in Our Own Private Idaho for a visit and Katie took a few photos of the boys. Here are a few she sent me tonight. Liam just loves it in their "private Idaho!" I wish we could visit every day! It's just a fun place to be for all ages!

I'll probably have to wait for months to get any photos from my mom's camera, that is, IF my dad pulls them off. I used that camera all weekend and captured some great moments with the cute cousins. While we wait for those, here are the ones Katie took this afternoon:

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Change of Pace

Liam's had an interesting week.

Saturday morning we put the chickens outside in their coop. Liam got a "free pass" to roam free in the coop with them (as it was still virtually poop free in there). Here he is "roosting." The chicks have yet to actually roost on that bar.

Sunday was our third Sunday in a row where Liam has lost his mind. He had a couple big fits at home and even got kicked out of nursery at church. It was a sad day, but another day where I understand so fully why there are two parents and not one. My husband gritted his teeth and really worked with Liam to calm him down. He took him outside to eat lunch and after Liam's nap, he got him prepped to paint the chicken coop.

A kid can't be happier being outside and "helping" his parents, namely Daddy.

Towards the evening, Kara and Joslyn came to visit us. Kara had ridden her bike and carried Joslyn in a cool caddy behind her. Liam was very interested in trying it out. So the two cuties went on a ride and squealed and laughed. It was so cute! They are such good friends to each other.

Since his regular sitter is on vacation this week, we've had other friends taking care of him. Friday and Monday he was with Michelle and her two boys, Braydon and Ammon. Liam loves these kiddos and gets along with them very well. When he's not with Ammon, he's asking about him.

Tuesday Rose had Liam and he had his usual great day with her.

Wednesday Michelle was ill, so Kara took him for the afternoon. Liam and Joslyn (almost 2) got a long well, as usual, and he had no problems taking a nap there either.

Wednesday night we went over to my friend Saedi's house to play. Liam just couldn't get enough of Mason and Ethan. Mason took a special liking to Liam, so much so that he was conspiring to keep him there for a sleep over. It didn't work out in his favor, but we'll go back and play at their fun house really soon! Thanks, Mason for taking such good care of Liam! You are a good friend!

Liam, Mason, Aiden and Ethan

Tomorrow we are off to Boise to see Aunt Heidi and Grandma BJ... and little Seirra too!

What a fun week it's been for Liam and we'll have a full report of the long family weekend too.

Monday, April 14, 2008

I am grateful

I am sooo grateful that Liam had a good day today. He was so easy to get along with and please. What more could a mother of a 2.5 year old ask for?

Well, I'll tell you, I guess I could ask for a humble child. Liam said two blessings on the food tonight. I blessed the food first, but he wasn't satisfied once I finished my prayer. With stroganoff on Liam's plate, Daddy helped him bless the food, and many other things including Aunt Heidi who is recovering from chemo. It was a sweet prayer and very well repeated. THEN, the corn was finished steaming and I put corn on Liam's plate, next to his noodles. He said, "bless corn? Payers?" So I helped him bless the corn and he was satisfied and ate his food.

A good day.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Liam has been busy

Well, "busy" is an understatement, but I am trying to stay positive. Here are a few of the happy helping things Liam has been up to the past couple weeks... Some sane two year old moments...

He helped Daddy plant our garden!

The seedlings are already a few inches tall!

He helped Daddy fly a remote control plane!

He colored many designs on our driveway!

He played with, organized and made a mess of miscellaneous buttons while Mommy worked!

He loves "bunts" because, apparently, they are just so entertaining.

And finally, he helped Daddy build our outdoor chicken coop!

Good thing too, because our indoor chicks are about to fly the cardboard coop!

He also vacuumed up a huge mess of foam he had crumbled this evening. Cleaning his own big messes is a plus in my book.