Thursday, July 31, 2008

2 years, 9 months

Dear Son,

Another month slipped by as per the usual. We've managed to squeeze in a lot of fun though. You are such a live wire, I am forced to take you outside in the evenings to get all your energy out before bedtime. We've made a lot of trips to the pool. Thank goodness it's open after I get off of work. You ride your tricycle a lot, so fast and make treks to Joslyn's house down the street. Sometimes you are "too tired" to make it all the way so I'll push you along. Then you say "Liam do it" and it's your turn again.

This was a full month of the word "why" over and over and over. You even ask why when it's something you just requested. It drives me batty most days. I have recently come up with a really original phrase - "because I said so." Sometimes you take that as a a legitimate answer to your "why."

You are having a rough time listening lately. We repeat and repeat and discipline and discipline, but you still seem to forget our words. Maybe it's time to pull out some parenting books again. I am losing my cool quite often and you've taken notice.

The other day you ran off while we were walking back to the car from the pool. I told you to stop more than once (as you were starting to scare me with how close you were getting to the street/parking lot). When you finally stopped with my final panicked warning, I grabbed your hand and explained why you need to listen to me. I didn't want you to get hurt. So when I had you in your car seat, you said to me, "Don't be loud, Mommy! I sorry!" So that was your way of telling me not to be mad. I thought that was pretty funny. I then explained that I get loud (mad) when you don't listen to me, etc.

Anyway, you are a charming kid regardless of you ignoring my words and running off in public. You say some clever things and even joke around with us then ask if you are sildy or funny. "Oh yes, Liam, you are funny."
The other great redeemer for you is "I wuff you, Mommy." This past month you've said that on your own many times and out of the blue. My heart melts with the sincere delivery and tone of your message.

I have to note here that you are not the greatest eater lately. You love the Quizno's kids turkey sammy, but you won't eat a regular sandwich at home or anywhere else. I've tried to replicate the sammy with tortillas, turkey, melted cheddar and miracle whip. I scored with that. I was so excited you ate something hearty for once. Oh and I cannot forget to report that Doritos and Cheetos cannot be in your sight. (Not only are they bad for you, they make a horrible orange mess - pictured here.) You will go absolutely bonkers until they are given to you. It's insane. We almost made it out of the grocery store the other day with no sightings and wouldn't you know it, there were a few bags close to the exit and you went crazy... you would barely let me strap you into your car seat until I found a distraction for you. I say "Holy Cow" a lot the past 6 months with the unbelievable fits you decide to pull.

You've always had the traits of a boy, but lately all you say is crash ("trash") it, shoot it, hit it, push it, smash it, crack it, poke it, etc. Such a naturally violent boy you are, but we take it in stride and explain why we can't crash real cars and real boats, why we can't hit the cats or push our friends. This example, among others, you suggest are a part of a running list of things that make parental smirks appear. Hiding these smirks has become a tricky skill we are continually working on.

We love you, son. You are a vibrant ray of sunshine wherever you go. You are so outgoing with us, your friends and even complete strangers. You say hi to everyone these days and love to show anyone and everyone your Lightning McQueen car that you always carry. You are a nut and we are grateful you're with us every day.

All my love,


Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A post to crack you up

You have to read the post that Thing's Mommy just put up! This gal is a friend of mine that lived here in the valley when we were first newlyweds... married the same month and have been friends ever since. (Much the same story with Terry.) She is an interior designer now in a midwest land far away with 3 kids... oh how I miss her! Can she and Terry move back here and be our not-so-newlywed friends and have group FHE with us again? Oh those were the days!

Anyway, read this post and die laughing. It describes taking an almost-3-year-old to the grocery store to a T.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Saturday fun on a Wednesday

I had the day off of work today!

First thing this morning, Liam and I went to meet a gal named Kate that runs a day care. We both enjoyed visiting with Kate and we may have a promising place for Liam to learn/play in the fall.

When we got back home, Kara and Joslyn were there to pick us up. We went to Color Me Mine as today there was no studio fee. The kids loved painting together! Joslyn picked out a monkey and Liam did another turtle.

On the way home, I turned around to find the cuties holding hands. I hurried and grabbed the camera hoping they wouldn't let go. They kept holding hands like this for awhile. Such sweet sweet friends.

I was so excited about showing Ian the cute photos that I got the camera out, showed them to him and then left it at home when I took Liam to his first dentist appointment. Dang!

Liam did well at the dentist. Okay, he wasn't as cooperative as I thought he might be. He fought the x-ray but we forced him through it and he was rewarded with a new toothbrush. The exam was forced as well, but he was again rewarded... with a balloon animal this time. He chose a snake. I had to laugh... that was an easy task for the tech that made it.

After naps, we met Joslyn and Kara at the pool. We had a great 2 hours of playing. Liam keeps progressing with his water skills. He was actually dog paddling! Swimming like a fish he would tell me. Later in the really shallow water he was floating on his back and kicking his legs. A real swimmer already and he taught himself! Not bad!

Toe Dipping

Last night was Ian's company picnic up the canyon. It was a beautiful evening with perfect weather.

After eating dinner, Liam and I went exploring. Throwing rocks into the water turned into dipping our feet in the water. I got a few great photos out of the fun.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Liam's Favorite Games

I thought I would share some of Liam's favorite online games. A visual for the grandparents, if you will, for how bright this kiddo is! I didn't realize a few of these are for age 4+... is so great!

Help the Bee Make Honey

Buck-tooth Beaver Puzzle

A Spotty Puzzle

Boowa's Shell Sorting

Famous Finger Puppet Maze

He's gotten the hang of too! I like to watch him click on the letters and say the letter's sound.

Alphabet Fun

Monday, July 21, 2008

Saturday Fun

Saturday morning we headed out to Suzanne's house. It was a nice drive and Suzanne was a great hostess. Liam behaved well enough that Amanda, Suzanne and I could talk and eat lunch together. After lunch we took a few photos of ourselves and we got to laughing quite a bit. Amanda used her camera when we did the super goofy faces and we were very impressed with the faces she would pull.

These blinks are dedicated to Suzanne and Yvonne!

After meeting up with Amanda and Suzanne, Liam napped in the car, we got home, suited up and we headed for the pool. He had a blast as usual and is getting so great at going under water!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Trike footage

Liam loves his trike. He rides it pretty much every day if not multiple times in a day. He hasn't caught on to pedaling, but he sure moves... and even faster when Mom hitches a ride on the back.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Feeding the Ducks Sunday

We had a nice evening feeding the ducks. It wasn't too hot and there were no bugs and no people! Of course we ran out of bread too fast, as always!

I love this face!

Story not pictured: Shortly after running out of bread, Liam strolled along the bank of the water. When I called him back, he ran and stepped into a muddy hole (a tiny tributary). The mud was so thick and so black and so stinky! Initially I thought it was just his Croc and his leg that got slimed, but he turned around and I saw he got a nice big muddy squirt in the seat of his pants. Gross!

I was so glad to have semi-clean towels from the boat ride the day before still in the car. That and his baby wipes of course solved our problems. I didn't let him run around in his diaper too long before we headed home though.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Monster verbiage from Liam

This is the interview we gave Liam while out on the boat last Saturday. He was camera shy, but you see he knows the stuff Daddy taught him to say to the Monsters.

Monday, July 14, 2008

More Saturday Fun

After the boat ride on Saturday morning, we ran to the last 20 minutes of Jason's 3rd birthday, then ran another errand before we could come home and eat lunch.

Naps were longer than usual, so we didn't make it to our friend Daredevil's house for a picnic/pool party until 4pm.

Her three girls were so sweet to welcome Liam into their backyard for fun in the pool! It took him a bit to warm up to it all, but soon enough he was laughing and playing games. A few of the water noodles had holes in the middle so he learned quickly how to fill it with water then squirt his new friends.

Later we enjoyed chatting, eating watermelon and playing with the bubbles. E~ was such a great playmate for Liam. He watched her every move and followed her around pretty much the whole time we were there.

Liam didn't want to leave, but it was getting close to bedtime and we said good-bye. We had such a nice afternoon/evening outside! Thanks Daredevil Mom!

Boat Ride

We took the boat out early Saturday morning. Liam loved it just as he did last weekend. We let him drive this time. Once we noticed the tight whirlpool he was making, Uncle Drew took the wheel again.

Friday, July 11, 2008


Liam was on a kick all morning with telling me (and both pairs of grandparents) about two monsters that were outside. Two of them, but they were "far away"...

This evening during dinner, Daddy asks Liam what color the monsters were. Liam said they were "red and purple, but dare far away, Daddy."

So Daddy told Liam that if the monsters come close that he should say, "Go away monsters, you are not welcome here! If you come back I'll give you a spanking!"

Liam repeated this many times (he gave it his own twist though). "Go way monters, you don't working here! Give you a panking!"

Ian and I looked at each other... and smirked.

The rest of dinner we kept listening to Liam repeat this warning for the monsters.

A Night of UNrest

I knew if I posted about that wonderful night of rest, we'd for sure be jinxed. I should have refrained from posting my celebrations. Last night Liam was up I-don't-know-how-many-times and seemed so alert and wired each time. Ugh.

I look forward to naps this weekend.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Night of Rest

It's been a couple months since Liam has slept through the night in his own bed. He's been spooked by the trees by his window for so long, we've actually gotten used to taking turns snuggling, reassuring, taking him back to his room, etc.

We assigned Mr. Peepers (turtle lamp) to watch over Liam and protect him, but Liam kept losing faith (nevertheless he couldn't do without the night light).

Anyway, last night he stayed in his own room all night long! We didn't hear from him until after 7am today! Celebration!

I turned the flash off for these shots as not to wake him... so sweet.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Catch up - No Photos :(

July 2nd, we went to see a patriotic production of "We The People" and it was just wonderful! It was only a 45 minute musical and Liam loved it. It was neat to have that kick off our holiday weekend and remember the principles this nation were founded upon. My friend Claire was involved with making all the ornate costumes and I was very impressed with the music, voices and appearance of the play.

July 3rd, I ran straight home after work to pack Liam a little dinner so we could go right to the pool. We met Kara and Joslyn there a little after 5:30. Liam graduated from me catching him in the deep end, to just jumping by himself and letting his life jacket bring him back to the surface. I was so proud of him for going under water each and every time he jumped on his own. Joslyn was getting cold so they left around 7 and Liam played until 8 when they closed. We came home and Liam took his outdoor bath then went to bed.

July 4th, we were very tired and lazy that day. We left for our favorite breakfast restaurant at 10 and were out of there by 11 to run some errands. We went to the mall to find Liam some shoes, but we had no luck. He did get a new outfit though. Ian picked out a Hawaiian type shirt with matching plaid shorts. We went home for naps and all three of us slept. We ran a few more errands and came back home. Drew and Ian went to pick up some fireworks and Liam and I went to visit Rose for a little bit. The fireworks were fun and Liam was in the outdoor tub for half of it. Our neighbors across the street we lighting theirs at the same time, so we had a pretty good show going.

July 5th, Drew and Ian got the boat out on the lake and we met up with them an hour later at 9:30am. We hung out on the boat for awhile and it was so beautiful out there! Liam loved the ride and trying out "fishing poling" again with Dad. He was actually pretty patient this time, but they didn't catch anything. We cruised along and Liam would see a boat or a cluster of birds floating on the water. He'd point and say "trash 'em" real loud... meaning crash into them! We'd veer towards the birds and watch them all fly off. Liam was tickled with that. Though he still asked for us to crash into other boats which was a no go.

We played on the beach for a little bit then went home for lunch and showers. Daddy buzzed Liam's hair off before they both took a shower. When he saw himself in the mirror and we asked him what happened to his hair... He said, "Daddy took it!"

We three slept the afternoon away. I didn't get Liam to the pool until 5pm (I had promised I'd take him) and they closed at 6pm. So we had an hour of fun. He was so cute going on the jr. slide all by himself over and over again. Another milestone in the water was he'd put his face under the shallow water over and over. Making progress...

We came home for dinner and an outdoor bath.

July 6th, Liam did well in Nursery and I was able to enjoy my classes. Joslyn was in Nursery so it was easy for him to say good-bye to me... and stay occupied with her. They told me afterwards that they both insisted on sitting next to each other during singing time and the lesson. Such good friends.

We came home and ate lunch, but Liam had a hard time going down for a nap. Eventually we all were able to sleep for a couple hours and it was so so so nice! Liam ended up in our bed though... and when Ian got up, Liam thought it was time for him to get up too. A few minutes later he came back to sleep with me and he slept for another hour... So we ended up staying up pretty late with him that night. He actually asked to have his bath in the bathroom because a storm was rolling in and the blowing trees were upsetting him.

July 7th, Liam was fortunate enough to go visit Saedi and her 3 darling boys. I hadn't found a sitter for Liam for Monday because I forgot all about Megan being at girls camp this week. I had Tues-Friday covered long ago, but not Monday. So I called Saedi late Saturday night to ask this favor and she was delighted to take him for 8 hours first thing Monday. Liam had so much fun that he didn't take a nap and stayed happy the whole day with those cute friends. He did turn sour when he got home, but luckily he had a package from his Grandma waiting so that occupied him until bath time. After the bath we watched Baby MacDonald and he fell asleep shortly after that right at 8pm. YAY!

My camera battery was dead all weekend and I was just lazy enough the whole time that I constantly forgot to get it charged. Hopefully the next post will have photos.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

One on One

Ian had a business trip to Rochester, New York last weekend. He left at 6am Thursday morning and came back 2am Monday morning. He and his co-worker/friend, Kris, were able to see Palmyra, the Sacred Grove, The Statue of Liberty (from afar with fireworks), Philadelphia, many Washington D. C. monuments and Niagara Falls in one weekend (after the work related stuff on Thursday evening and most of the day Friday)! They put 1,400 miles on their rental car and went without a lot of sleep to make that happen. His Garmen GPS got them around as if they'd been to the east coast a million times before. A pretty remarkable site seeing trek.

So while Daddy was at "the ocean" or so I told Liam, I packed our weekend full of local activities. This plan insured smiles and happiness rather than scowls and snappiness (which is what boredom at home is known to cause).

First I have to report Liam's computer skills that took flight on Friday. He not only paints, he navigates to different games now and decides what he wants to do. Watching him get the hang of a game or activity so fast blows my mind! He's smarter than I am on some of those kid web sites. is a favorite right now. He was making cookies for a long time this morning (cookie cutters, baking and decorating). But back to the weekend...

Friday night we went out to dinner and then to Color Me Mine for some painting fun. He was so tickled picking out his baby turtle to paint (and I found a smaller tile for him to paint too). We saw some design ideas in a kids finger painting book, but those ideas never came to fruition. Liam went crazy mixing all the colors on his ceramic pieces. He kept getting up and running over to the paints and asking for new colors. I was glad I didn't have a piece of my own to focus on, supervising his artistic side was plenty of work. (Warning to parents: You don't get to take your work home until 3-4 days later when the pieces have been glazed and baked in the kiln. Liam was sad about not taking his baby turtle home. I explained to him many times that the turtle had to go in the oven and would change color. So that is a story he's added to his repertoire. "Turtle in oven and it change color...")

That night Liam had his regular outdoor bath and went to bed with excitement for the next day. He had been talking about the animals all week long so I thought we should make a trip to Farm Country Saturday morning... he was so excited and kept saying "see elphants?" Then I'd have to rattle off all the farm type animals he would see. How does he remember our zoo trip from over a month ago?

It ended up that my friend, Miriam, contacted me Thursday suggesting the same Farm Country idea. So we met up at 10am with our kids and had a nice visit together.

Five year old Elizabeth was kind enough to take this photo of us:

After Liam's fun time following Elizabeth around, seeing baby calves and riding the horses twice, we said our good-byes. Liam and I went to Iceberg for lunch then headed home for naps.

Immediately after naps we suited up and went to the pool. I was determined that we were going to do something water related on such a hot summer day! We had the most glorious 2 hours in the water together! We played in the kiddie area a lot, went on the HUGE water slides a few times and also played in the deeper pool. Liam would jump off the edge to me and I'd guide him back to the side. He'd get out of the pool all by himself once he was to the edge. I found it humorous watching him struggle each time as his bulky life jacket would hinder his movement. We thoroughly enjoyed our time in the water - splashing, laughing and focusing on each other. I was only able to take a couple photos when we first got there and then right before we left. Here is my water baby!

Too bad the tattoo guy wouldn't move for a few great photos I got of him jumping into the water.

The rest of our evening included taking a hot shower, eating dinner and watching Toy Story.

Sunday Liam did great in Sacrament Meeting and in Nursery. Once again I enjoyed my two hours of classes. We had lunch and took naps once we got home. The day was too hot to really enjoy outdoors, so after naps we played games on the computer together. At 5pm our neighbor, Laura, called and invited us over for dinner. We walked over there (Liam rode his trike) and dinner was so nice! Manicotti! Liam ate two helpings! He and Jason played well together and we headed home around 7pm. Sprinkler fun commenced, then an outdoor bath.

It was an awesome weekend with my boy! I am glad we were able to do so much together. I have to note, though, that Liam mentioned Daddy many times. He missed him terribly and I could tell he would have loved Ian to play all weekend with us.