Thursday, June 30, 2011

Indiana - Day One

We had an easy flight the night before, but we did have a late night with the excitement of arriving at Grandma B's house, and being hungry and whatnot.

We all got up early with the intent of going out to breakfast with Aunt Lori, but after we got around for the day, we got a phone call that revealed we would be dining without her. It was a great pancake house in town and so so so yummy. I had a corn beef hash skillet, Grandma had pecan waffles, and Liam barely touched his toast and eggs. He was really distracted by his new Fazoodles Grandma gave him.

We dropped Liam off at the house then hurried over to the grocery store to get menu items for the bbq that night. We needed to hurry and get a pork roast in the crock pot and then rush to our spray tanning appointment. We got back at 11 and Liam was still playing and/or watching westerns on TV with Grandpa. I can't remember, I just know he was content.

Grandma went outside to water her plants and Liam decided to "help" her out. I got the first clue when he came back inside to ask me if he could get his clothes wet. I said okay and then grabbed the camera. One outfit down for the day.

We were expecting Amy Smith (friend since 8th grade) to pay us a visit all the way from Chicago --and she wasn't planning on bringing any of her kids. So when I saw some movement in her backseat as she was driving up, I was really happy! It was Grace, her four and a half year old. Amy said, "The Lord told me to bring Grace this morning, so I did." I am so so so glad she did! She and Liam played so well together and were amazingly compatible with their sense of self and practical joke sense of humors. It was awesome seeing them together - and a major bonus so Amy and I could just chill and chat.

After their Fazoodle fun, they changed into their swim suits and headed to the front yard for a squirt gun fight, 3D chalk drawing, sprinkler fun, and later snacks!

As Amy and I were saying out good-byes, the doorbell rang. It was a surprise visitor I had planned for my parents. My recently reconnected foster sister from back in the day. She hadn't changed a bit and my mom's reaction to her on the doorstep was priceless. Funny her name is Amy too. So I had two Amy's in my midst for about 5 minutes and it was so great! Amy and Grace said good-bye and then we sat down our other Amy to catch up. My dad just started in on interviewing her and getting all the scoops of her life since she was a teenager. She recently finished a novel so we got to hear the story of how that project came together. So exciting!

After chatting for a bit we moved into the kitchen to finish up all the food for the bbq. The pulled pork roast turned out so beautifully! I kept stealing bites as we prepared it. As we were doing that, my Aunt Lori and Grandma Frances (Liam's great grandma) came over. It was nice to chat with them for a bit and then dig into the feast we had laid out.

A little later Amber and Casey showed up with little Gabby. I went to high school with both of them and just think they are an awesome couple! So fun to spend time with them and laugh together. All this time Liam was playing outside with other children in the neighborhood and some second cousins, but Miss Gabby was getting some good chuckles from Liam's antics.

After a wonderful evening with great friends, we all said good-bye and have high hopes it won't be another several years before we see each other again.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Jumping Fun at Airborne

I set up a play date for Liam at a new place nearby called Airborne on Saturday. We had a few cute friends show up and the kids couldn't have had a more energy draining good time!

He can't resist groovin' to the music!

After Liam passed out his favor bags to all his friends, we went and had a nice lunch at Sweet Tomatoes with Suzanne and her sweet kids. Later in the afternoon we went swimming with Cristian and his brothers!