Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Autumn Fun

Monday, I asked Ian to pick up Liam from the sitter so I could work a few minutes later. I came home to find Liam and Daddy having fun in the leaves. I went to go get the camera and to my surprise, Ian pulled it out of his pocket and said, "You mean this?"

He had taken a bunch of great photos! I personally love the ones where Ian was on his back and Liam was up against the blue sky! So cute!

(Of course I couldn't resist taking a few more photos... See them all HERE.)

Side Tracked

So tonight we were driving to our local wholesale club store and Liam starts counting. Ian is my witness that Liam said exactly this:

One, Two, Three, Two, Toes, Silky.

Yes, he got sidetracked with two of his favorite things... toes and silkies. The thing is, his toes were not exposed and there was no silky blanky in hand.

We laughed quite a bit and I am still giggling about it.

Monday, October 29, 2007

The phrases

I forgot to mention in Liam's birthday letter some of the phrases he uses on a daily basis.

When he is looking for something like his "silkie", "binky" or a toy we've misplaced, he finds it and says "der-it-iz", a.k.a. "there it is."

When I'm praising him with a "you did it" he usually responds with a "I did it!" It is so precious and sweet each and every time! I love that he is proud of himself for simple tasks that I've asked him to do.

I also forgot to mention the way he pronounces words that end in A-I-R, E-A-R or A-R. He calls his hair, her. His chair, cher and his ear, er. Cracks me up how he pronounces things.

He has gotten smarter over night. It's like the age of two made it official for him to start growing up way faster than a mama can handle. Ian and I were laughing on Friday because only one day after turning two, our son asked us "why" four times! He has NEVER asked us why. Not once until the day after he turned two! How hilariously ironic can it get?

Sears Photos Saturday

I was able to get a few effects to make these even cuter at the studio... these are just raw images. I can't wait to get my free 10 x 13 of this one on the wall:

How do you get a two year old to smile naturally and not by asking him to say cheese?
Here is the cheezer grin:

And here are the non-amused shots that are still cute.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

The footage

Here is Liam's reaction to the birthday present from Daddy and my parents.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Happy Birthday, Liam! You're Two!

Dear Son,

I have so much to say to you today. It's been another outstanding month where you've blown us away with your intelligence and wit!

This morning we took video of you opening the door to your playroom where you found your birthday presents. You saw all the goodies with wide eyes and put your hands up saying "Tah-dah!" You immediately went for the balloons with excitement... and that hot rod pedal car [that Dad was so excited for you to see] got secondary attention. Certainly a typical reaction for people your age. Just goes to show a few dollars spent on balloons is all anyone needed to make a special day for you.

You did take a major interest in your new car later in the morning. You were climbing on the hood and sliding off of it too. You pushed it around and sat in it a bit. It was sweet when we got home from work, you took Daddy into the playroom, climbed into your car and then pointed for Daddy to sit next to you. Yep, you left Daddy a whole 2 inches of the seat, so he sat on the floor beside you instead. Then later this evening, when your friends came over for birthday cake... you were so darling pushing Jacob in the pedal car as he steered all silly. 5-year-old Jacob made it look like a breeze to pedal pedal pedal. I was proud of you for sharing your new toy with him and having fun with taking turns.

Another cute thing you did this evening before our guests came over... you went in the playroom and pointed to a big balloon and then to the little one. You held the little one and and said "baby." I taught you awhile back that big things are the mommy and the smaller version of the same thing is the baby. It cracked me up that you remembered that! Melted my heart too.

This past month or so, you've been pointing to your ear when you hear something specific. It generally happens if you hear a truck or train outside, an aircraft overhead or a cat meowing in the other room. You'll point to your ear or cup your ear and say truck, train, airplane or kitty. You light up with recognition. We love how observant you are, even when you are in the middle of something else, you'll notice the sounds outside of your element. It's amazing to us because we don't notice the birds chirping like you do. It's just another way we can enjoy the world through not just your eyes, but your ears.

You are putting two words together more and more often now. It's a big surprise each time you do it. I gave you a drink of my ice water the other day and after a big gulp, you said "cold wahder." I was so thrilled with you! You'll also say "seeyalayer" when we are saying good-bye to people. Oh, and you say thank you for everything! I love that high pitched voice when there is gratitude in your heart. Even for the simplest things that even adults don't say thank you for. You also tack on "your welcome" to your thank you's now and then. Cracks us up.

I love you because you are so innocent and strive to do good. You want to do anything that makes us smile. I love you because you are so smart and so funny. You'll go to far lengths to make us laugh and impress us with your knowledge. I love you because you're mine and I get to spend every day with you. It's a privilege to be your parent, protector, teacher and playmate. You are more special than I can ever describe. It's fantastic to me that, as your mother, I can see all your potential, your worth. I hope that I can start your path out so you are headed in the right direction... when you are out of my sight... out of my care... and out in the world alone. I pray that your instincts to do good now will carry with you forever.

I love you, Liam. Happy Birthday, you talented little man!


Click HERE to see all the birthday photos.

The past 2 years

I'll post his birthday letter later on. Enjoy this in the meantime.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Liam's Birthday Party

We had Liam's birthday party at Jump On It today. It was a great success! All of our little guests and their parents had a great time! Most of Liam's little friends were around age 2 and our former neighbors, Erik and Dylan, are a little older, 6 and almost 4. It was so fun to spend the morning partying with everyone!

Liam didn't stop hopping until it was time for cake and singing. He was absolutely adorable as we all sang to him... he knew he was the focus at that point. He was mezmerized by the 2 blazing candles on his ice cream cone cupcake. I helped him blow out the first candle then he blew out the other one. We all cheered for him! He was insistant on licking the frosting off of the candles. Cute kiddo!

None of the kids wanted to leave, including Liam. But Liam fell asleep about a minute after we got in the car and he slept a few hours... completely worn out!

You can see all the photos HERE.

We are excited about his real birthday this coming Thursday. My mom and Ian bought him a Hot Rod pedal car, so I am going to stage it Thursday morning (with tons of balloons in his play room for him to find). I can't wait to get his reaction on video!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

2 year well visit

Liam went to his 2 year well visit about a week early today. I had a dr. appointment this morning so I took the day off of work and scheduled Liam for an afternoon appointment. I've been looking forward to the day off and it ended up being a pretty good day. I needed a day where I could leave work alone and focus on Liam and myself.

My full physical went smoothly and Liam's did too! We are supposedly models of health. Yay!

Liam weighed in at 27 lbs and that surprised me. This past week I would swear he's at least 30 lbs! Maybe I am getting weak.

I was extremely proud of him during his exam and even more so when he got his Hep A shot. He cried because he was being held down, not because it really hurt him. As he was finishing up his whimpers, I said thank you to the nurse and to my surprise Liam thanked her too! What a sweet little guy! After that, he noticed the "sticker" on his leg and got pretty excited. As you can imagine, he really fought me putting his pants back on.

Here is a photo of him groovin' on the exam table. He thought it was a trampoline.

After Liam's dr. appt, we went to visit Daddy at his workplace, then we all headed to PumpkinLand together. It was fun to get a few more photos with the fall back drop. Liam loved seeing all the animals and climbing on all the pumpkins.

A great day!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Grand Gourds

Well, this was the second Saturday of October and both Saturdays have included rain. all. day. We've been wanting to go to a local farm to pick out gourds and get good photos. Next week is Liam's party, so we wouldn't get another Saturday before Halloween to take him. Sooo...

We weathered the rain and took Liam to a great place that has a greenhouse full of gourds of all kinds (great prices too). He got mud and dirt all over him within 5 minutes of our arrival. So much for crispy clean photos.

Liam was so cute selecting his 5 cent miniature gourds. Ian got white and red pumpkins and I got a big and wonderful green one! You'll see if you click HERE all the great stuff we got for under $9.

Before we left the farm, we got some applesauce donuts and a pumpkin chocolate chip cookie! Liam loved eating all the sprinkles off the donut.

We had to laugh as Liam loaded and unloaded his gourds over and over again. He did the same thing once we got home. I can still picture him going to the back of the car, grabbing one tiny gourd, then struggling to climb the 2 steps to our porch, place his "punkun" on the far end of the porch, then start the process over. He took quite awhile to get them all arranged in the corner of our porch too. It was so funny! "Punkuns" are his new favorite friends.

We drove around the county running other errands today and enjoyed our family time together. It's been a nice day. We even got naps! All 3 of us!

Tonight I caramelized some apples a friend gave me earlier in the week. I then made cobbler out of them. I just got it out of the oven, so I'm pushing the post button so we can eat cobbler and watch SNL the rest of the evening.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

You may not think it's funny, but I do!

Liam just passed some gas and said, "Ewwww, Fahrt!"

Cracks me up!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Another week gone

This is Liam on Friday morning intensely working on his coloring. He colors ALL. THE. TIME! As you can see, he's made it a portable activity. He hangs out at the dining room table making scribbles and circles in his coloring books too. He usually talks to himself or sings to himself as he works. Cracks me up.

Saturday morning we picked up our new friends Kara and Joslyn (16 months) and took them to PERC with us. It was fun for both me and Liam to be with them as we spent our time at the library. There was a fall festival going on that we had no idea about until we came up the stairs from PERC. The kids got to draw pictures and then they danced to a bluegrass band playing there. It was so darling! They are both such good little toddler dancers! We hope to do more fun things with them on a regular basis!

Sunday Liam and I went to sacrament meeting. There was a lag in the testimony meeting so we headed up to the stand, and then 2 other people had the same thought at the same time. We ended up sitting on the front pew while I waited for my turn. Shari (Liam's sitter) and all her kids were on the second row - and all of them were delighted to see Liam. Liam went to sit with Shari for a minute and when she let him come back to me I couldn't help but notice she had tucked in his dress shirt. I giggled as Liam strutted over to my arms. He was so sweet and seemed so happy to be coming back to me then he gave me a big cuddle!

While I was bearing my testimony, I got all teary and Liam became pretty concerned and studied my face. It was very sweet. I could tell he was worried so I wrapped up and we went back to our pew. I have to say Liam was very well behaved the whole meeting... we even got there on time. Amazing.

We left right after sacrament meeting because our friends, DJ and Anissa, were in town and they were going to spend the afternoon/evening with us. We were grateful they made time to spend the day with us. We had such a wonderful Sunday with them. The twins, Addison and Ethan, were a complete joy! They are very mild little babies. I was so excited to finally meet them in person! Each time I would pick one of them up they would melt right into me. The cuddliest little kids EVER! I thoroughly enjoyed holding babies a whole year younger than Liam.

Liam seemed to have a little crush on Addison. He would dote on her and be very careful with her, even share with her. Ethan wasn't so lucky. That poor little guy was picked on by our bully boy. We had to intervene a few times. Ethan was living it up when Liam finally took a nap. Free reign over all the toys!!!

Monday evening Liam melted my heart when I picked him up from Shari's. He ran to the door all excited saying "mama mama" over and over! That is the nicest greeting I have gotten from him in a LONG time! He is usually way too busy to greet me or even consider going home when I get there.

And tonight we had a fit throwing Liam begging to go outside. So Daddy suggested we go to the P-A-R-K and ride in the T-R-U-C-K. (Yep, Daddy initiated the spelling movement as our baby isn't oblivious to what we say anymore.) We had a fun time with Liam in the truck and at the park. I got a few good shots of my handsome men. See all park photos HERE.

I don't know what we are going to do when it gets REALLY cold. It's been pretty chilly the past few evenings and Liam always wants to go outside. I need to ask Shari to let him go outside with the big kids in the afternoons.

Liam's speech gets better by the day. Everything he says is so darling and funny. He is saying helicopter better and, "I did it" and anything else he feels like copying. I was looking for Daddy last night and kept saying, "where are you?" and Liam would copy exactly every time. I had to laugh of course.

Look who found Daddy's old camera...
he put that thing around his neck like he was an old pro!