Monday, October 25, 2010

5 Years Old

Dearest Son,

You are five years old today. FIVE! It's been the fastest 5 years of my life. We sure have learned a lot together. A "a lot" isn't the half of it.

I've been wanting to write you a letter now and then the past few months. You are smarter than ever and clever too. It's really something when your own little child has better ideas than you do. And literally. You have great solutions to many problems. It's true! I won't list them here because I'd rather not show off my inability to logically think things through like you do. Suffice it to say, you amaze me. So much.

The biggest thing you've been faced with the past few months has been preparing to move and then moving to a new home in Salt Lake City. You were so grown up over the summer as you would add to our donation pile and let your baby toys go and many other toys I thought you should still keep. Your heart is big and charitable. Also, as we grew closer to your last weeks and days at your old school, you astounded us with your grown up attitude. You said, "Mom, I'm not going to be sad to leave my old school. I will miss my friends, but I am excited to go to my new school and be a bumble bee!" My heart swelled.

Since the move you have been so great. You were ready to greet your new big bedroom and you've been content in our home ever since that first day. I loved how you spent good amounts of time playing with your toys in your room and focusing on your perler bead projects (as it's been months since you've done that). Your actions spoke loudly of how mature and able you are to embrace change.

Then it came time for you to go to your new school. You were so comfortable in your own skin that first week. I had made plans to stay with you for part of the morning that first day, but didn't end up staying long at all. Once you heard what the morning schedule was, you gave me a big hug and kiss and sent me on my way. I was really surprised and so happy to have felt maybe you didn't need me as a fly on the wall in this new place.

Then we had a really rough weekend that we found out was a result in a delayed 5-year-old-vaccination reaction. You were run down, itchy, feverish, etc. So Monday came too soon for you, and Tuesday did the same thing... Wednesday just about the same. I've never seen you fight going to school like that in all your years of life. I was in tears right along with you and seriously worried about your new school situation. So Wednesday night we went to another school for a tour. That tour helped you realize you liked your current situation and you were fine Thursday and Friday to go happily. I was so relieved that you felt better physically and mentally. Your mom doesn't like to see so much anxiety and discomfort manifest itself without having a immediate solution for you. It was a scary week for both of us, I think.

So let's skip to Saturday. You had your birthday party at Jump On It. Seven of your little friends came to celebrate with you. You loved every moment of your time partying! It was kinda funny seeing you as the center of attention like that. You were obviously nervous when we were singing to you and getting ready to blow out your candles. It was sure cute.

And I have to report, that before we arrived at your party I saw some train tracks and some tall feathery plants along the side of the road. I asked you if we could take some photos by those two places after your party. You agreed. Little did I know it would rain while we were partying for two hours. Luckily the rain stopped and the sky was still overcast right when we left. So we went to the two locations and I still can't get over your most darling and wonderful face. You were so cooperative during the photos - all day for that matter. I loved spending the day with you. It was especially sweet when we were walking back to the car from the train tracks hand in hand. I loved chatting with you as we walked along. And I loved doing the rhyming game with you all the way home.

My love for you is so rich and plenty. It's beautiful how love only grows for your child. I have found that to be so true even in the most frustrating times. I am so blessed to have you as my son. Heavenly Father knows us completely. And, like Him, I know you were sent to me for a really important reason. I know you'll continue to teach me more about you, myself, and the world around us. I am looking forward to this next year with you. You are the best 5 year old I know. You always have been and always will be the best in my eyes.

Love you always,



Klin said...

What a wonderful letter to capture his special day and who he really is.

Happy Birthday Liam!

The Goddess said...

Awww, Happy belated birthday to you little man.

Saedi Oldham said...

Oh my goodness! How could my sweet little Liam be 5 already??? What a darling boy, and your pictures look amazing!