Thursday, July 31, 2008

2 years, 9 months

Dear Son,

Another month slipped by as per the usual. We've managed to squeeze in a lot of fun though. You are such a live wire, I am forced to take you outside in the evenings to get all your energy out before bedtime. We've made a lot of trips to the pool. Thank goodness it's open after I get off of work. You ride your tricycle a lot, so fast and make treks to Joslyn's house down the street. Sometimes you are "too tired" to make it all the way so I'll push you along. Then you say "Liam do it" and it's your turn again.

This was a full month of the word "why" over and over and over. You even ask why when it's something you just requested. It drives me batty most days. I have recently come up with a really original phrase - "because I said so." Sometimes you take that as a a legitimate answer to your "why."

You are having a rough time listening lately. We repeat and repeat and discipline and discipline, but you still seem to forget our words. Maybe it's time to pull out some parenting books again. I am losing my cool quite often and you've taken notice.

The other day you ran off while we were walking back to the car from the pool. I told you to stop more than once (as you were starting to scare me with how close you were getting to the street/parking lot). When you finally stopped with my final panicked warning, I grabbed your hand and explained why you need to listen to me. I didn't want you to get hurt. So when I had you in your car seat, you said to me, "Don't be loud, Mommy! I sorry!" So that was your way of telling me not to be mad. I thought that was pretty funny. I then explained that I get loud (mad) when you don't listen to me, etc.

Anyway, you are a charming kid regardless of you ignoring my words and running off in public. You say some clever things and even joke around with us then ask if you are sildy or funny. "Oh yes, Liam, you are funny."
The other great redeemer for you is "I wuff you, Mommy." This past month you've said that on your own many times and out of the blue. My heart melts with the sincere delivery and tone of your message.

I have to note here that you are not the greatest eater lately. You love the Quizno's kids turkey sammy, but you won't eat a regular sandwich at home or anywhere else. I've tried to replicate the sammy with tortillas, turkey, melted cheddar and miracle whip. I scored with that. I was so excited you ate something hearty for once. Oh and I cannot forget to report that Doritos and Cheetos cannot be in your sight. (Not only are they bad for you, they make a horrible orange mess - pictured here.) You will go absolutely bonkers until they are given to you. It's insane. We almost made it out of the grocery store the other day with no sightings and wouldn't you know it, there were a few bags close to the exit and you went crazy... you would barely let me strap you into your car seat until I found a distraction for you. I say "Holy Cow" a lot the past 6 months with the unbelievable fits you decide to pull.

You've always had the traits of a boy, but lately all you say is crash ("trash") it, shoot it, hit it, push it, smash it, crack it, poke it, etc. Such a naturally violent boy you are, but we take it in stride and explain why we can't crash real cars and real boats, why we can't hit the cats or push our friends. This example, among others, you suggest are a part of a running list of things that make parental smirks appear. Hiding these smirks has become a tricky skill we are continually working on.

We love you, son. You are a vibrant ray of sunshine wherever you go. You are so outgoing with us, your friends and even complete strangers. You say hi to everyone these days and love to show anyone and everyone your Lightning McQueen car that you always carry. You are a nut and we are grateful you're with us every day.

All my love,



Jamie said...

This is so good - as always. I'm always jealous of how eloquently you describe life with Liam.

He sounds like a handful, but worth every minute. I know that feeling all too well :)

Glad you liked the idea of the fishing game. We picked it up at Target for pretty cheap, maybe just 9-10 bucks. It's perfect for this age. She also loves Memory, but doesn't fully grasp the taking turns part...Good luck!

Daisy said...

Love the letter but that's nothing new. I agree with your friend's comment above about how you describe Liam in your letters. I wish i could write as well as you.

Anyways, little boys are the best!!! I love reading you blog even more now with having Luke and him getting so big and talking more and more. He isn't quite as much of a handful as Cameryn was at this age and for that I am so grateful. I'm hoping he'll bypass the terrible 2's but I guess I'll have to wait and see!!

Yvonne said...

I can't say enough about how much he is going to love these letters when he is grown up. You do such a great job of describing everything.

He is such a sweetie. You are a wonderful mom.