Monday, August 19, 2013

Bonafide 2nd Grader

Me: Let’s take a photo of your first day when the bus gets here.
Liam: No, this is my millionth day of school, Mom!
Me: Come on! Just let Dad take your picture! It’s your first day of second grade!
{whine whine - smile – get on the bus – ignore parents - talk with friends}

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Davis County Mud Race

We met up with Heather and her son Taylor this year for the same mud race they did together last year.  Here is a photo album of the sloppy fun!

I love this lady - Thanks, Heather, for meeting up with us!

Friday, August 02, 2013

Sneeches vs. You Are Special

Last night Liam picked out a Dr. Suess book for me to read to him.  It's one I hadn't read before.  It was called The Sneeches.  These Sneech creatures were long necked furry green pear shaped things that lived, of course, on the beach.  (It rhymes - thank you Dr. Suess.)  Some Sneetches had green stars on their bellies while others did not.“Those stars weren’t so big. They were really so small. You might think such a thing wouldn’t matter at all.” However, the stars served as a source of discrimination until Sylvester McMonkey McBean came to town with a machine to add and remove stars (for a price) forcing the Sneetches to question their differences.

Those troublesome stars reminded me a of a more compelling book - You are Special.  Max Lucado wrote and published it long ago.  I had gifted it to Ian 5 years before Liam was born.  I found it and immediately read it to Liam after the Sneeches story.  He was captivated by the story of the judgemental-sticker-labeling Wemmicks. And he seemed to understand how visits to their maker, Eli, could make others' judgements disappear.

I enjoyed helping Liam see that the Wemmicks respresent the human race, and Eli represents Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.  That if we take time to visit with our maker, then a lot of our troubles would be easier to cope with and possibly disappear.  We leafed through the book again to discuss the concept more. 

I love these kinds of moments with my boy!