Sunday, May 31, 2009

Camping Trip With Daddy & Uncle Drew

While I was away at Kate's wedding over the long weekend, Ian took Liam camping. Uncle Drew joined them and they all had a great time together. Liam got to sleep in the camper, ride in the boat and do some fishing. On Monday they took Liam golfing! Liam tells me that he taught Uncle Drew how to golf. I am sure Drew is so grateful for the lessons from a first timer.

Anyway, they had a great weekend without me and I was glad to hear all the stories from Liam. He is such a crack up when he is excited to tell me something. He stumbles over his words and takes a while to get it all spit out. So cute.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sneek Peek of Liam's Photos

Brooke sent me a sneek peek at some of Liam's photos she did last weekend. I can't wait to see the whole album! He was such a crack up with the paint! He did the hand prints, but then proceeded to paint his face then stamp it to the paper too. He is a born entertainer!


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The best 5 bucks we ever spent

I came home last night to some commotion going on in the back yard. I went back there and saw my two boys in their bathing suits... soaking wet! They were having way too much fun on a 90 degree May evening!

Daddy picking up Liam after work has proven to be a super fun hour or two each day for them! If they aren't out fishing, they are home doing something fun like this. I love coming home to this handsome duo.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Saturday was busy

Saturday morning we met up with Brooke to get some photos of Liam playing. He had a blast painting in an orchard, climbing a huge tractor, climbing trees and running in a huge field! I think she got some great shots! I can't wait to see them in a week or so!

After the photos, we stopped at Toys R Us to pick up a birthday gift for Joslyn. Her third birthday party was that afternoon!

We got home and changed into our gardening attire so we could start planting all our seedlings. We got all the plants sorted and in their places, then started digging in the dirt and planting. It took awhile, so we were pretty late for Joslyn's party.

The party was a lot of fun. The kids were flying kites, chasing each other with water guns and swinging on her new swing set! It was a beautiful sunny day! We ate bbq. sang to the birthday girl, then had birthday cake and ice cream.

We got home in time to get freshened up for our date with our friends, Brian and Jean, that evening. Megan came over at 5:30 to play with Liam and we were on our way to Happy Sumo and a showing of Angels and Demons.

It was a long day, but a fun one!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

1/20 Maiden Voyage

Ian ordered Liam a remote control war ship two weeks ago and has been checking the shipping status every single day. He was so excited for Liam to see it and drive it in a nearby pond.

The package came today! Here is our proud boy with his new boat!

Ian and I were both impressed that Liam doesn't have any remote control possessiveness. He was happy to share the reins with both of us. It was fun to watch him "race" that boat along the shore and also have him take turns sitting in our laps and have us make the boat go. A very fun time by all this evening!

Saturday, May 09, 2009

What we've been doing this past week

So this was my last week as a stay at home mom. We tried to make the most of it.

Monday I took Liam to the Dinosaur Museum as promised. He's been asking to go for a couple weeks and each time we passed it on the freeway, I'd tell him it was closed to avoid a tantrum. So when Daddy got home on Monday Liam was so excited to report that the Dinosaur Museum was open today! It took me most of the day to figure out why he was saying that and then I remember and cracked up the remaining times he repeated it. Too funny.

Tuesday Liam went to play with a friend so I could attend the temple. I finally took her up on her month old offer and she was very enthusiastic that I did. (Thank you, Paula!) I had a wonderful experience and had my photo taken to keep that memory close. Liam had SO much fun with our friends and resisted leaving to a great extent! We ate some lunch then went on a walk in the sunshine.

Wednesday I had to run some errands and Liam was a pretty good sport about it. We stopped at Sweet Tomatoes for lunch and I got a darling photo of Liam enjoying his juice.

Thursday we ran more errands then in the afternoon we went over to Joslyn's to play in the water. They took breaks to race each other in the grass and also ride on some of her toys. I couldn't resist taking this photo of him manning the pink bug.

Friday we went to take books back to the library and then to feed the ducks. We also worked on some perler bead projects and I got a lot of house work done. Daddy came home early and took us up the canyon to try some fishing. Liam was a good sport, but neither of them caught anything. It was nice to be outside and enjoy the sunshine though!

Today we worked in the garden all day. I got my new peony plant put into the front yard and also planted some seeds my mom brought me from her flower garden last fall. Hopefully both turn into beautiful plants with lots of color!

Ian and Uncle Tyler got a load of bio-compost last week for our garden expansion and then went and got a load of top soil today. They also rented a roto-tiller and got the whole garden looking level and perfect. Liam tried his best to help (ie. get in the way). After some naps, Liam and I planted the sugar snap peas and the lettuce seeds. We'll be transplanting all these little babies next weekend.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Jumping Beans

Liam was a great sport as we went shopping for a couple new outfits for me on Saturday. My mom and I told him that if he was good in two stores, we would take him to Jump on It. He thought that was a great deal! My mom wanted to go check it out. We had taken her with us to Kangaroo Zoo the last time she was here, but she wanted to jump on the trampolines with Liam this time.

Here are some photos and footage of them having a great time! Check out Liam's butt bouncing and then landing on his feet!

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Wednesday catch up

I haven't had time to report Wednesday's happenings (4/29/09).

First I dropped Liam off at Joslyn's house to play while I went to another job interview for a company I had already had a phone interview with as well as a face-to-face on Monday.

After my interview I went to go pick up Liam at the park where he was playing with Joslyn. I stayed for awhile to talk to Kara and also help Liam attempt the monkey bars. He did really great on his form. I think he'll soon be able to hold all his body weight and master swinging himself from bar to bar. (Thanks, Kara, for the lovely butt shots. I had no idea she took these photos until I got an email yesterday from her.)

After I convinced Liam to go home with me to eat lunch, we worked on another perler bead project and then got in the car to head to my friend Heidi's house. He had made Heidi a car out of the beads and proudly gave it to her when we arrived at her house. She was so sweet to display it on her fridge and thank him so graciously.

After Liam jumped on Heidi's trampoline for a bit, her son came home to show Liam his two pet rats. Liam was tickled and would put them in his hat so he didn't have to touch them. He liked them, but wasn't so sure about holding them. They jumped on the trampoline some more then played with toys while Heidi and I chatted. It was nice to visit with her. I've known her since I was fresh out of high school. We worked at a rehab health center together and I wish I still worked with her. She is just a lot of fun and we laugh a lot!

We left Heidi's house and headed to the airport to go pick up Grandma B (my mom from Indiana). She arrived on time and Liam was so happy to greet her! Riding the escalator was of course the favorite part of the airport.

We piled in the car and made our way to the Tulip Festival where we were meeting up with an old Indiana neighbor, Jeanie, who is one of my mom's closest friends. She happens to live in Utah now and they hate being apart. We had a great time smelling the blossoms, enjoying the warm spring air and also watching Liam run and roll on the soft grassy hills.

We all met Ian at Chili's and enjoyed a fun dinner together. I was glad Ian could join us! He had worked late and the timing ended up perfect for him to be there. He kept Liam so entertained and even did some magic tricks towards the end of the meal. We were all so impressed with his skills!

Liam slept really well that night. He didn't wake up until 8am the next morning!