Thursday, May 29, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

I wish I hadn't put off writing about our nice long weekend. I had procrastinated Liam's birthday letter and told myself I had to complete that before I reported on the holiday weekend... and now it's a week later and I am forgetting how relaxing and wonderful it was.

Friday (May 23rd), I took the day off of work. I asked for the day off because I was so excited to see the proofs of Meredith's photos. She wasn't able to meet with us in the evenings I had available so I asked her if Friday morning would work and she said yes! When my manager said I could have the whole day off, I was so happy! It was going to be (hopefully) a nice day with Liam, seeing proofs with Meredith and shopping for day cares.

To my surprise, Liam was pretty easy to handle all day long. Meredith was so sweet to keep him entertained while I decided on my favorite photos. I rewarded him with a trip to a park near Meredith's house. We had a great time on all the cool slides and the swings too.

We then made a stop at a day care and did a tour. Liam was fairly shy so he actually wanted me to hold him. That came in handy because he didn't run off or get into anything while I chatted with the director.

We stopped at my workplace to eat a pot luck lunch with my co-workers (I had forgotten that I signed up to bring something when I asked for the day off). It was fun showing Liam off to my friends and he actually ate a few bits of good food (along with a million sour cream and chive potato chips).

We went home and played outside for a tiny bit then it was time for naps. We both slept well and when we woke up, Ian got home while we were watching Monsters, Inc. Ian watched Liam while a ran to Sam's Club and to see one more day care before the end of business.

Saturday (May 24th), we went to the Hogle Zoo. On the way, we stopped at our favorite breakfast place. Liam was ask if we were going to see the animals a few times during our meal. We kept reassuring him that was our next stop.

Liam was so good in the car all the way there. He kept saying "see anmals, see anmals??" He was so excited! The first thing we did was ride the "choo choo twrain" and then we started on our trek to see all the animals in the zoo. The funny thing is, Liam's favorite animals were ones that didn't even have exhibits at the zoo. He'd notice birds all around and loved to see the ducks and ducklings. He did take a mighty interest in the giraffes though. There was a baby one and he kept saying "baby giraffe, baby giraffe!"

We took a break and got some snacks. Liam walked around with his ice cream cone and worked so diligently for it not to drip. We always find this task entertaining to watch. He is very focused.

After seeing a few more animals, we all were getting pretty tired. We made a stop at the zoo gift shop and Liam picked out an animal train as his souvenier. He carried it under his arm all the way to the car. And on our way to the car we noticed a big grasshopper on someone's car grill. We dared Liam to touch it and he cautiously did so.

He didn't fall asleep on the way home but he took a great nap once we got unwound at home. He was really sweet the rest of the day. We played outside and I can't remember what else.

Sunday was a lazy day.

Monday was the same. We did have Joslyn over to make cookies since it was too chilly to play in the water. They had a good time together and the cookies were so yummy!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

2 years, 7 months

Dear Son,

I am 3 days late in writing this, Liam. I don’t like to put off your letter because the months may meld together on my next report, but here we are.

You’ve been a lot of fun this past month! I have thoroughly enjoyed spending time with you. You’ve been so busy absorbing any and all information. Your phrases are turning into sentences and your ability to relay information is so unique and darling. I can’t get enough of your sweet little voice. A voice that sings all the time and makes up songs as you focus on whatever you are doing. I’ve also enjoyed playing with you outside lately. You’ve been riding your tricycle a lot and get around pretty fast on it. You still haven’t made friends with the pedals, but you show signs that you will soon. You love kicking the ball around in the yard, studying roly-poly bugs, finding worms for the chickens, exploring Daddy’s boat, hitting things with long sticks and playing with the water hose.

You are in the “Liam do it” stage. There are some things I’ve learned to not even attempt to help you with because I'll be told “Liam do it” if I try. This independence is adorable. You crack me up with all the things you want to do yourself… and sometimes get hurt doing the things you insist on, but you’ve stayed tough and keep going.

I need to report that you’ve started saying “I love you” without any encouragement or “I love you” from us. Yesterday morning you snuggled me (instead of insisting on going downstairs) and let me rest a few minutes longer. When I opened my eyes, you said you loved me. I melted.

You are giving hugs lately too. It’s so sweet to be squeezed when I least expect it. You not only want kisses, you want hugs. I enjoy that so much!

Last week (a Tuesday or Wednesday night) we had a horrible rain and wind storm blow through. There are two huge poplar trees right by your window and outer wall. They were banging up against the house so loudly. You came into our room frightened like we’ve never seen you. Daddy tried to show you what was happening outside and explain what the wind was doing. It didn’t calm you like we’d hoped. The howling of the wind and the continued clatter outside had you shaking with fear for a long time. We let you bring your pillow and sleep between us for a while. A couple hours later I took you back to your bed.

Since then, every night you’ve come into our room after 1am needing to snuggle because you are “scared.” I share my king size pillow with you until you fall asleep then I take you back to your bed.

The past two nights you’ve had a high fever and have needed more attention in the night. You haven’t felt well AND you’ve been “scared” so it’s been rough seeing you so desperate for attention (when all of the rest of western hemisphere is sleeping). Between snuggling and any small light source, we get you back to sleep. Flashlights have been overused at bedtime and in the middle of the night when you need to repel the darkness. We’ve had about 4 flashlight deaths in the last month alone. We need to invest in some glow sticks or a Twilight Turtle.

The other sad thing this past month is your diet. You’ve declined even more than the previous month with your desire to eat healthy meals. You won’t eat eggs anymore. That used to be a staple for you. You won’t touch the dinners I make. You may choke down 2 bites, but then you start begging for treats. I wouldn’t have believed anyone who told me that my child would be addicted to sugar at 2 years and 7 months old. But alas, here we are. “Peas” (soybeans) are the only treat you’ll agree to that isn’t in the sugar family. Hopefully we can figure out a few more items that you’ll tolerate as healthy treats in the coming weeks.

No matter the stage you are in, Liam, I love you and enjoy you. I get quite impatient at times because you're so smart, but I love you nevertheless. You are a big ray of light in our home. We find much joy in all your little doings. Thanks for your continual love and affection. I wish I could express how much you mean to me. My heart is full and my cup runneth over. A mom couldn’t ask for a better son.

Love you to the moon and back!


Photos courtesy of Meredith Photography.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sunday Evening Mud

And he hasn't stopped asking to play in the mud since Sunday night. (He apparently doesn't understand that was a one time deal. Well, he got another go without water on Monday night when we actually planted the veggie seedlings.)

Update - the whole story: Sunday evening Liam was helping me (fully clothed) to put down newspaper and watering it down so we could plant the garden the next day. The cuffs of his pants started getting wet and muddy... and his shoes of course. So those things came off. Then I ran out of newspaper, so we just started playing in the mud. Not long after that I had his shirt and diaper off. (I won't post nude shots... and the one of him peeing into a puddle is pretty funny.) We don't have a bath tub downstairs, so I had to wash him off in the kitchen sink (which wasn't easy). Later when I put a new diaper on, he still had mud in a couple crevices. The clean up was just a lot work so that is why this was a one time deal. The end.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Jumpin Jacks Kids

Alyson and I planned to meet up at Jumpin Jacks on Saturday morning with the kids. I got there a couple minutes before she arrived and found out that WE had to have socks, not just the kids.

So we loaded Liam's seat into Alyson's car and headed over to Wal-mart just a few blocks away. The kids were so tickled to be together in the car... and then again together in the cart at the store.

Both Liam and I enjoyed Emma's stories of Disneyland as we shopped for socks. She is so social and so cute. Ava seems to take after Emma that way too. Just a sweet friendly little gal.

Here are some photos of the kids. They had such a great Saturday morning!! (And near noon the moms were a bit worn out and ready to go home for lunch and naps. Jumpin Jacks is a good place for exercise for kids and parents alike...)

This song makes me want to cry "STOP GROWING!"

Two months old, he looks up at you
How his smile melts your heart
You want to say, "Stop, time"
Don't move on
Even as you watch that look is gone
Then he's two, such a little man
So alive and so smart
Again you say, "Stop, time"
Stay just this way
But the future comes and he can't stay
Nobody warns you of this parent's paradox
You want your kid to change and grow
But when he does, another child you've just begun to know
Leaves forever
Birthdays fly - 7, 8, 9, 10
Every kid he becomes you clutch and say "Stop, time"
Hold this one fast
But it's not supposed to last
And that time has come and passed
For he's growing
And he has to go
If I had only stopped the clock four weeks ago
Somehow had frozen time right there
He'd still be here, I'd see his face
I'd hold him in my arms
Safe forever
It can't be that he's reached thirteen
Now the real changes start
But he's not here
"Stop, time"
Don't rush life so
Bring him back
And then I'll let him go

From the Musical Big.

Friday, May 16, 2008


Meredith posted some of our proofs on her blog tonight! I have been so excited to get a sneak peak at them since the shoot. We'll see the rest this week. Yay!

I love the storyboard series of him in the hat and cargos. SO HIM!

Here is the link to her post.

Monster Strawberry

And one darling face!

Liam's been enjoying the strawberries that have been on sale lately. He gets upset if I try to cut them up. Hopefully soon we'll be harvesting our own berries. Too bad they won't be as big as apples.

He loves the "peas"

A couple weeks ago I was going to town on my own personal bag of steamed edamame. Liam came in and saw me eating them and finally decided he'd give it a try since I wasn't offering.

My kiddo likes soybeans. He calls them peas though.

So over the weekend we shared the yummy snack together and I taught him how to make them fly into his mouth! It's our funnest, tastiest and most healthy snack! LOVE IT!

Holiday sing song

It's 9:42am and Liam is at the kitchen table and I'm in the family room working. He's molding his play dough and singing over and over "jingle bells, jingle bells... jingle all away!" He keeps repeating that over and over in his cute singing voice.

I love it!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Showing the Love

Uncle Drew and Wyatt came over Sunday night to hang out for awhile. Liam had a fun time playing in the front yard with the two of them.

I like how comfortable Liam has been with Wyatt lately. It's so nice when he is not running for cover from our beastly friend.

Kudos to Drew for training Wyatt so well.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day to Me

Liam slept all the way through the night... until 9am this morning! What a treat to get to sleep in! Thank you, Liam!

Daddy got me a 2 hour spa get away! I can't wait to get that scheduled! I am SO looking forward to that! Thank you, Ian!

I love you both so much!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

THAT kid

Liam was THAT kid at Joslyn's birthday party today. His round head was in all the photos of his friend opening her presents, eating dinner, the birthday cake, you name it, he was right there with her (or in front of her) as if HE was the star of the show. Yes, it was funny and nobody seemed to mind, but it was embarrassing... just a tiny bit.

Here are the cuties in the birthday hats I made. Unamused as they eat their M & M's.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Something New

Liam apparently has never seen his full birthday suit before tonight.

I was cleaning out the closet earlier in the evening and left the door wide open so the full length mirror was exposed. Later on at bath time, Liam stripped down to nothing and noticed someone with just their skin on as he was putting his dirty laundry in the hamper.

And then the posing and silliness began.

Holy cow I was laughing so much! He was sticking out his behind to get a better look, walking away and trying to look back to see his bum in the mirror, wiggling himself all around just to watch his goods shake, etc. It was so dang funny!

I can't beleive he's only seen himself from the waste up in the bathroom mirror all his life until now. It's just so funny!

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Sunday Evening with Liam

I had so much fun snapping photos of Liam this evening. This warm weather is so so so welcome! We savored every last bit of it today.

While at Uncle Drew's house Liam played with Wyatt. When he tells him to sit, he sits. It was fun to watch the two of them together. There was no fear today. Wyatt didn't knock him over or surprise him at all. They were just good buddies for once.

This photo of him between Daddy and Uncle Tyler is just adorable. I can't explain how much Liam likes his Uncle Tyler. There is a special connection for sure. He hasn't seen Tyler since he was 4 months old, but when his uncle greeted us yesterday, Liam gave him a big hug! (It usually takes Liam awhile to warm up to that sort of affection.)

When we got home from Uncle Drew's house, we played with the chickens, the sidewalk chalk, rode the tricycle together and played in the grass. I put Liam in the air with my stinky feet and got a few great shots of his blue eyes up against the gorgeous evening sky! Even with that gash, he's as handsome as ever!

Playing with my little boy was a joy! I love the goofy times we had together today!

Liam, you are the cutest most handsome boy! Let's hope the weather stays this perfect for more than just the weekend.

Saturday Evening with Liam

The photo shoot with Meredith went well. Liam had a great time and that is all that really matters!

Meredith was so wonderful! A good photographer is not only creative and flexible, but assertive! I liked how she gave suggestions on how we should pose and play with Liam. All in all, she let Liam run the show because she understands that is how a two year old likes it.

It will be two weeks before we see her handy work! I cannot wait!

Here are some photos of me and Liam playing outside that evening.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Crisis Averted

We got home tonight and Liam started to "help" Daddy mow the lawn.

He sat on Daddy's shoulders while Daddy did all the hard work.

Well, things were going fine and I was snapping photos.

Then we suddenly had a hatless crying little boy!

I guess he didn't duck when Ian warned him, as they were going around the low tree in the front yard.

The poor kid's face is now gashed down the side.

I put some vinegar on the wound hoping that would settle the swelling a bit. It was still bleeding though.

The clots look pretty red and not photo worthy.

We have been scheduled (for a real long time) to have a photo shoot with Meredith.

It's tomorrow at 3pm.

I called her and she says she can fix any photos that have Liam's new gash showing.

Now let's just hope for happy boys and a happy mama tomorrow!

Thursday, May 01, 2008


Ian made himself a salad last night close to Liam's bedtime. Liam seemed very interested in it. So Ian gave him a bite and Liam ended up eating half the salad! We were both stunned that he was chewing and swallowing lettuce! Just one more thing that Liam likes to eat and it happens to be healthy! Yay!