Monday, February 28, 2011

Furniture store with Liam

Yep, Liam had the camera as we went furniture shopping one night. Here are some goofy photos.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Our Saturday

Our Saturday was full of fun. First thing this morning, Haydee beckoned me to come downstairs for 20 minutes because she wanted to show me something. I begrudgingly got changed out of my robe and went down there along with Liam and Ian. It took her less than 20 minutes to make me a fruit and veggie juice right before my eyes. She made me drink kale, broccoli, beet, celery, apple, and orange juice. Beet prevailed the flavor and I sucked that drink down as fast as I could. Ian and Liam were better sports. Sweet Haydee helping us be healthy... we visited for awhile and then Ian went back to his day of fixing the car in the rain. Haydee and I came upstairs to chat while the boys played downstairs.

Later everyone decided that we would go swimming! The boys, especially Liam, were very excited to get that show on the road. Another neighbor, Matthew, came with us too! Here is the handsome group of guys!

Danny, Matthew, Andreas,
Cristian, Liam

Liam and Cristian being the hams they are together!

Liam mastering the water slide!

Andreas the hunk!

Liam having way too much fun!

Eli teaching Andreas and Matthew how to squirt water through their hands.
Serious business.

My sweet friend and neighbor, Haydee!
How beautiful is this woman?!!!

Mr. Cristian the most darling kiddo (runner up to Mr. Liam of course!)

Danny boy - such a strong swimmer!

Haydee and Eli invited us over for dinner right after swimming and the rest of the night was full of good food. Thank you, Haydee, for being such a wonderful cook! We had a fun day with you all! Liam went to sleep with no problem! Tuckered out!

Saturday, February 05, 2011


We were running errands and found this fun little park in Murray. We let Liam run free for 10 minutes while we waited in the car and watched him. Not 5 minutes into his free play on child free area, lots of kids joined him. He was so cute playing out there. 13 minutes passed and I went to get him back in the car. He was so good to comply even though he was having so much fun!