Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Liam is 23 months!

Dear Son,

What a month! It flew faster than the past two combined.

You are soaring with your speech the past few weeks! It's such a cool thing to watch each day. I love that you repeat, repeat, repeat. You attempt words and succeed. You've been saying airplane when you hear one in the sky, you continue to say bless you each time we sneeze, you say a few shapes such as circle, square and star, you say bath as we walk by the bathroom, you say potty when you see the toilet, you say dah-ee constantly because you always want Daddy's attention (even when he isn't home), you say dance whenever you hear a good beat (and then bob your cute head), you beg for the binky, the blanky, the nilk, pretzel, cracker and going outside. We crack up every time Daddy says, "Holler" and you echo, "Hollah." Tonight you said Uncle Drew and boy was he happy to finally hear that! The Grandmas like hearing your, "Hi Grar" too! We are still working on clear versions of your elephant, alligator and helicopter... your attempts are hilarious though!

You are a brute with your rough-housing! You are big on body slamming Daddy, jumping off the couch, falling straight on your belly from an elevated surface, kid, you'll do just about anything physically harmful to get a rise out of your audience - a true boy through and through! We are proud that you have a high pain tolerance, but we worry about some of your tricks too.

You are very meticulous! You inspect your toe jam to no end. This quirk has become more evident in the past month or so. We are grossed out by it, but laugh at you anyway. The intense look on your face as you inspect, well, it's one of a kind. I have yet to get it on camera, but I do have one photo of your mitts full of toes (as I caught you in the act in the car last month).

You are a brilliant little boy, Liam! We just love your jokes and jibber jabber. You have been known to elbow whomever is nearby as you jabber a little phrase and then start laughing like you were bringing up an old inside joke! Smart people have the best sense of humor, that is what I say. Daddy is brilliant and he's one of the funniest people I know! It's so rewarding for both of us to see ourselves in you. You are a treasure in our home. We can't get enough of you, even through the tantrums, we are grateful to be your team of parental units. It's a sweet thing to share a roof with you, my darling boy!

Love you always,


Saturday, September 22, 2007

Ups and Downs

It's been a week of ups and downs. Liam has still been sick... until about Thursday morning. He actually woke cheerful, and not at 4am like the previous mornings because of an upset tummy resulting in a diaper change, resulting in a child that thinks it's time to start the day.

Thursday and Friday he was more himself... so much so, that we didn't recognize him without the whining. It was so nice to welcome our son back! He is such a sweet kid and has been through a lot the last couple weeks. His manners are back and his appetite is back. I am so grateful.

Here are some highlights from this past week:

We got a package from Grandma BJ on Tuesday. She sent a big pair of Darth Vador snow boots that she found at a garage sale, among other things. Later when I told Liam he needed to put his shoes on so we could go for a ride in Dad's truck, I found this backward bootlegger.

Wednesday night Ian was working on getting our fencing pressure-washed. Liam steered clear of the big loud machine when it was on, but didn't mind the mist it provided even from a distance. Here are some photos of him taking some breaks with Dad. I don't have a photo of Liam holding tight to his hat when the wind would blow. He gets so upset if his hat comes off. Makes me laugh as I reassure him that it's alright. I then make sure to velcro the clasp so it doesn't take flight again.

Here is Liam Thursday morning playing nicely while Mommy worked. Play dough has turned out to be such a great toy in the mornings. I sit at the table with my work and Liam sits close by doing his "work" too. I am close enough to see when bits fall on the floor and very handy to him if he needs my help.

Friday Liam recognized the color orange for the first time, pointing to the object and saying "ornch." I gave him hi-fives and squeezes to no end I was so proud of him!

Also on Friday, Liam was served breakfast as we listened to some country music and he started groovin' at the table as he ate. His head was tilted to the side and was bobbing so cute.

I have noticed this past week that Liam has mastered somersaults to a fine accuracy.

Ian reported today that Liam said three consecutive words, "come with me." He wanted Ian to go and see his P.E.R.C. toy he was playing with in the other room. We couldn't get him to do it as clearly again, but he's saying so many 2-word phrases lately and it's just so fun to be a witness of his growth!

And I have to share, because I am so proud, that I got Liam's fall wardrobe (including a halloween costume) all for $20 today at the thrift store.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that at some point during the week, I got home from work and handed Liam to Ian. Liam got mad as I walked away saying I needed to use the potty and I'd be right back. He kept saying "potty" over and over. Daddy reassured him by saying that Ma Ma can't go potty in her pants like Liam can. I laughed from afar, you know, in the bathroom.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

I don't learn

I tend to say things out loud such as "things are back to normal" or "he's sleeping through the night" and the next day, yep you guessed it, things revert back.

So we had a nice day today. We went to P.E.R.C. to pick out some new toys for the week, stopped by the craft store for a couple things and came home so Liam could take a nap.

Liam only napped for an hour and a half. He woke up sad and needed tons of cuddles.

We headed to the Utah State Fair as planned.

Liam zoned out in the car, eyes open, drool flowin'... we wondered if he fell asleep with his eyes open. It was weird.

Liam loved being in his stroller as he met all the goats, Cookie Monster, cows, pigs, bunnies, birds and fish. Well, he didn't mind being held by Daddy a few times so they could go pet the cows and see the other animals a little more closely. When we put him in his stroller again, he just watched all the interesting people as we browsed all the booths and food choices.

We got Liam corn on the cob to keep him happy while we decided on what to get for ourselves. I got a Philly Cheese Steak sandwich and Ian got a brat. Liam started stealing bites of Dad's brat. After about 5 satisfying bites something made him choke a bit and it triggered his gag reflex. With a small audience, Liam barfed. Barfed again... and then one more time.

Ian and I sat there stunned for a couple seconds. I didn't know how he we were going to even start cleaning up a yucky baby and an even yuckier stroller. Thank goodness he had a full-coverage bib on at the time. The just-in-case outfit didn't need to be used. I took that sleeved bib off and only had his leg to clean off. The bib made a bridge all the way to the middle of his foot rest. No shoes to clean. Very good.

After using all the baby wipes on the stroller tray, foot rest and the root beer [Ian spilt in the cup holder], we were good to go get our funnel cake and head home. I apologized to our small audience for the show.

We laughed as we walked along. My funnel cake was covered in powdered sugar. I was walking into the wind. I was a white mess from head to knee. We just kept on walking as I chowed down.

We got home and hung out in the yard for awhile. Liam helped me sweep up some grass from mowing the lawn last night. Ian got the truck started so it could run for awhile. Liam immediately got in the truck and started honking the horn. He loves that truck! I got a few good photos of him sitting in it.

Then Ian decided to run to H0me Dep0t and get me some bark to put in a formerly weeded area of the yard. I was excited to have a cleaner look in that area. Liam didn't want Daddy to leave without him, but sitting in the front seat with him for a minute sufficed and I got a cute grin on camera there too.

Liam ate a couple crackers and his rice milk before bed. I do hope he feels better tomorrow. I worry when he has no appetite, but I can't blame him. Poor guy.

You can see the photos of the day HERE.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Back to normal, whatever that is

Liam has been recovering from Monday's madness all week, but today he seemed somewhat normal. He actually ate food and played with his toys. Amazing. Along with that normalcy, he is whining a lot and throwing hearty fits too. This weird week has really thrown his manners off. Let the retraining begin!

In other news, we put Liam's hook-on high chair away. He now eats like this:

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Flu

Liam woke yesterday morning at 4:30am vomiting.

From then on out until 1pm he was vomiting about twice an hour.

It was a learning experience.

After we changed him a few times, we ran out of jammies... and sheets... and wised up.

I started cuddling him in our bed between episodes.

When the warning cry came, a towel was ready to catch the mess.

Towels are much more plentiful... and absorbent.

The cuddling went from 6am to about 11am.

I loved every part of it.

Cuddling my baby and being there for him like that was very special to me.

Obviously I can handle vomit without getting ill myself.

The afternoon and evening had a few more small episodes. One included an attempt to cuddle with Daddy, but he vomited on him instead. It took a lot of will power for Ian not to throw up too.

Liam threw up one last time at 1am this morning. It was such a [gross and wet] grand finally to the whole experience. I had to completely bathe him in the night and switch out the sheets once again [including the bumper pads this time]. I can still hear him whimpering as I cleaned him up and then made him sit on the floor with my silky unmentionables since his silky blankies were soiled. Thank goodness for silky unmentionables... we went through a lot of those too the past little while. (He has a major fixation on all things silky in the house including my silk robe and an old skirt, slip and the above mentioned.)

He drank lots of pedialyte and rice milk today. We attempted chicken and stars at 11am and he held that down. We tried that again for dinner and he did well. He later ate half a bread stick. I think his belly is still upset, but no action has taken place since 1am this morning-- thank goodness!

He woke an hour after I put him to bed tonight and he couldn't be settled down. I thought maybe it had to do with the fact Ian is out of town tonight. I always wonder if one of our absences bothers him when it comes to his bed time routine. Like he knows if one of us isn't here as he sleeps. I gave in after trying to calm him down for few minutes (which usually works with a binky back in place, a silky something and a kiss on the head). He ended up coming downstairs and cuddled sweetly as we watched 13 going on 30.

I have to report that when we talked to Ian on the phone tonight, Liam said "night night" very clearly and then said "love YOO" really cute and pointed to the phone who was Daddy. Melted my heart as I am sure it did Daddy's too.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Liam this last week

I took a few token photos this last week of Liam being his regular funny self!

Wednesday night Ian was in charge of the joint youth activity gathering canned goods for the food bank and blankets for the homeless shelter in SLC. Thursday morning Liam found the canned goods and put himself to work. He was so proud of himself stacking all those cans!

That same morning he had his regular 2 egg breakfast. Here he is blowing on the hot eggs before he makes them disappear in 2 minutes flat. He only took one bite of the kiwi, but it was worth trying... he has become such a picky eater.

Thursday night Liam was very excited to "help" me roll pennies. He concentrated like this for a good 45 minutes. He asked for help when his penny roll would collapse, but then he'd collect-and-dump over and over again.

Friday night Liam "helped" Dad work on the truck. Liam loves that truck. Ian got a great deal on a 1975 Ford F250 and has been working on it to get it in condition to register and haul his boat. This past week we've taken a drive around the block as a family (secured by old fashioned lap belts). Liam just smiles, chats with us and says "WEEE" when Ian hits the gas. It's been a fun family activity each evening before we put Liam to bed. (Ian says this will be Liam's truck when he is of age.)

Saturday Liam colored a lot! I found some crayons from when Ian and I were dating... and some old coloring books! Liam liked coloring over all the stuff that Ian and I had colored together when we'd watch movies and hang out. Ian fained hurt feelings that his beautiful crayoned pages were scribbled upon. Ha ha!

That night Matt and D stopped by one last time before leaving town to go back to California. Kaden and Liam had a good time copying each other and playing around before taking one last bath together. After the bath, they ran around bare-bummed. It was so cute and we got a few awesome shots of those toddler cheeks. It was a fun ending to an otherwise mundane Saturday.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

We've been busy

We've had house guests since Friday. It was fun to be with friends this past weekend.

Kelley, my close friend since we were 14 years old, was here with her adorable 7 month old, Chloe. Catching up with Kelley and seeing how much Liam loved her was so wonderful!

Matt and D came to see us late Saturday and left this morning. Kaden and Liam played pretty well together. We were very impressed with how brotherly they are with one another.

Here are all the photos - Click HERE and HERE! We went to Jump On It again and had a blast! Liam got excited seeing these photos tonight. He said, "jump, jump, jump" when he saw himself jumping.