Friday, January 25, 2008

2 years, 3 months

Dear Son,

Another month slipped by. It's been a good one. You've been so darling, even with that little attitude you let peek through pretty much daily. We usually understand where you are coming from, but you've learned very well where the time-out step is at the bottom of the stairs. Sometimes you go there with assistance, and sometimes you go on your own and stay put until you can be nice again. We think it's pretty great you understand discipline and how to correct yourself by saying sorry. You really are a well-behaved boy.

In other news, I was on the phone with Daddy this morning and you were standing in the kitchen near me. Next thing we knew, we heard squawking and then saw Orion pushing his way through the cat door with a pigeon size bird! The squawking was so loud and I was starting to freak out on the phone, so all you could think to do was start crying with fear. I stayed on the phone with Dad as I whisked you up the stairs. I shut all the doors and put you in your room, with Dad on the phone so he could calm you while I went to de-bird the house.

Almost 10 minutes later I was able to contain the bird in a towel, set him free, then come back upstairs to you - still talking to Daddy. I was impressed the two of you kept a conversation so long. I got on the other phone to talk to Dad as you wouldn't let your phone go. I went downstairs as I was talking, leaving you again and started cleaning up the attempted murder scene. I said good bye to Daddy and thought you'd just be left with a dead silence. A couple minutes later I went back upstairs to find you talking to Daddy again. Apparently you redialed him because you weren't done talking about that scary bird. Daddy was darling to accommodate your need for him.

This evening Daddy said to you, "Thank you for calling Daddy today. Why did you call Daddy?" Liam hesitates and says, "Well... birdie scary!"

We seem to be laughing a lot with you lately. We love hearing you use your versions of the English language. Your gummy multi-vitamin is a "Pooh tweet" (it's a bear shaped head) and your pretzels are "preb-ples." When you ask 'what is this?'... All that comes out is "wha-shiss?" So you are saying "wha-shiss?" a lot when you want us to name whatever you are pointing to. Your thirst to learn (and to test our knowledge of things) is endearing.

This past month you've shown greater reverence during prayers. You are extremely good at dinner and at bed time now (folding your arms the whole prayer). It's gratifying for us as parents that you've learned one of the first signs of respect to your Heavenly Father. After family prayer we cup our right hands together, raise them up, then down to let them fall apart and say "sure love ya!" It was a family tradition since I was a little girl. You picked up on this when we were at your grandparents' house for Christmas. So to have you requesting it, shortly after we arrived home, was really neat for me.

We are so proud of you, Liam. You are learning too much to report here and, in turn, teaching us daily how to be better parents for you. It's a blessing to have you in our home, to share in your special spirit and to have the close bonds that we do. You get cuter and smarter by the day. You knock our socks off with your wit and antics. You haven't slowed down in any respect of your life. I have to savor these moments! You are a joy!

Love you always,


Daisy said...

I loved this letter to Liam!! It was one of your best yet.

The bird story, I mean "attempted murder" story is so funny, I'm sure it wasn't funny then but it sure is funny to read. What a funny little boy. The "sure love ya" thing is so cute too.

I love that middle picture. It looks like he is posing for modeling pictures of something. Too funny!!

Daisy said...

Sorry, I think I said "funny" way too many times in that comment. I need to get a thesaurus or something.

Yvonne said...

What a great letter--love "attempted murder" story. That was so sweet how Liam called back his daddy. Too cute.

I love your tradition.

Thanks for sharing such a wonderful letter.

Unknown said...

I love the shirtless photos...cute idea....and, wow, what a story! Birds are not meant for houses....I wuold have FREAKED!

Anonymous said...

You handled the "attempted murder" much more calmly than I think I might have handled it... Nice letter and I love the time-out stair idea! I can tell already that Little Dude may have a little attitude growing. ;-)

utmommy said...

Can you believe how quickly they grow?

I love the pictures!

Anonymous said...

How adorable!!! Love the bird story and I'm with Liam, "birdy scary." I HATE bird and I would have LOST it.

I love the pics as always. Liam is such a ham. Looks like a little baby photo shoot. He's posing so cute.

Anissa said...

What is with your little stud man with no shirt on? How cute is that?! It makes him look even older.
A beautiful letter. I'm amazed at his ability to comprehend and the act (willingly or unwillingly) to dicipline. You are very lucky! And so is Liam, he is lucky to have such a loving and wonderful Mommy.

Terry said...

The bird story is quite funny and cute. Oh I can just see that wild bengal cat bringing that bird in the house. The same characteristics that make bengals SO fun are the same ones that make them so much trouble. :)

I am also impressed that Liam is so good during prayers. I can't even get my 3 year old to stay reverent through prayers. What a good boy! (Or am I just doing something terribly wrong...hmmm).