Thursday, May 31, 2007

Home from L.A.

We got back yesterday evening from California. We had a nice stay with our friends Matt, D and Kaden. I don't have photos uploaded yet, just a few that we emailed to Ian, but D put some video up already. Click HERE and THERE for a wee bit of footage of our little men.

P.S. Everyone and their brother asked if they were twins. Kaden is 15 months old and Liam is 19 months old... no relation, though we like to think of Matt and D as Liam's Uncle and Aunt.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Happy 19 Month Birthday, Liam!

Dear Son,

You are 19 months old today… it’s been fun to call you an 18-month-old the past few weeks. People seem to be able to do that math in their head, but all the other non-landmark months don’t mean much to people without babies. I, however, am excited to report that each and every month of your life has been monumental in it’s own right.

The past two weeks I have been so over-the-top proud of you! You're showing us that you are learning good manners and that you CAN communicate! I can’t express how pleased am am with you! Just a week ago I was able to ask you what you needed and you were able to say no or yes. Something as simple as that has made both of our lives much simpler. I find that to be such a blessing because I know how frustrated you can get when you can’t express your needs.

This morning I gave you some freeze dried apples. When you wanted more you said “please” and I then asked if you wanted more apples… you said “apple” as clear as day! No need for the sign (though you can do that too)! I had made that list of words you are saying the other day, but it would be impossible to keep that list current. You are clearly repeating multiple words/phrases on a daily basis. The verbal explosion is actually happening right before our eyes! We are so amazed at your intelligence.

This past week I’ve been able to show you consequences for disobeying. I’ve been surprised at how well you accept the repercussions of your actions. You are so smart!

I have to share, also this past week, that you experienced rain once again. I got home from work and it was pouring outside. You were at the window when I pulled up. I could see the excitement in your face. I came inside and you started jibber-jabbering about how badly you wanted to go outside, leading me to the door, etc. I scooped you up and took you on the front porch where it was dry… that wasn’t good enough. You writhed your way out of my arms and headed off the porch to get closer to that water falling from the sky. You took off running, raising your arms in the air and said “weeeee” over and over again! It was so wonderful to see your innocent glee over something so "normal" to we adults.

On a sadder note, you are showing the physical signs that reveal your age and ability. You've scratched your knees a couple times this month, you've scraped your cheek and bonked your nose, you've bruised your shins and even pinched your fingers. Your doctor just smiled and commented that you must be having fun outdoors and enjoying a little boy's life. Luckily your pain tolerance is high because among all the bumps and bruises you are also growing a mouthful of teeth! I am very impressed with how pleasantly you've behaved throughout your physical trials.

We are preparing to leave for California tomorrow and in my preparation to make the trip as smooth as it possibly can be, I dug out the baby carrier backpack. I cleaned it up and left it in the kitchen the other night. When you woke up the next morning you, of course, found it and tried dragging it over to me and jibber-jabbered about how excited you were for me to show you how this "new toy" works. Dad happened to have the day off work and planned on mowing the lawn, so you two got to try the backpack out immediately (even with your pajamas on). You were so pleased! Grandma and I stood on the porch with our cameras and you just grinned from ear to ear the WHOLE time!

Once again I want to tell you how marvelous you are! You continue to make our lives full of light and joy. My personal relationship with you is maturing and has become more fulfilling than I ever thought possible! At this point we still have our one nursing session at around 6 or 7 in the morning. I am grateful for that continued bonding time with you when you are dozing and still appear to have that newborn look to you. You are so precious and innocent and loving. Thanks for all your kisses, cuddles, snuggles, giggles and grins. You are loved so very much, Liam!


Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Asking Nicely

I love mornings like this one.

Liam said please when he woke up in his crib this morning. He’s learned that whining will get him nowhere. So he says “please” when he wants something such as getting out of his crib.

We snuggled for quite a while when I brought him downstairs. I love how cuddley he is when he wakes up!

We went out to the deep freeze to get a new package of Toaster Scrambles for breakfast. I sat Liam down in front of Playhouse Disney so I could go make his meal. He came into the kitchen a minute later and started to whine for his food… then he changed his tune on his own and said “please” over and over. How sweet! Then he realized the toaster would take a little longer, so he signed “banana” and said “bay bay” as he signed. I was soooooo pleased! I handed him the banana and he started his breakfast while I finished with the rest of it!

Glorious communication!!! Finally!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Liam's words as of today

Ma (sometimes g'ma)
Woof Woof (for dog)
Outside (only once)
Thank You (only a few times)

Sign Language:

He is really starting to talk and sign more and more. I love watching him learn!

He can't say "water" yet, but he sure loves it! Here are some highlights from the weekend...

Friday, May 18, 2007

Liam's 18 month check

It ended up being a really nice day off of work with Liam.

We got to the Dr. office and he was so good to hold my hand all the way from the car and to the elevator. I let him push the buttons as a reward. He led us all the way into the office toddling so joyfully. He did the same when the nurse called us back. He was fine until we started taking his clothes off...

And then he remembered...

He lost his cool and fast!

He was wailing on the scale and when she measured his head (19 in) and height (33 in). He cuddled me and continued crying until she was out of the room for a good 2 minutes.

When Dr. Wynn finally came in, Liam didn't react. He was playing with my camera and Dr. Wynn was making small talk and I don't think Liam remembered him at all!

The wailing started when I asked Dr. Wynn to take Liam so I could get the traditional well-visit photo. Despite the sad, crying face I still think Liam looks so cute:

After Dixie and I got Liam dressed and broke out the Ritz cheddar sandwich crackers, Liam was content again. He was so cute carrying the baggy of Ritz crackers leading us back to the elevator. He pushed the button with his cheesy finger and waited patiently as the doors ding'd open. He continued on his sweet way holding my hand and carrying his crackers all the way to the car. I just don't want to forget how darling he was toddling along with me.

We headed to Tuesday Morning because I told Dixie we'd go check it out. I love that place. I love it even more when Liam doesn't throw everything out of the cart or attempt nose dives to get out of the cart. Nevertheless, I found a Parents brand wooden bead and alphabet puzzle set. It was on sale for $19.99 down from it's original price of $49.99 which I thought was laughable. I mean, who would buy one wooden puzzle and a set of wooden beads for that much?

Anyway, that purchase was one of the smartest in my new career as a mother. I've been wanting to get Liam THIS type of set for a while. That and a train set, but we don't really have space for a train set anyway, so beads it is. And he seriously played with these for 90 minutes straight today! We gave up on the shoe strings and moved to drinking straws and a glow stick necklace for lacing. He was in brainy boy heaven!!!

Oh I forgot to say that Liam took a 3 hour nap and I took a 2 hour one!!! The rest of the evening after playing beads FOREVER, included Taco Time, Bath Time, Reading Time and Jump-on-the-bed Time... it was an awesome day with Liam and Dixie!

Smarty Pants

I have the day off of work today. I am taking Liam to his 18 month well-visit at 11 so I took the full day off of work.

So Liam didn't wake up until 6:30am for his feeding and I was able to put him back to bed. He didn't wake up until 8ish, but I just didn't want to open my eyes. I took him out of his crib and went back to lay down.

Liam commenced the normal crawl-all-over-mom-until-she-wakes-up bit. After having my hair pulled, books slapped in my face and tiny toes jabbed all over my body for about 25 minutes, I gave up and sat up in bed.

I looked at my darling boy's sweet face and said, "Liam, Mommy is so tired. I just want to sleep!"

Liam didn't miss a beat and immediately did the sign for "sleep" over and over.

He's only done the sign when we've been prepping him to go to bed at night. He'll sign it if we do. He's never done it by just the verbal que alone.

I am so tired today. I stayed up too late once again, but since I have the day off, I can nap when Liam naps. Yay!!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Blowing kisses (finally)

So teaching your baby how to blow kisses is an average thing parents do. I guess I am not average. I have never attempted to teach Liam this trick. It was never something I did automatically as a child, teenager, single adult or married woman without kids. People would ask me now and then if he blows kisses and I would always say, "No, but I need to start doing that..." And so did I ever try to implement it? Nope. Among other fun, cute things that didn't come to me as normal to teach a little one.

So yesterday I was headed out the door to go to work (leaving him with his adoring Grandma). I was trying to get his attention off of a fun game they were playing so he'd wave good-bye to me. When he finally looked up, for some reason I blew him a kiss... he blew one right back with no hesitation or thought to it! I was so tickled!

He blew me more kisses as we were riding in the car tonight running errands... even took that dang pacifier out to do it! I was honored.

Monday, May 14, 2007

We are still here

I tried to upload a montage of photos and video from this past week, but it didn't work out, so HERE are the photos on Shutterfly.

The majority of the photos are Liam playing outside on Saturday (with his furry cousin, Wyatt). There are also photos of his crazy hair last Wednesday morning, a balloon game in the kitchen Thursday morning and him eating corn on the cob for the first time on Saturday.


Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Thanks to Tori...

We found a new toy for Liam.

As you can see here and here, I met up with a couple blogger friends this past Saturday. We all had such a good time together! It was nice to get out of the house and have some nice girl talk... and Liam loves being around other kids and different scenery too, so it was a great experience all around!

Liam hung out with us most of the time, but he finally branched out a bit and played with the other kids. He picked up a cool air rocket toy that he would NOT put down or share with anyone else.

I got home and told Ian about this toy and we spent the $2.98 to indulged our child. Suffice it to say, he would NOT let go come bedtime:

Friday, May 04, 2007

He's Famous!

I had to take a photo of this rare find!

Wouldn't you know it, I was reading a really old copy of the dictionary (a very common thing for me to do indeed)... And I came upon the definition of "beautiful"... Odd that even Mr. Webster himself thinks [someone who looks much like] my son is "beautiful"...

Here's the proof!

You can't argue that! I mean, really, I can't make this stuff up!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

We've been busy

We picked Grandma up from the airport on Saturday and have been busy ever since. Here are a few highlights...