Thursday, March 30, 2006

Cracking Down

Well tonight is the night we start mean parenting. We went to Target tonight and bought a pack n' play so Liam could have a temporary crib downstairs in the office. Why put him in the office? Because Gina is tired, tired, tired of getting up every 2 to 4 hours with a restless baby boy. He has shown me he could handle 5 to 6 hours of sleep with no attention when he was on the brink of 3 months old. Then he got a cold, got spoiled and then kept his little "sick" schedule. So for 2 months I have been catering to him like this. He's a baby, I want to cater to him, but I know he can do better than this.
Right now he is downstairs sleeping by himself... he cried for an hour straight cuz he lost his pacifier (and we cheated and helped him out a few times getting it back in). Then about 10 minutes ago I helped him one last time and he immediately shut his eyes and fell asleep. PLUS he is sleeping on his back... which is not his normal position. But since any restlessness in his sleep rolls him to his back and he can't get back to his belly, he cries until you help him... and then proceeds to fight deep sleep and keeps rolling into that "trapped" position on his back. It's frustrating for him and it's frustrating for me too. Being the sleep deprived, working mom that I am... at times like these I give up and put him in bed with me so I can keep him stablized so he can fall back asleep without a feeding. It's just come to the point where I need my sleeping space all night long. And I know it's not good for them to get used to sleeping in bed with you (plus my mom gets huffy with me cuz "it's not safe" either).

So tonight is the beginning of a few torturous nights I am sure. Setting the alarm for the 2am feeding (if the screaming doesn't wake me up first) then letting him go until 7. Fair enough. Let's see how well this works... I am worried I will fall back into what has become the norm. Wish me luck! Night Night!

OH WAIT, there he goes again... poor kid.


Katie said...

How did it go? It's such a hard thing, this sleeping (for Mom and Baby). I hope it went well.

By the way, we have an extra playpen here. I wish I'd thought to send it home with you.

Gina said...

Thank you, Kate! We wouldn't have had room for it anyway. We were jammed in there as it was. I had a saved gift card from his baby shower and some avent bottles to exchange, so we spent a total of 8 bucks on the pack n' play.