Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Busy boy

Liam has been as busy as ever. He has been great to entertain himself when I am working in the mornings and has been very happy even though I think he is cutting another tooth (ie. drooling like crazy). Here are some photos from last Friday of him playing Xbox with Dad and then on Saturday morning I found him in the corner reading all his books. On Sunday morning he cleared out his toy cubby and was being so cute sitting in there. I took video, but haven't had time to upload.

Then last night I gave him a bath so he could play before bed. He was particularly whiney last night and this is the only good distraction I could think of that would cheer him up. I had Dad take a photo of the fresh Liam in his snuggly towel. He looks so grown up with all those teeth!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Happy 16 Month Birthday, Liam!

Dear Son,

As you are sleeping tonight, you’ve turned into a 16 month old.

It’s odd to think you are “that old” and being a mom is still so new to me. I guess every stage of your development is new, so I will always feel inexperienced at each thing that comes along.

I remember only 4 months ago I was stressing over what to feed you, when to wean you and how soon you’d sleep through the night. I feel more sure of myself now, that you are okay to take your time on these things. That I am okay to take my time on these things. You are only this young once.

I always knew you were bright, but this month you’ve shown me how intelligent you really are. Your memory is solid. You know what I am saying, you tell me what you need (or just plain want). Your mind is working overtime to absorb everything that happens around you.

I got a glimpse, Friday morning, of how much you know, what you expect from me and others in your life. Our routines didn’t seem like routines to me until you actually led the way on Friday.

I was astounded!

I just couldn’t express or share my joy fast enough! All I could do was hug you, praise you and laugh with delight that I got it… I got the fact that YOU get it! I felt and continue to feel such pride that you understand even things I hadn’t been giving you credit for. The fact that you don’t verbally communicate doesn’t even matter. You make yourself known in other ways. I have a sneaky feeling I will be shocked and amazed when you do start speaking. To imagine that I’ll rediscover even more of what your mind is capable of… Wow… I may be found speachless at your speech…

As you know, I need to report other things in this letter. You have mastered two puzzles. Yeah, the ones that say 3 and up. I was very pleased and impressed! I guess practicing puzzles since before you were one paid off. Now I need to start reading to you more so you can read in a couple months… ;)

Your very cautious nature blew away in the last snow storm we had. Just over a week ago you started bolting forward and launching off of any elevated surface. Each time you fell, you laughed. I was warned by Daddy that I needed to stand close, but not to interfere. I didn’t like seeing you do what you were doing, but I was glad to have a wise soul tell me that you need your boundries to learn. As long as you were laughing, I was okay.

You have a bit of a shoe facination. It’s been going on for a little while, but I don’t think I’ve reported as much in previous letters. We had to hide the cowboy boots you’ve outgrown because you bring them to us and we have to argue with you that they are too small and we can’t put them on you. The other night you found one boot and insisted I put it on you. Your heel was wedged in the middle of the boot, but you didn’t care. You limped around the house very proudly.

I gave you your first hair cut yesterday. You sat so calmly on the couch watching Baby Einstein. I think you thought I was just soothingly playing with your hair. I was surprised you never noticed the snip snip sounds. Your new do turned out better than expected!

Liam, I love you very much. You are such a unique and wonderful person. Watching your every move gives me more joy than I can express. Your mild nature is something I need each day. Your kisses give me endurance on the tough days. Your perfect face makes me smile at every glance. I am so fortunate you are mine!


Saturday, February 24, 2007

My kid got canned

Not quite a monkey in a coconut, but close.

Two nights ago Liam was in the family/play room and we were in the front room watching TV. I hear some banging around, light banging and then some light whining ensued. Liam came around the corner with a desperate expression and we just started busting up laughing! Our boy managed to put his foot into the homemade pound-a-ball. We kept laughing... his face brighten because he apparently had amused us... and he continued to walk around the couch and into the living room with a can on his foot and half his leg! It was so funny!

After fumbling for the camera, taking a photo and letting him get discouraged again (restarted the whining)... we finally took him out of the can.

Oh my... and THIS is only the beginning of the trouble he'll be getting into.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

I love rock

Sunday afternoon we pulled into the driveway after driving for a few hours from Idaho. It was 60 degrees outside... and sunny! Liam hopped out of his car seat and headed straight for his rocky play area (ie. the gravel rv parking). He had such a good time swimming in the rocks, sifting his hands through them and getting dirty. He so wishes it were summer... too bad we have a snow storm blowing in again.


Okay, so maybe I'll never get around to reporting on our trip to Idaho. We had a great time. Katie hosted a surprise party for Josh on Saturday night and that was the highlight and purpose of our trip. It was themed for Saturday Night Fever. I have to say Katie had the best 70's costume and I wish I had gotten a photo of her sexy self! Earlier in the day she and I went to the thrift store and she found me a great navy jumpsuit. I looked pretty goofy, but it was 70's all the way!

So the subject of this post is "kisses" for a reason. I picked Liam up from the sitter yesterday and he was being a booger... whining and then fighting me as I was putting him into his car seat. He continued to whine as we drove the 2 blocks home and then as I brought him into the house. I gave in and sat down to nurse him. He latched on and did that half-closed-roll-the-eyes thing, a sure sign he was in heaven at this point. After about 5 seconds, he let go and reached up to pucker his lips and give me a kiss. It was as if he was thanking me for giving him what he wanted. He got back into eating then another 5 second later he did the same thing! My heart melted and I kissed his little lips! Two kisses that were HIS idea was well worth the previous 20 minutes of whining and fighting.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Very quick report... more later

Precious Liam sleeping on the way to Idaho.

Liam in the toy box. He wouldn't let this gun go for most of the weekend.

Liam adoring the fish. He would lean up agaist the tank like this for long periods, take a break and then go back again and again. Ian thinks we need to get him a fish tank. I'm not so sure. It seems every time we buy him something new, it's guaranteed to lose it's luster in 48 hours.

Liam playing with Alli.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Our Friend's Private Idaho

We got off work yesterday and made the trip to Idaho to see our really good friends. Liam slept pretty much the WHOLE way. We were grateful for that. We got here at about 10pm. Liam stayed up and played while we chatted until midnight. Liam only woke up once and let us sleep in until 9am today. That was nice!

Alli, Jake and Isaac have been entertaining Liam to no end. I will have to post photos later. He really loves their big toy boxes that Josh built for them. Liam played inside of one for almost a half hour.

More to report later... and with photos.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

My Valentine who is Daddy...

I love you very much. I made this montage for you tonight hoping to surprise you on Valentine's day. Know that you are appreciated and loved more than I could ever express.


Saturday, February 10, 2007

Photo Update (Last night and today)

Before Ian left for his winter overnighter with the scouts, he went to Sportsman's Warehouse to get some supplies. He bought himself an expensive hiking pack (apparently from me for Valentine's day) and Liam this handy dandy chair for $5! I was excited about the price (of the chair and the chair only) and Liam was excited that he had his own chair, FINALLY! P.S. Liam is picking his nose in this photo. The angle was just right to disguise it.

Also last night: Just an empty hot chocolate canister with an X in the lid. Homemade pound-a-ball!

Today I took Liam to the play place at the local mall. This is really the ONLY thing to do with a tiny boy on a winter day. (He is too noisy when I take him to the library.) He had a very fun time climbing all over the stationary car, jeep, train and bus. And an even better time just people watching, or kid watching. He loves other kids. He always has a curious/serious look on his face. It took a lot of coaxing to get this grin out of him.

When Liam and I got home from the mall (and other errands), I called Ian and was surprised that he was only a few minutes away from home. He got home, played with Liam for a bit then we decided to go out to dinner. We hoped the wait wasn't too bad at T.G.I. Fridays. We got there and found out there was a 20 minute wait. I think it ended up being close to 30 minutes, but this Fridays just happens to be attached to a hotel, so we let Liam run loose while we waited. It was the perfect situation for waiting. Our boy had a great time running up and down the halls and going up and down the stair wells. Here are some highlights of the waiting.

Ian and I wanted to try the 3 course meals for $12.99. Quite the deal for an appetizer, entree and dessert! I got the "grown up mac and cheese" with Liam in mind to share it with. It was excellent. So much so that Liam finished what was on his little plate and took that grown up fork and reached over to my dish of grown up pasta! I was floored that he actually got some on his fork each time reaching like he was! I had to laugh! I guess I'll have to teach him table manners later. For now, it's endearing having my little one stealing food.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

And yet there's more?

Yes, there is more! Liam played with his pennies and jar for an hour tonight! He didn't want to go to bed he was having SO much fun! I am baffled by this because in the mornings he doesn't seem interested in this activity, but at night he does. It sure would be nice to have a boy entertained for an hour while I do work in the morning. Hmmm....

The other thing that humored me about the pennies is this: I was looking for the remote so I could record a show for Ian while he was at scouts tonight. I lifted the couch cushions to see if I could find it there. No luck. BUT - Liam saw me do this and he lifted the cushion back up. I looked where he had lifted and there were 4 pennies under there! He was so delighted by this and grabbed them to put in his little jar. Then, every time the jar was full, he wanted me to dump the pennies back under the cushion. Too funny the requests I get from this kid. I got some charming clips of him playing. 2 clips included him faking me out by putting a penny near his mouth to see my reaction. Oh that stinker, he cracks me up!

I talked to Liam's Grandpa tonight and he suggested cutting shapes out of a box so Liam could fit things through the different sizes. Well I was lazy and made one big hole for Liam to put his blocks through. He thought that was cool enough. He spent quite a bit of time putting them all in there, then starting over again.

Monday, February 05, 2007

More of the Cuteness

I changed the name of Liam's blog again. I thought this was a cute title since I have a new header of his beautiful blue eyes now.

Just had to post some photos of Liam during the Super Bowl last night. Ian discovered a couple weeks ago that his son LOVES the popcorn - maybe even more than he does! Grandma Dixie let me know this trait is certainly one of all four of her boys! Liam is his father's son for sure!

I have to say, also, Liam likes his cowboy boots very much. He asks for us to put them on him quite often. This pair barely fits him anymore, so we are going to have to keep our eyes peeled for a bigger size.

Another note, I don't generally let my boy run around without pants. After his late nap, I changed his diaper and he wasn't too happy with that. So I let Daddy rescue him and Daddy didn't find a moment to put the pants back on before the boots went on. So I give you... our immodest popcorn hog of a cowboy...

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Liam in Nursery today

Liam during singing time. I love how he is crossing his ankles.

Liam loved it when I handed him two at once!

During snack time we put the little hats on the kids that they had colored. Liam wasn't happy about that. Not sure why. Maybe he was too busy with his snacks to have something on his head. Who knows. This photo cracks me up!

Here is some footage of his delight when all the bouncy balls were out:

Friday, February 02, 2007

More "toys"

So I finally got a chance to go to the dollar store the other night. I bought him paper cups, balloons, plastic easter eggs and bouncy balls to put into the eggs.

Liam seriously spent a whole hour playing with the paper cups yesterday morning! I was so so so surprised by that. I really didn't think stacking and unstacking would be that appealing. Oh I was dead wrong! He just wouldn't stop the stacking!

Later when I was trying to get ready for work and he just KEPT grabbing at things he's not allowed to in the bathroom. I went and got those cups, I placed Liam at the bottom of the stairs and I put a cup on each step. He was out of my hair the rest of the time it took me to do my make up and get my clothes on. I was a very happy mom. And more importantly, he was a happy boy to play on the stairs like that!

I blew up a single yellow balloon tonight. But first I would blow it up partially and let the air out to make high pitched noises. He thought that was pretty cool. When I handed it to him, he thought he was hot stuff pretending to blow up the balloon like I was. He also liked throwing it around and watching it float. Pulling on the knot and letting go again and again with his teeth was a hit too!

I like this last photo. "No hands mom!"