Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Happy 12 Month Birthday, Liam!

WARNING: This slideshow is a whole year's worth of my favorite photos.
It's a 15 minute show. I would love for you to watch the entire thing as I have been working on this project for months and months now. Enjoy our boy's first year and the music to compliment it.

Dear Son,

The year went fast, the year went slow. You grew up, but you are still a baby, my baby. You still need me and love me and want to be near me. I am still up in the night with you, sometimes as often as when you were a newborn, but I love you and I remind myself that you won't want to cuddle and nurse like that for much longer. Nursing you is the sweetest when you are asleep. You reach up to my neck and press on me like a little kitten does. You stroke my arm, you snuggle close to me. I kiss your head and rub your back... Then rest my palm on your tiny side as we sleep. It's a glimpse of heaven, you are so innocent, you are mine.

We love watching you learn. You love to copy what others do, especially your dad. He somehow makes things more fun and appealing to you. You get sad when he leaves and always welcome him home with big grins. You pat us on the shoulder when you are being held. We think you do this because we pat you tenderly when we are calming you down or giving you hugs. You initiate hugs and like to climb in our lap if we are sitting on the floor. You can pay attention and participate as we read your board books to you. You like to help point things out and turn the pages.

You have discovered the kitchen and bathroom cabinets. You have dominion over one drawer and one cabinet in the kitchen... All others you know to leave alone... And if you sneak to pry any of the "no no's", you give a warning giggle, then smile at us to question if it's okay THIS time. You silly kid, testing your boundaries already!

You are getting better at eating solid foods. You have a much bigger appetite and will gladly eat anything that we put in your mouth! You especially like to share any fresh produce that Daddy happens to be snacking on. You are using those chompers better than I thought possible... Only 4 teeth and you can really put a dent in an apple or a carrot!

You continue to be a delightful boy. I cherish the time we spend together. I love watching your every move. You are darling in all that you do. I love you beyond what words can describe. I can't get enough of you, Bug. You make me smile, you make me feel special. Your loving spirit brightens any sad moment for me. Thank you for that gift, you angel boy!

Happy 1st Birthday!

Love you always,


grandma -dixie said...

Happy Birthday Liam, What a wonderful video, Great Job Gina. It is so hard to believe that a year has gone by so fast. It just seems like yesterday that I was holding that tiny little boy in my arms, I loved it when you would bring Liam down to me in the early mornings and I could hold him and admire what a wonderful gift from heaven that our family was blessed with,what a special boy you are Liam, Thank-you Ian and Gina for being such good parents, we are so proud of your little family. It was a wonderful video of Liam's first year of life,it really touched my heart. Happy Happy Birthday to our special little grandson.

Robin said...

Happy Happy Birthday Liam Dear! What an awesome video of this first year! Great music and what a photogenic little guy, he's gorgeous! So bummed we couldn't be there to see his birthday! Wonderful sentiments in your letter. What memories for him to have to treasure!

Katie said...

I'm so glad you've shared your family's life for with us, Gina! I love your blog, and Liam will love it too. Happy birthday, Liam!

longdistancegrandma said...

My dearest Gina,
Well I'm crying now. I miss you so much. My daughter the mother of my only grandson.
It hurts so much to not be with my babies. Your babies make it hurt worse.
Please get together with Heidi and Seria for a picture of the four of you. I really need to be able to see my babies and grandbabies together. It doesn't need to be professional, just a shot that I can have at home and at work. I'll probably cry like now whenever I get the picture but I really need it.
Love you so much it hurts,

Anonymous said...

Sorry I haven't been checking your blog that often. Looks like Liam had a great birthday party! Both our children are 1! Can you believe that we made it...we still haven't messed'em up to bad. I liked the 1 year montage you did, I cried of course. Emotions are running high lately. Well, I love you a ton! I'm lucky to have a sis like you and a nephew like Liam. Love you!

Anonymous said...

Liam is one cutie patootie!

Anonymous said...

That picture of you all walking across the bridge should be blown up and framed. Its'the perfect fam. photo! It really shows the love you have for eachother.

liss said...

um . . . how about "the incomparable liam" as your title?

that's all at the moment, my eyes are too weary to watch all of the slideshow at the moment . . . kudos on the music.

Angel Baby said...

I watched the whole thing. Beautiful.

I got teary eyed... especially in the beginning. You did such a good job mixing up the photos and videos and everything. Perfect!

Tori :) said...

Ok- it made me cry and he's not even my kid. :)

Preds Girl said...

That is beautiful!! You did such a good job and have such a sweet boy!!

soleclaw said...

Happy Birthday Liam!

Your montage made me cry, so sweet! Liam is such a beautiful boy indeed.

Here's to the next wonderful, milestone-filled year!

Poopydigs said...

Happy happy birthday!

He's achieved so many milestones, and he's growing beautifully. You're doing a fine job!