Sunday, January 25, 2009

3 years, 3 months

Dear Son,

Shocking news here on your monthly birthday! You are officially grown up! You are completely NOT a baby in any way.

And you know what, Liam? It doesn't make me sad at all. I am totally embracing your grown-up-ness! It's so neat for me to witness! I mean, how did it all happen within a week's time? What made your mind up? Whatever the answer is, I am so happy! Happy for you, happy for me and happy in general!

You are using the facilities on your own accord and without any supervision when only a week ago we started the potty training. Your bed has been dry for two nights in a row and I'm thinking this is it. You are unquestionably independent! Seriously, kid, you are amazing! I don't have to bribe, beg or nag you on this stuff. You own it!

(I won't mention how hilarious it is when you say, in your car seat, that you gotta go potty before you poop your pants.)

And speaking of owning your actions... in the last 24 hours you have mastered clothing yourself. You can even get your shirts off this week! What? I guess seriously implementing a process is the way to make things stick with you. GO LIAM! You are doing a great job!

(I also won't mention how crooked your clothes are when you are finished getting dressed or how much it makes me laugh.)

In other news you continue to crack us up, infuriate us and make us feel lucky all in a minute, hour or day's time. You being three is really different, really good, really hard and sometimes too easy. I love it, I can't stand it and I embrace it all at the same time. Just as I savored your infancy, I savor your sassy and boisterous self. What would I do if I didn't have you to dote on, yell at, waste food on or sing to at night? Who would I tickle, put in time out or praise to no end? It's only you. I love you so much, Liam! Thanks for always being the honest true you! I am blessed to take care of you and respond to every word that comes out of your cute mouth!

Love you always,

P.S. We took you to a fun arcade place last night and won lots of tickets for you to get treats/prizes with. One of your favorite games was air hockey. I had to get video footage of a the victory monkey dance you did each time you got the puck in Daddy's goal.


The Goddes said...

He REALLY is such a big boy. He seems so mature for 3.

Love the "monkey dance." So now you know what would be the PERFECT present for his 4th b-day. Lol

Leatha said...

Oh my goodness that monkey dance is just too cute! That was cracking me up!
He is such a big boy. It's so amazing how they seem to mature overnight!
I love what you said about him being three - love the whole last paragraph.

Suzanne said...

So sweet Gina! I'm glad the potty training is going well! :)

Yvonne said...

Such a wonderful letter--you capture everything so beautifully.

It is so amazing to watch them grow up.