Friday, June 26, 2009

3 years, 8 months

Dear Son,

It's been a pretty good month! The past two weeks your dad has been out of town... you've become my little sidekick! We've really enjoyed each other a lot more than we usually do and it's been so great!

This month you have seemed to pick up your art projects again. I am not sure what ignited your comeback to art, but you ask to paint on a regular basis and you also do sketching when we drive around in the car. You are so focused.

Another thing, since it's been so rainy the past month, you've become our little meteorologist. You look at the sky often and inform us that it's going to rain. It makes me smile that you notice even the hint of gray clouds and expect the worst out of them.

The other day we stopped at K-mart to pick up a couple things. On our way to the registers you mentioned you had to go potty. So I U-turned and headed to the back of the store. You eyed the toy aisles and slowed down... then stopped, then told me you didn't have to go anymore. I didn't believe that for a second. I practically dragged you to the restroom and put you on the pot. Well, you saw the toilet paper housing... and you couldn't figure it out. You tapped on it with your index finger more than once. I don't know if you were seeing if it was motion activated or what, but that tapping was so adult. It was so so so funny!

It's so neat that you are growing up so much! I love talking to you about your day and asking you to do things and you reply like it's no biggy and then do what I ask. I love how you randomly tell me that I'm your best friend and that you love me. I totally get a kick out of you telling me I am funny when I don't think I am. Your sense of humor is just so keen. You pick up on stuff that is silly to you all the time. I adore that about you.

Thanks for being so wonderful and sweet! I love you so much!


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