Sunday, June 25, 2006

Happy 8 Month Birthday, Liam!

Dear Son,

You are eight months old today. And luckily you are feeling much better than last month's birthday. You are giggling, climbing, tracing, people watching, playing games, joyfully squealing, entertaining yourself and melting our hearts multiple times in a day. You seem to be ready to balance and take off running, but gravity certainly hasn't been your friend as of late. This past month you've revealed more bruises and scrapes than I can count. All you want to do is practice, practice, practice. What a go-getter you are!

Today you had a first. Our friend Aaron was visiting again and you gave him a purple nurple. You really hurt him almost like you meant to be guy friends with him and make the rest of us laugh. We also watched you make-out with the remote control today. Aaron thought we maybe should leave the room and give you a little privacy. My little boy already knows how to french kiss... that ain't right!

You are getting better at sleeping. A tiny bit. You have been a good boy to fall asleep on your own at 8pm in your crib and not awake for a feeding until 1am. And after that feeding you'll go until 5am... then you are up at 8am and ready for a nappy by 9:30 or 10am. You are getting to be VERY predictable... and though your ma is sleep deprived (still) I know I can count on you to stick to a pretty good schedule. I am very proud of your consistency and mild nature. I can now tell your care takers what time you'll nap and eat. What a good boy to keep his ma's word!

You make me smile when it's time for you to eat. You'll suck on any exposed skin until the "bottle" is finally provided to you. It's at this time I steal kisses from you.

These days you are a very distracted boy. You let go of your food source if there is any noise, any person or mosquito in the room. You don't want to miss a beat and if that means giving up food for a moment to investigate, that is your prerogative. I am not stopping you. I know you aren't finished with your meal. I wait. You come back.

It's funny, I miss you when you are crawling around and being cute right in front of me. I want to hold you and kiss on you constantly and you are WAY too busy for that. I love the games you play and the "ba ba" sounds you make. You light up my life, darling baby boy!

Liam, we love you to no end. It will be a grand sight to see you hold your own baby someday and understand the adoration we have for you.

Happy Birthday, Sunshine!

PS: This was Liam running on his 8 month birthday. Click here


Tori :) said...

So sweet! Happy 8th Liam! (Livie is 5 months old today.)

Nicole said...

Happy 8 month birthday Liam!! Precious as always.

Stephanie said...

Ohhhh...I miss sweet baby firsts! It goes too fast!

Too funny about the "purple nurple". Boys will be boys.

Eli's Mom said...

Great blog! Eli started getting 'distracted' around that age still hasn't stopped, unfortunatly!! I pretty much have to put up in a dark closet somewhere if I want to get through the feeding quickly!

D said...

Kaden turned 4 month old this week. We were supposed to go and get shots tomorrow but he has a cough so we are going to the doctor today for a not so well baby visit. I will definitely have to use the jusmper so I can take a shower. Matt was home last week so I didn't have to worry about things like that for a whole week. We miss him already- today he starts the new job!

Nikkie said...

Happy 8 months Liam!

Boo started getting distracted around that time, so much so he'd scoot off of my lap then nurse. It was really sad!

Ashley said...

such a sweetheart! little bit doesn't really get too distracted when eating. she is very serious about her food :) she does, however, get distracted if there is a lot of noise in the room (like daddy coming in and being loud). i can't wait for her to start the consonants. the only way she'll do them now is if she's using her hand like an indian (hard to describe). happy birthday liam!

Glass Half Full said...

Happy Birthday, Liam!!

Katie said...

It will be a grand sight to see you hold your own baby someday and understand the adoration we have for you.
So true! I've thought that of my own children more than once, and it makes me realize how much my own mother must love me. Happy birthday, Liam!

utmommy said...

Happy 8th month!!

Cherish every moment:)

Nettie said...

Happy 8th month, Liam. (Already?!) Slow down, boy, you are growing up too fast!

Fallen Angel said...

WOW...That's big news (especially for you Gina).

Happy 8th month Liam...and don't run away from Mommy ^_^

Mrs. Chicky said...

Happy 8 months Liam and congratulations for making it this long in one piece, Mama.

That video is priceless.

Robin said...

Happy 8 months Liam! Charlotte's 6 months was yesterday! Our internet should be up and running tomorrow! I have a lot of missed blog reading to catch up on. We miss you and think of you!