Monday, October 26, 2009

4 Years Old

Dear Son,

It's so surreal to me that you are four years old! You've turned into a charming little man so quickly. I've seen tiny glimpses of this grown up you, but it's for real now. You seem more adult by the day lately. You've grown much and continue to amaze us with your charisma and talents. I hope I can make up for the past few months of not writing you a letter with this entry. There is a lot to report.

First, funny pronunciation. For quite some time now (a lot more than four months ago), we started noticing your silent "g" on the words that end in "g". Here is a sample sentence with a few of your versions of these words (in bold): "I eat all my food and it tastes good on my ton because it makes me stron and my legs are lon and dane it, I can't hane on." Daddy and I can't help but repeat your word versions of the silent "g" because it's just so funny! Repeatin funny sayins is just the way we do it around here.

The other thing you've done for a long time, but I haven't mentioned is your overuse of the word "even". Here are a few popular phrases you use: "I didn't even do that." Or, "Are you even going to do that." Or, "I don't even want to do that." Daddy and I have found ourselves adding the word "even" to the middle of our sentences now and then lately too. We are baffled as to where this came from. Did we teach you this unnecessary adverb use or have you used it so much that it's rubbed off on us? We may never know.

We may think your English is pretty funny at times, but overall you have some clear and mature things to tell us. We love getting a report of your day when you get home from preschool. You don't tend to leave any details out. We thoroughly enjoy your pure honesty about your life experiences. You speak from your heart and tell it like it is. Sometimes you throw in a fib for us to weed out of your story, but you recover with a "just kidding" after you get an odd stare from us because we understand your routine attempts to get a rise out of your audience. We love your good humor and teasing ways. You can't resist a little jest now and then.

And what would a darling little man be with just humor? He'd be enough, but you've got more to offer than a good laugh. You've got love in your heart, true concern, charity and trust for others. If someone is sad, you ask why and try to find a time in your life when you felt just as sad to share empathy. If you have an extra treat or toy, you share it or tell me to give it to a favorite person of yours. When I administer your allergy or cold medicine, you completely take my word that it will make you feel better even though it tastes so bad.

You remember what your friends enjoy. Being one of your closest friends, I notice this a lot about you. You know my favorite colors are green and yellow. Any time you see those colors you get very excited, tell me to look and then tell me they are my favorite. You also notice my colors when you have candies such as Skittles. The other day I asked you to share a red Skittle with me. You said that red wasn't my favorite color and I reassured you I did want the red one. You couldn't find a red one and gave me a yellow one instead. Later in the day you came back to the same tiny package of Skittles, found a red and got so excited! You said, "Mom! I found a red one for you!" Your thoughtfulness makes my heart swell, Liam.

This morning you were on your way out the door with your dad to go to school. I stopped you for a kiss, to put a hat on your head and then sent you on your way. Before I shut the door, you turned around and said, "Mom... I'll miss you." I said I'd miss you too and to have a great day. Then you said, "Mom, try not to miss me." You are wonderful to reassure me like that... because you know I have days where I pick you up from school and tell you how much I've missed you. Again, you are so thoughtful - a quality that a lot of folks lose as they grow older. I hope you never lose it.

Thank you for being such a good kid, Liam. You have your monster moments, but you recover and redeem yourself 100 fold. I don't know how many mothers can say that about their sons, but it's true about you. You recognize the good, the bad and the in between. You know what is right and what is grey matter. Heavenly Father is proud of you, your grandparents are proud of you and your dad and I are proud of you. We (still) couldn't have asked for a better son.

Happy Birthday, Liam! Keep up the good work and we'll try to keep up the pace too.

Love you always,


Photos by Freckles Photography in Spanish Fork, Utah.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pumpkin Carving with Daddy

The week before Liam's birthday, he kept on asking Daddy if they could carve a pumpkin. So finally the night before his big day we stopped at the grocery store to get a smaller pumpkin to carve. He tried to convince us to carve the two big ones we have on the porch, but I wanted to keep those nice and bake them later.

Liam picked out the scary design and tried his hand at carving, but he mainly let Daddy do all the work.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Laughing to myself

I usually have some kind of treat or snack in the car when I pick up Liam after work. Yesterday I had two Starburst candies to give him. I soon realized how great those wrappers are. He spent a good minute just unwrapping the candy. Watching his little shaky hands work that candy over was so hilarious!
Starburst makes you work for it. A very respectable candy.

He can be a crack up

So on Tuesday when I took Liam to the clinic, I thought I'd stop by work and see if anyone was still there -- so I could introduce Liam. Two gals were there so I parked the car and helped Liam out of his seat. He picked up his balloon chicken (made out of a plastic glove) and said he needed to take it in to show my friends. I said no and expected a fight from him.

Instead he said, "Well... I guess I could always tell them about it!"

I couldn't help but laugh! What a great kid!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A good day with an almost 4 year old

I took the day off today to take Liam to get his photos done with Evelyn at Freckles Photography. Uncle Blake had a big hand in helping Liam win her photography contest last month and I was so excited to get this session done with such a talented gal.

Liam wasn't doing well with obedience during our time outside and in the studio. Evelyn had her own bribe riding along with mine. Her's was candy and mine was a hayride at the pumpkin patch. I am sure she captured some great moments, but that Liam was on a mission to test us this morning. Gotta love the handsome head strong type.

After photos, we went to Bajio for lunch. Liam was so well behaved while I was in line and while we ate at our table. He got into the car with no fights and then on our way to the hayride place, he mentioned how sorry he was about not listening during the photo session. I really appreciated hearing that from him. A kick off to a sweet day with my guy.

We shared the hayride with a preschool group. The crisp air was wonderful. We also liked the bumps of the back country fields we were riding through. Liam and I walked up and down the rows of pumpkins and finally found a great oval one. We lugged it back onto the trailer and took a breezy ride back to the barn to pay for our half an hour of fun. I wish I hadn't forgotten my camera this morning. It would have been nice to get a photo of us on the hayride with our cool pumpkin.

On the way home, I about fell asleep at the wheel. I decided Liam better pick a movie out and we'd watch it in my bed as soon as we got home. I started the movie on my computer and then instantly conked out for an hour. It felt so nice.

After the movie and nap time, we went out in the front yard to play in the leaves. Liam was so darling in the yellow foilage. His main concern was getting completely buried so he could hide. He also made a great leaf angel just like he would do in the snow.

At about this time, Liam relayed that he had a "headache in my ear"... I gave him something for the pain and then listened to him whine with his pain while I made dinner. After we ate, he felt better, but I took him to the clinic to get him checked out. No infection, yet. We just have to watch and wait. Hopefully nothing comes of it. His dang nose just won't stop and he's sniffing like a maniac. Too much sniffing leads to sinus or ear problems. Nose blowing is just not his favorite thing.

Anyway, while we were at the clinic I found out that he weighs 42 lbs. I pick up that boy on a regular basis. It amazes me how my muscles have grown as he has grown - from baby to 4 year old.

I forgot to say on the way to the doctor, we listened to some of Liam's kid CDs. I was singing along and giving him silly looks. His goofy looks, in reply, made me laugh. On the way home from the doctor, we were jamming to one of my mix CDs. Liam liked all my songs or so he told me. His car seat dance moves proved he was having a good time!

Before going home, we stopped in to say hi to Joslyn and wish Kara a happy birthday. While the kids played, we chatted -- it was a nice ending to a great day.

I had Kara snap a photo of me and my boy so I could freeze this one-on-one day in time.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Liam over a year ago

I was going through old photos this morning and found these darling videos of Liam painting. I know I never posted them because I didn't find anything super special about them back then. Today I appreciate them so much more! His darling 2 year old baby voice and the way he pronounces purple... just. so. cute.

Photo and video editing at

And check this photo out! Liam holding my hand when we were walking home from Rose's house. Look at that face!!! (March 2008)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Prepping for Halloween

So Liam was home sick with a flu bug on Thursday so it was a sad and boring day. I talked to Ian in the afternoon and he said we should have gotten a package from FedEx. I checked the porch and sure enough there was a big box waiting for Liam.

I called Liam to go look on the porch. He opened the door and said, "Is this for me?" I told him it was and he dragged the big box in and shut the door.

He started opening it up and pulled out a great costume that his Grandma Dixie and Aunt Kari made for him. He is going to be something really scary! I can't wait to get him in the studio on the 20th to take some great shots. I'll give you a teaser for now.

The next day I was home sick with pink eye and we got out his costume from last year. I think he'll for sure be wearing this get-up to school. It will probably work better when it comes time to use the facilities on his own. The Batman costume still fits! Yay!

Friday, October 09, 2009

Long Haired Handsome

I love this photo. Look at those blue eyes!

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Hee Haw Farms

I took Liam to Hee Haw Farms on Saturday evening. Well, not before we hit Walgreens to buy a pencil sharpener and on our way out, Liam spotted a “batman mask” that he absolutely HAD TO HAVE!

So with his new mask on, we went to the “hay place.” His favorite thing last year was the hay jumping. This year he tried that for one minute flat (not as impressed) and then was off to the big slide. He went on that massive slide about 50 times before we left at dusk. He was so adorable grabbing his burlap sack and running up the dirt hill to the slide. He’d wiggle his way into the bag, slide down and then drape the bag over his shoulder as he ran off for another round. He cracked me up with his constant circle. He surely got his exercise in that day.

Corn pit - "Bury me, Mom!"

Look at that dirty child! And wouldn't you know it, there was some major mud left behind after his bath. Boys.

Monday, October 05, 2009

Finding Snow 2009

On Wednesday, Ian called me at work and said he was going to pick up Liam so he could take him up to the mountains to play in the snow. I thought that was so sweet. He drops him off in the morning, so doing pick up was a big help for me and big fun for Liam.

They had a great report when they got home that night. Liam loved the snow and Ian showed me a photo on his camera of the snow induced grins.

Yesterday we went on another quest for snow. We found some falling furiously towards the top of the mountain up past Sundance. Liam went nuts throwing snow! He was laughing and squealing with pure joy. I got back in the car after a minute as it was really cold up there. He then proceeded to snowball my window and laughed each time I'd scream (like I'd felt it).

It took some bribery to get him back into the car. He then recapped the whole experience and how much fun it was.