Monday, February 25, 2008

2 years, 4 months

Dear Son,

This month went a little slower than usual and I have an inkling of why. We have had days on end that all seemed the dreaded same. You are truly a 2 year old who has constant struggles testing where your boundaries lie. We never thought the "terrible two's" would catch up to us. It's a fortunate thing that you continue on with your charming ways... as heaven knows, that (and your physical cuteness) are your saving grace. That said, we really are blessed to have YOU, and no other, testing our limits. Your mildness wore off long ago, but you really are a good natured child... we are very proud of you for that.

This month you've been praying a lot with our help. It's very sweet how clearly you echo back the words we offer you. My favorite phrase continues to be "Jesus Christ, Amen" and another favorite is when we bless Grandmas and Grandpas. Your way of saying Grandpa is more like Papaw. Just incredibly adorable, Liam. I wish you could see and hear the memory of it in my mind!

You continue to learn the English language and crack us up as you try:

Caterpillar - Pattipiyar
Butterfly - Fuff-fry
Put Away - Pooway
Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner - Yunch
Button - Bunt
Fish - Shish
Mustang - Musthang
White - Wipe
Chapstick - Boop

Daddy is always testing you with funny phrases and tongue twisters. The things he thinks up are hilarious all by themselves, but to hear you repeat them always gets us chuckling. We parents, acting like kids, try to get you to make us laugh with the same material over and over. You tickle our funny bone and you seem to love to play jester for us. I have found that most sessions of laughter are found in the car when we are running around town as a family.

A big milestone this month is that you've taken an interest in your potty chair. You'll sit there before bath time and sometimes before you get dressed or pajama'd. You think you are so big, though we've had no real results from all that sitting and trying. Tonight you got one tiny drop and seemed very pleased. "Wook, Mommy, wook!"

And speaking of "wooking", you are always asking us to look, look, look! All. the. time. You'll cross your fingers, make a face or stack 2 cars on top of one another... and then the requests begin. "Wook, Mommy!" and I say "Wow, Liam, that is SO cool! Great job. High fives!" You seem satisfied and go on with whatever you were doing before the randomly showcased trick. It makes me smile and then laugh to myself. I always knew you were clever, but it's extremely funny to me that you think you are pretty darn clever too.

I have to report your eating habits the past few weeks. I am amazed and delighted that you've been eating EVERYTHING put in front of you. I cook a meal for the family AND YOU EAT IT! No back up hot dogs, ravioli or oatmeal. This fact is simply surprising and wonderful to me! I haven't worried about your vitamin intake for weeks... weeks! You'll eat most any vegetables and any fruits... and pasta and rice and meats and pickles! I only hope this isn't a phase. And if it is, can we keep it forever?

I have broken out the parenting manuals once again. This parent/toddler thing is an ongoing education of rights and wrongs. We are learning just like you and it is hard. I know you are giving us your very best and we appreciate your stage in life. I hope we can give you our best more regularly, too, this next month and throughout your life. We'll continue to pray together for patience and understanding. The three of us sure can use it. Thanks for always forgiving and loving us not matter what, kiddo. Those soft kisses (and many other redeeming gestures) really go a long way.

All my love,


Monday, February 18, 2008

We Love Uncle Drew

Drew came over to tend Liam so we could go to the Rockapella concert on Saturday. We had such a great time! The show was just amazing and we had no worries leaving Liam.

As you can tell in this photo (taken before we left that evening), Liam was beyond excited to have Drew as a play mate.

Thank you, Uncle Drew, for tending a two year old, boundary testing, spitting maniac who is mainly saved by his cuteness and small stature!

Report: Liam was put in time out 5 times in three hours, but I am sure he probably deserved 10 or more.

Yes, I said it, my child is not perfect. We need to give Drew the most patient uncle award. We are fortunate to have him in our lives... he is such the doting uncle.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sunday Evening Snow

I had promised Liam all weekend that we would go play outside.... so Sunday night rolled around and the cold task had to be done. He was so tickled to be outside throwing snow!

Ian came out a few minutes after us and got the sled for Liam to slide down a huge mound of snow. He was so delighted!

And that snow suit he has on? A 70's original... that was Ian's!

The End

Butter licker

We met up with my great friend, Kate, on Friday night. This is Liam at Mimi's Cafe using butter as dip... he dipped his face in it a few times... and his melon wedges.

Later that night Kate came over and helped me put Liam to bed. I had to take a few photos of her reading to Liam and then she stole the camera from me. This is one of the shots she got. I thought it was random and very cute.

Friday, February 08, 2008


Last night as we were tucking Liam into bed, he asked to cuddle Daddy. Our initial reply was a big fat "not tonight, son" but Ian remembered he'd be at Klondike tonight with the scouts and wouldn't see his little boy until Saturday. So he cuddled Liam to sleep. I thought that was so sweet of Ian to spend that extra time.

This morning Miss Purr Bug was giving me some love. Liam tends to call her Orion because he plays with and reprimands Orion more. So I corrected him and said "this is Purr Bug" and he said, "oh yeah, Purr Bot!"

Made me laugh! I couldn't quite make out what he called her before today.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Another cut

Liam got another hair cut last night. He does so well as long as he's on Daddy's lap. This girl was just as impresed as the last one as to how well Liam does. He just moved his head wherever Ian put the hand mirror. Vain little fellow.

He got the sucker reward afterwards.

And I have to share this gem... We went to PetSmart while we waited for the walk-in appointment at the hair cut place nearby. Liam loved seeing all the birds, kitties and fish in the store... The gem? He was a huge help when it came time to buy the cat food. He even walked it out to the car and loaded it up. I love the joyful strain on his face in this photo:


Liam Prays

Last week I must have said the dinner prayer too hastily, because Liam seemed alarmed when it was over so fast. He refolded his arms when Ian put his food in front of him, so Ian asked if he wanted to bless his food. "Yeah, Liam pray." Ian went on to help Liam say his own prayer.

We were so proud of him!

Then Sunday, the nursery workers told me that Liam gave the opening prayer for their lesson. He kept showing me how he closed his eyes "see" and folded his arms "see." (The lesson just happened to be on prayer and they had little paper bag puppets that demonstrated how it's done.) I was so excited to hear he actually prayed with an audience! What a big kid!

Then tonight he blessed our dinner with Ian's help. When he said "Jesus Christ, Amen" at the end, I was so pleased! My heart just swelled!

Also tonight for bed time prayers, I was saying the prayer but he was whispering back ups of every other thing I said super softly. Man, he is a sweet kid!

Sunday, February 03, 2008

The Letters

Liam officially recognizes every letter of the alphabet except a few mix ups.

Z and N look the same to him apparently. Understandable.

X and K look the same to him too. It makes sense.

And finally, M and W. But, I don't think it's because they are so similar in shape. I think it's because M is much easier to verbalize than W.

Oh well. I am proud of his recognition of all the other letters. Just like his animal sounds at 16/17 months, it all happened sooner than I thought and practically overnight! Go Liam!