Friday, March 04, 2005

My first letter to Liam

Today, July 8, 2009, I have decided to dig up the journal I wrote by hand when I found out I was pregnant with Liam. I am creating a book to publish of his first 2 years of life and realized I hadn't transferred this information to his blog yet. Tonight I am reliving the excitement of my early days of motherhood...

March 4, 2005

Today I found out that you are growing inside me. What a shock it was to hear I am pregnant! I must have gone pale when the nurse told me because she offered to re-test to reassure me it's true. I just kept saying, "Are you sure? Are you sure?"

I went straight to Daddy's workplace to give him the news. He seemed to take it better than I did. I took a card to him at his desk. He opened it and shut it real fast saying, "No way!" Then he reopened it and read it again more carefully. It was pretty cute.

We went back out to my car together and talked more about your due date on November 6th -- my dad's birthday. We really hope you are healthy and growing normally at this 5 week point. I hope you stay where you are until November 6th.

Besides Daddy, I told our friend Robin the shocking news. She was so excited to hear it's official since she and I have both missed our period and have taken two previous pregnancy tests. She will know tomorrow if she has a baby growing inside her too! I really hope so! She brought your first gift today -- a five-pack of white onesies!

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