Sunday, June 27, 2010

Untouched Photo

I can't get over how beautiful my boy is. And I can't get over that this photo was shot in manual mode and I got a perfect exposure (in my book). Look at his green eyes! Mesmerizing!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

He is well

Liam is doing tons better today. So glad that sore throat is clearing up. He ate a homemade cheeseburger for dinner tonight with no complaints. We were floored! (Because last night he could barely eat because his throat and a canker sore hurt him so badly.)

Ian has been doing all the meal preparations for Youth Conference this Thursday through Saturday, so while I was helping Ian with all the food, Liam was kind of getting in the way. So we sent him out to the garden to pull all the radishes (since they were getting kinda big and spicy).

He was so cute doing his work. If he popped a top off while pulling, he'd dig for the radish. Nothing was left behind. I didn't want to ruin his rhythm so I got some footage of his work from behind the window. He finished that up pretty quick. We still needed him out of the house so his next job was to take the tops off and put the radishes in a bag.

We are grateful for such a hard worker! He takes after his dad.

Those are lady finger radishes so they
look more like carrots.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

It's Strep

So we took Liam to the doctor today since the fever didn't go away and he started crying over his sore throat. I thought he probably had strep so we took him in and got confirmation. He was really good for the doctor and was happy to get some new medicine that will make this yuck go away.

Last night he was up 6 times with either weird dreams or pain or both. I figure it will be the same tonight. He has already woken once with gas cramps and weird dreams... the throat pain was secondary on that round. I won't be going to work tomorrow since he's still contagious. Poor kid. I had strep for the first time just about 6 months ago and I've never known your throat could hurt so severely. I hope he never gets this again.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Poor guy

I got home from work last night and found Liam balled up on the couch staring off into space (watching AFV with his Daddy). He wasn't well. I scooped him up to hold him and noticed he was burning up. We got some medicine down him and then I just held him for awhile. He fell asleep in my arms. That hasn't happened since he was a baby! I had Ian take a photo of our poor worn out little boy.

So sad when your baby is sick. After a few more snuggles I put him into bed shortly before 7pm. He woke again at 3am and was burning up even more. We got some cold water down him and more medicine. I was putting a cold washcloth on his head and neck as he lay in his bed looking so sweet and worn out. We had a little talk about how there are little soldiers in his body fighting off the sickness and that is why he was so hot. He really liked that explanation. He is seeming more like himself this morning.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Mr. Handy

Ian went fishing with a friend super early Saturday morning, so Liam and I got around for the day and headed over to Home Depot for their monthly kid's workshop. Liam got to build his own mini foosball game... well not before we felt a bit crowded by the tons of other families attending and headed home. I figured I'd be better able to take photos during the building process that way.

We found Daddy's hammer and screwdriver and we then set up on the porch to start the project. After he was done with the hammering and assembling, we went indoors to do the finishing work - paint!

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Flaming Gorgeous

We came to a T in the road when we left camp Sunday afternoon. Ian said if we go right, we head home, but if we went left, we could see the Flaming Gorge Dam only 25 minutes away. We chose the dam. Liam was so excited to see "Flaming Gorgeous" and so was I, honestly. I've never been on a dam tour before.

We arrived and took a look around the water and then registered for our free tour. There were only a few people with us and our guide was really nice and so knowledgeable. At the bottom of the dam you are able to feed the fish. Liam took full advantage of that. He collected all the pellets in his hat and loved watching the fish roll and fight for that food once he threw it.

While he was doing this, we heard a horrible sounding fire alarm. Ends up, another group touring had a child pull the switch and we were stuck at the bottom of the dam for a pretty long time. Once we were able to move on, the guide lady took a family photo of us. Then we hit the road for a long trip home.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Camping with friends

We had a great Memorial Day weekend. I got off early on Friday and we packed everything up for camping with our good friends. At 4pm we all hit the road towards Vernal and then towards the Flaming Gorge area. Kara's parents had scoped out our campsite in Red Cloud Loop the week before and her Aunt/Uncle had parked their camper there to hold the spot.

We all set up our camping areas as quickly as we could because we were losing sunlight fast as it was approaching 8pm when we arrived. Ian and I got the brats and sausages going to feed everyone once they got a break. Once everyone was set up, we all sat by the fire for awhile and enjoyed the evening. I don't think we got to bed until close to 10pm so Liam was feeling pretty big staying up late.

It was a cold night up there in the mountains. We decided a couple sleeping bags atop our blankets might be a good idea for the following night (Ian went into town that morning to pick some up since I forgot them thinking they were already in the camper).

Saturday morning, Liam didn't waste any time getting Brian (Kara's dad, Joslyn's grandpa) to take him on his first 4 wheelin' ride. He felt so special when Brian obliged. Look at Liam's face!

Later, all of us went on a fun ride together as a family. We climbed, ran through water and mud, and went super fast on the flat parts. It was so fun!

As soon as we arrived back at camp, Liam would get pretty sad. He could ride those toys all day long - as could his dad. Ian was talking about finding some similar toys for ourselves... and the mama said, "Um, maybe one day..."

Liam and Joslyn went on a few rides together. Everyone took turns taking them. Here is Robin (Joslyn's grandma) taking them. Liam looks so smug... like he owns that machine!

This shot was taken on Sunday right before we left... one last ride.

Another fun activity on Saturday was ADVENTURES in the woods. Kara and Jered took them on a hike and they got a little surprise from what Jered called a snipe. Apparently Liam held tight to Jered's leg when that monster made it's appearance. The kids were scared and then just thrilled about the experience! Robin took them on a few "adventures" in the woods too. The kids ate it up.

During the whole camping trip all the guys were finding dead trees and bringing them to camp for firewood. Here are some really manly shots that I captured of my guys. What strong men!

Saturday is did snow a bit, so LeAnn (Kara's Aunt) let us come warm up and play games in her camper. We ate lunch in there too. I had to take a phot of the kids being so sweet together. Joslyn looked sweet until she saw me taking a photo... both of them get like this when the camera comes out. I guess 4 years was a good run for them being nice for the camera.

Here's a couple semi-cooperative ones!

And here are a few out by the campfire that Kara took.

Sunday we ate a wonderful breakfast made by our friends and then hung out and gradually packed up camp.

Side Note: On Saturday Liam went out of site for a minute or two then came around the corner with the most perfect log for the fire. He said, "Look I got a really good piece of log!" We all laughed at that cute and proud comment and then finally figured out where he got that GREAT burning piece of wood. It was apparently found on Brian's trailer as it is what he uses to stabilize the hitch. When Brian got back from his 4 wheeler ride he spotted that perfectly shaped burning log and knew exactly where it came from. I am grateful he was so very gracious about the loss.