Sunday, October 26, 2008

3 Years Old

Dear Son,

I am at a loss for words tonight as I try to begin your birthday letter. I have been reviewing all the other letters I've written and tears come to my eyes as I remember each past note of appreciation.

At this point in our relationship, I feel about as mature as you probably do. We've figured each other out, we know each others' buttons, quirks and reactions. We play off each others' emotions, tones and expressions. We both think on our feet and when it doesn't come out right, we correct ourselves. It's fun to be together, it's amazing the understanding we have with each other. Makes me wish I could spend all my days with you. Lately it's been difficult for me to work out of the home Monday through Friday. I miss you a lot, Liam.

We've had a full October of fun together. I tend to wish the weekends wouldn't end (as most of us do) but mainly because I don't want to let you go, come Monday morning. You've brought me many moments of pure joy this past month!

I would hate to say you are an indulged child because of the negative connotation that has, but it's really okay with me. Sure, you have your moments of spoiled-child-fits-demanding-more-than-practical, but I do too. It's fun for us to put a smile on your face and/or see your reaction to a new discovery. It's what being a parent and raising a child is all about... making the child happy! We love making you happy! And it's so neat for us to see you wanting to make us happy too!

This weekend we went grocery shopping. You put things in the cart, emptied the cart, reloaded the cart, loaded the car... all the while saying, "I am a big helper!" You love serving your parents and doing the right thing. I guess most children do, but I find so much love behind your good deeds because I am your mother and feel so special that you want to help ME.

I took a few photos of you this afternoon. You were just so perfectly behaved! As we walked towards the park, I warned you I'd be taking a lot of pictures of you. I promised a big treat once we were done and back to the car. You totally went for this bribe! As soon as we got to our destination, you started posing like I'd ask and say "cheese" left and right. When that wore off, I'd ask you to not laugh and not smile and not to look at me! To my surprise that worked better than any other trick! You gave me real chuckles and darling smirks! We had so much fun exploring and playing!

I have to report, Liam, that many times a day you ask one of us to do something with you. Only you don't say the word with. It's, "Mom, will you play me?' or "Daddy, go outside me?" or "Play marbles me, Mommy?"... it's so sweet and it's really hard to say no to. I love that you can communicate so well these days. And you really let us reason with you too. Makes our lives go along much more smoothly and happily.

You continue to be a big fan of anything loaded with sugar. Lately it's been doughnuts you've been asking for... even when there are no doughnuts to be had. This past week you discovered chocolate milk and ask for it daily now. Balancing your diet sure is tricky.

You are a collector of anything Pixar Cars... namely McQueen, Chick Hicks and The King! You are loving anything related to dinosaurs and have made a collection of those things too! You are a whiz at 24 piece puzzles and are taking an interest in 2 player games. Grandma and Grandpa got you Memory and you love making matches!

You are completely consumed by any catalog we get in the mail. You browse through them with me and point to the things you "want for Cwistmas!" Sometimes you won't let me turn the page, so you can carry your bookmarked catalog around and show us again and again. A few days ago you decided you wanted a Yoda action figure "for Cwistmas" and pronounced it Oda.

You are growing up too fast, Liam! I am so glad you still let us hold you and hug you and kiss you! I love holding your hand and chatting with you. I love how you lean into me when we read books. I love all your silliness and charming ways. I am so grateful to be your mom and make you smile. I always say Heavenly Father knew what he was doing when He sent you to us. You really are the perfect fit to our family! We love you so much and feel so fortunate to share our lives with you. Thanks for the spirit of fun, happiness and love you bring to our home!

Yours forever,

See all birthday photos HERE.


RCRambling said...

As always, beautifully written, Gina.

And makes me not dread this difficult toddler stage as much, to know that other moms face similar challenges and that as your child grows, it does get better in many ways.

Liam is truly a blessing to both of you.

Clare said...

what a beautiful post! he is so cute in all of his pictures! i just love all of the little things you said about liam. he sounds adorable:)

Katie said...

Beautiful post AND adorable pictures. What a cute boy!!

Robin said...

what a wonderful letter. I really enjoyed the album and was truly amazed by the beauty of the images you captured.

Leatha said...

I loved what you said about indulging him and about making him happy. It's so clear how much you love to make him happy. I think it's great, and I agree, I love love love making my kids happy. It's hard to believe how fast 3 years goes by! What an adorable and sweet son you have.

Carrie said...

I love your birthday letters. You so inapire me. Happy 3rd birthday Liam!

MileHighMommy said...

Your photos are awesome! You've got the eye of a professional, I'd say!

Great birthday letter - as always. I am always so touched by your words. And I always find myself smiling because I soooo know what you go through with some of this stuff! I agree about the "indulged child" - who cares? I have 2 kids and both are probably a little "indulged". But I think you do a fantastic job at teaching Liam to be selfless and grateful too. See, there's a balance and balance is the key, right?

Happy 3rd Birthday to you, Liam! XOXO

The Goddess said...

Those pictures are absolutely beautiful. You little guy could be a model he is just so darn handsome.

I love the pic of the two of you touching foreheads.