Thursday, June 08, 2006

100 Things about ME!

I have been wanting to join the bandwagon and do this list, but never thought I could actually do it. In honor of my 100th post today, I give you 100 things about me:

1. I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
2. My parents got baptized into this church 6 weeks before I was born.
3. I got baptized at age 8 after going through the discussions with the missionaries.
4. I loved going to church as a child... Primary is still fun as an adult.
5. I went to girls camp every summer from the ages 12-18.
6. It was the funnest way to camp each summer. (I still have friends from those programs.)
7. At age 12, my first job was as a babysitter on Friday nights for quite a few families (for all of my teenage years).
8. At age 15, my second job was operating rides at an Amusement Park.
9. At age 16, my third job was as a hostess at a sit down pizza place.
10. At age 17, my fourth job was at a nursing home making beds, passing out ice and water and assisting the physical therapists.
11. At age 19, my fifth job was as a CNA and I loved it even more than being a "helping hand" above.
12. At age 21, sadly my sixth job was in a call center.
13. I actually made more money doing that than caring for the elderly and rehabilitating.
14. My 7th job is where I am now... pushing papers and updating databases (and making good $ doing it).
15. My 8th and FAVORITE job is being Liam's Mother.
16. I love being a mom.
17. Our current plan is to only have one child.
18. It was originally four.
19. I am sad and happy about that.
20. I think someday we might be able to have one more (if I don't have to work outside the home).
21. We have two Bengal leopard cats living with us.
22. The younger Bengal is a pest in my life.
23. I love them both, but I really love Liam the best and it's very evident.
24. Ian is a single parent of two Bengals (and I support him in that stewardship).
25. Shortly after Liam's birth, we started letting them roam free outdoors to avoid incessant meowing.
26. Yes, we have two very expensive cats roaming the neighborhood.
27. I am not worried about this.
28. I am worried, however, about the outdoor dander they bring into the house while we are raising a small boy (and I don't have much time to clean).
29. Cat hair on a baby's hands (or anywhere else on him) grosses me out.
30. For this purpose I no longer pick up my cats for risk of getting hair on me to transfer to Liam.
31. My hair grosses me out too (when I find it anywhere but on my head).
32. I wear a pony tail on a regular basis.
33. It's not my style, but it's the only style that I can manage right now.
34. It's important to me to have earrings on every day of my life (and my wedding ring).
35. I think earrings are a feminine touch that I need each day. (They were pierced when I was 9 months old.)
36. I take my wedding ring and earrings off each night before sleeping.
37. I rarely leave my house without wearing some sort of makeup.
38. I feel no need to scare young children and innocent by standers.
39. On certain Saturdays I will run errands without make up to give my face a rest.
40. I love Saturdays with Ian.
41. I love spending time doing nothing with him.
42. We LOVE watching Friends and Seinfeld reruns (and SNL) together.
43. We actually own the Friends Trivia Game.
44. We quote SNL quite often. (Yeah, and Friends.)
45. Ian can make me laugh so hard!
46. He is crazy, spooky smart and witty.
47. I recently found out that Ian doesn't know the "back up" lines to most songs and he was impressed that I do... do doo doo do, dip dip dip, duwop, duwop, shamma lama ding dong.
48. That made him laugh and it made me laugh even harder. I can rarely impress him like that. And it was funny he thought that was impressive.
49. I have a really talented hubby.
50. I supervised him remodel basically our whole house (his first time with most of those projects, teaching himself as he went).
51. I wish he would go back to college cuz he can Ace any subject without even studying.
52. I hated school.
53. I am a big procrastinator when it comes to assignments of any sort.
54. I hate chores, but find them necessary. (They aren't assignments, so I can do them in a timely manner.)
55. My favorite chore is vacuuming.
56. I've wanted a Dyson since they came out and I finally got one!
57. Some day I want a Bose stereo.
58. I love music, but I am not well cultured in it so I can't "name that song" too well. Thank goodness for iTunes so I can buy the music I REALLY want and make my own CDs.
59. I don't believe in Soul Mates, but I do think most couples can make their relationship work long term and keep the spark alive with help from above.
60. I was born a white blonde and with no artificial help, I am now a dishwater blonde.
61. Yes, I can be a ditz. Ask my hubby.
62. I nursed Liam for 20 months. I pumped once a day for 11 of those months (on maternity leave and then when I had to go back to work).
63. I'm pretty impressed with this fact.
64. I've missed it since I finally weaned him. Mainly because of it's convenience.
65. I would never get "work done" to look like a breastfeeding mother again.
66. I have many FABULOUS friends.
67. One of them is my sister (my only sibling).
68. Now you can see why I am torn about having another child (Heidi was my first friend).
69. I'm naturally slim (not in shape, just flab surrounding bones). I'd like to get into shape again soon though.
70. It took me about 8 months to get back to my pre-Liam weight.
71. I find it odd that one can weigh what they did before, but look nothing like what they did before.
72. I am still working on getting the pre-baby jeans to fit so they don't look painted on.
73. I love spicy food. (and anything with cheese on it, in it, or around it)
74. My son will go to a good college whether he likes it or not.
75. I was an average student on paper, but really was a below average student all around.
76. I lied about doing my homework and studying in high school.
77. I won't let Liam get away with that.
78. I will help him study and keep him on track.
79. We will fully expect good grades from him.
80. I know he will be athletic, so this will be easy leverage.
81. I plan on being a mean mom.
82. Mean as in, consistent in our parenting... no loop holes for us to fall into later. (HA-good luck with that)
83. I feel like this plan has already failed when Liam doesn't sleep well. Because it is the parents that let a schedule get out of whack. (OR the ridiculous cat that wakes the baby. See #25.)
84. I give people the benefit of the doubt most of the time.
85. Ian doesn't really like this about me.
86. Water is my beverage of choice 99.9% of the time.
87. I will drink soda with pizza or buttered popcorn, but a very small amount. (Something's gotta help the grease go down. Am I right?)
88. I dream in color, usually remember my dreams, and always contact people who visit my dreams that I haven't seen in a long time. For some reason I think it's a sign that I need to contact them. And once in a while it ends up being important that I did.
89. I love it when friends or neighbors drop by to say hello.
90. I love to drop in on friends too.
91. I believe letter writing is a lost art.
92. I used to be a master letter writer from age 12 on until I got married (22).
93. I wrote to three guy friends their entire missions (2 years) and didn't marry one of them.
94. I can't live without AcneFree, BareMinerals, microfiber cleaning cloths, liquid soap, paper towels, my wondertees, one pair of good jeans, chocolate and a spare pacifier for Liam.
95. I don't like reading books or seeing movies more than once. (Except for a handful of movies, and one special book.)
96. I hate not knowing what time it is.
97. I have a poor sense of direction, aside from up and down.
98. I have no artistic or musical ability (except that I can remember songs from when I was small and I sing them to Liam).
99. I talk too fast and interrupt too much. (I have been trying to work on improving this annoying attribute for a couple years.)
100. I never thought I could finish this... and surprisingly I could keep going.

I hope those of you past the 100 mark will do this list anyway. It's so fun to read these meme's. And those of you not yet or even close to the 100 mark... start drafting it for later... it takes time to do and you'll keep thinking of things and be glad you hadn't posted it yet.


Nettie said...

Congratulations on your 100th post! Its amazing how many new things I learned about you by reading this. Here's to the next 100 posts!

Momma G said...

I hear you on the sense of direction....oohh, I'm bad at that!! Great post..

Ashley said...

hi! i think i'm going to work on a 100 post. it seems like it would be hard but i like a challenge :)
i love bare minerals!! i used it religiously before i got pregnant but then my face broke out so bad that i just couldn't afford to cover everything everytime i put on makeup. i need to go back to using it now though! acne free--i used it for awhile and it worked great and then all of a sudden (pregnancy maybe?) it just started making things worse so now i'm on to proactiv (which didn't work for me while i was pregnant but now works WONDERS). i have no sense of direction whatsoever!! my husband knows every road in the state and many other states (most of which we've only been to once if even that). it's amazing! i have big parenting plans and expectations also and i really hope not to deviate from them but the more i see people with toddlers, the more i think it is going to be hard not to deviate. i've never heard of a dyson but i checked out the website and geez! they're pricey! i am currently using an electrolux vacuum that is approximately 17 years old. i LOVE it though! we got a hoover windtunnel for our wedding and it was such a major piece of junk! my electrolux rocks though! i can't name a single name of a song but can sing every word. brian can tell me the name, artist and most of the time the year it came out. he can also quote movies that we have only seen once. it amazes me! it also amazes me that he didn't do that well in school. cats--we have two that i absolutely love (mutt cats from the pound) but they get really neglected now that Little Bit is here. bless their hearts! and cat hair--i swear it multiplies!!
i've had a bajillion and one jobs...maybe i'll use that on my 100 things :)

sorry this comment is so long but i had a lot to comment on! i could probably comment on a lot more also! it is kinda strange how much we seem to have in common. i bet liam and little bit would have fun playing together! too bad we're not neighbors :)

Angelo said...

Congratulations on your 100 mark post!! I *Heart* the list you created and actually I got to know you better LOL.

BTW, Last April I went to a church for my religion site visit and got to see children get baptized. Actually, it was awesome, but I wonder why would your parents waited until you're 8 to get you baptized? I hope Liam has been baptized already.

Ohh me like FRIENDS but hate Seinfeld (I don't know but I did not get that show)

Gina said...

@Nette: Thanks for the congrads. That challenge is for real... I want to learn that much about you too!

@Evarob: So what is the name of the birth defect where you are not born with a compass in your brain?

@ashley: Fun to see how much more we have in common. Yes, I want to be neighbors too. Can't wait to see your list of 100!

@fallen angel: You are welcome to email me and I will happily reply with answers about the baptism stuff ;)

What's so funny? said...

I enjoyed reading this. It goes by quickly! I could relate to many. Esp 99. Which is why blogging is great, I can't interrupt anyone!

Oh, and I want a Dyson more than anything!!!

Tori :) said...

I have the Friends Trivia game too! COngrats on your 100th. I'm 1/2 way there. I should start thinking about my 100 post....

Chicky Chicky Baby said...

Congratulations on your 100th post and for finishing your list of 100 things. Its a bit of a chore, isn't it? ;)

You're alright in my book, lady. Especially since we've got all of those things in common.

Anonymous said...

Way to go on 100 posts....I will have to count how many I have. This would be a fun post. Loved learning more about you!

Stephanie Precourt said...

I liked learning all about you through this! Oh, and hubby and I love to watch Friends, Seinfeld, & SNL reruns together- most of the time that is all that is on by the time we get the kids in bed and have a chance to really hang out! But, it's fun nonetheless!

Missy said...

Love the list, Gina! You must share your review on Bareminerals with us! I have always wanted to try it but was to chicken to get it.

asiangard said...

Oh Boy! Yet another Mormon! lol
I'm suprised that you are only having one child...what kind of mormon are you!! lol

Juliet said...

Hey! I tried to post a response to this yesterday, but Blogger was giving me problems. Anyway, it was neat to read all this info about you. By the way, for a long time after William was born,I,too, swore I only wanted one kid. But I am ready for another one now. And I nursed William until he was 2 years and four monthes old. I'm so proud of that fact!

Hey. How would you feel about being blogging buddies? I'll link you if you link me. ^_^

Gina said...

@juliet: Wow, I am so impressed! Way to go... I have thought about continued pumping after Liam's 14 month mark, but we'll see how committed I am at that point. And yes, I will add your linkadoo tonight.

Millie said...

Big Seinfeld & SNL fan here!

I enjoyed reading your list. I think my posts are between 80-90, so I better get busy. My turn's coming!

Thanks for visiting my blog! :)

Kim's Life said...

Wow I have done some posts about me but never 100 I think I would struggle. Its nice to learn more about you thankyou.

Nicole said...

I loved getting to read all about you. I am like you though. I would be scared that I wouldn't have enough to write and then not be able to stop at JUST 100! I just started blogging, but I will be thinking about my 100th now. Gives me some good time to prepare!:)

Nichole said...

I loved this list! I agree with about half of your items including those about breastfeeding (congratulations on doing it for so long!), writing letters, and wanting a Dyson! My mother has a Dyson and swears it's a must for pet owners. I have a long-haired cat so it would be a godsend. I'd hug my Dyson! But I'm not paying that much either!!!

I apologize for not reading earlier! I started reading this list one day but ended up needing to do something baby-related, I'm sure.

Thanks for stoppin by! And I will make a list...oh, and if you haven't read these entries about nursing at my blog, check em out!:

I was hoping to still be breastfeeding Eleana now, but sadly it was time to wean. If I haven't written an entry about weaning I think it's time I did!!!

Katie said...

I read this post last week and commented, but Blogger ate it. Anyhow, I knew a lot of these things about you, and I loved learning the rest.

For what it's worth, I think the stripes in your bedroom and your kitchen redesign count as awesome artistic ability (#98).

Taffi said...

You sound like a really fun person. :-)

PS - save up for and get the Dyson. It's worth it. I *heart* my Dyson!

Dawnyel said...

WOW!! I learned a lot!! (But then again...I just discovered you!!)
YOU LOVE TO VACUUM?? If you love SHOULD get a Dyson...they're so worth it! I want one, but can't afford it either!
I'm a procrastinator in the worst way! YAY! I'm not alone! :)
This was a great post!

Angel Baby said...

Wow, this was great. I really liked the things I learned about you!!

Fun stuff! I could have read another 100...

Cristina said...

Wow, 100 posts! Great way to celebrate that.

I love SNL also, but haven't watched it for years. I think it was best in the 80s.

Thanks for visiting my blog earlier!

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Great list, and there's so many I want to comment on, like:

Why only one child?

I love your number 15.

44--Schwetty Balls, and "Taco, Burrito, what's that in your speedo!" from SNL.

59--TOTALLY agree with you on the soulmate thing. My hub and I joke with each other calling each other 'soul mate' and then CRACK UP!

87--I just wrote about beverages and mixing them with particular foods--like spag and milk... yuck!

Unknown said...

Nice list!
And very belated congrats on your 100th post :)


Miss Notesy said...

I'm glad you mentioned this in my comments section. I enjoyed reading yours too. :-)

Terry said...

I really loved reading this list. I learned so much about you. I totally get what you mean about your cats. I went through that too. My cats were so spoiled, and photographed and cared for until I had a baby. Then they took the backseat. Somehow I have ended up with another cat. My sister talked me into taking a cat of hers, a Cornish Rex. The good thing about this bread is they have Really short hair and they don't shed. They are sweet and friendly but and quiet. However, they are not nearly as beautiful and fun to look at as a bengal.

Amanda said...