Friday, June 16, 2006

A Night Out

I came home from work to a father and son trying to take a nap and the son wasn't cooperating. So I picked him up, fed him and fell asleep with him in my arms. We three slept for over an hour! It was awesome... well, until Liam woke us up... Ian and I could have slept the rest of the night. It's been a long week.

So instead of sleeping, we went out on the town! I was in the mood for a good salad and Ian said TGIFridays never has a wait on the weekends. So I got Liam's baby food, bib, toys and new high chair cover ready to go.

Liam was so well behaved! We were leary of taking him out since about two weeks ago we went to Ruby River and as soon as they brought our food out, Liam had a melt down. I took Liam outta there and Ian got our food boxed and we split! No sense in ruining EVERYONE's dinner. But tonight since he just had a nap, he was great! I even took photos. (Big surprise!)
After dinner we went to Mervyn's to pick out new bath towels. We were long overdue for this purchase. I wanted to wait until Ian remodels the bathroom to be sure about the colors and new decor... oh well, we got some light sky blue towels and I even found a bath sheet for myself. My current bath sheet is in tethers it is soooo old! (Okay, sorry for the tangent.)

After Mervyn's we went to Barnes and Noble to find Liam a few more board books. He picked out three that he liked and (explored) shopped all over the kids section. (AH, why didn't I take a picture???)

We sang on the way home to make sure Liam's mood didn't turn sour as he was SO ready for bed. I love it that he just sings along with us! Melts my heart.

NOW, on to the mini photo shoot of Liam kissing himself in the mirror! (I am still taken with the color focus...)

(click to enlarge)


Juliet said...

I have old photos of William kissing himself in the mirror, too. hehe

Next time you go to Friday's, try the Brownie Obsession. It is a chocolate lover's dream! I always need to it is on an empty stomach, though. That thing is filling!

Katie said...

Love the kissy pictures. My boys used to do that...they always looked like they were thinking, "I don't know who that kid is, but man, he's a charmer!"

Gwen said...

I think your obsession for your camera plays well with the fact that you have an absolute DOLL to photograph!

Sounds like a fun night out.

Nikkie said...

I love the kissey pictures! I'm glad that you had a nice night out!

Your favorite the-great said...

Liam is too cute for WORDS!