Saturday, June 03, 2006

Jungle Gym & Laughing

Since Liam started crawling/climbing all I have to do is put my hands out and he'll crawl over for me to pick him up. It's sweet that he comes to me when I ask like that.

The past couple days I don't have to put my hands out for him to come over. He has assigned me to play "jungle gym" when I am home. I thought this was a role for daddy to play, but I have been enjoying the floor time with the cuteness. Here are pictures of Liam making out with my leg and climbing towards me. I happened to be wearing a skirt on Thursday and his mentality is, "kiss any exposed skin." So he was really making me laugh as he kissed my leg over and over (you know, each time he discovered it while crawling around).

Then today after his nap, I put him in his walker. He is very good at navigating and simply asks for help if he gets stuck in a threshold or corner. So he was rollin' around and asked to go into the back room. I put him over the threshold and he made a b-line for the big box that his wholesale diapers came in. He sat next to that box for 20 minutes laughing his little head off while playing with the box flap. We were laughing and just kept watching him. It's is absolutely hilarious what cracks a baby up.

PS: Another first today... Liam sat in the high chair when we went out to eat (at Ruby Tuesday). I brought my Medela wipes and scoured the seat clean. He sat so well and enjoyed his mini lunch. (I remembered to bring baby food and a bib. YIPPEE!) I wish I had a photo! He was so cute!


Nikkie said...

I just love watching babies laugh at the little things that they find so funny!
He looks like such a happy little guy!

Nicole said...

Who needs all those toys when there are boxes to play with? My daughter often asks me when we're going to get another box.

Enjoy the eating out now. When little Liam starts walking on his own, the quiet dinners out are over!!

Gina said...

Whoever said our dinners were quiet? LOL He's a noisy little cuss and we rarely go in public to eat with him. I look forward to the walking stage and I dread it at the same time.

utmommy said...

It sounds like he is going through such a fun stage. We played jungle gym for all of our four little ones too!! Enjoy these precious moments.

utmommy said...

It sounds like he is going through such a fun stage! Enjoy every moment of every stage.

We used to play jungle gym for each of our four little monkeys too!

Juliet said...

What a little cutie you have! I miss those days. Although, having a toddler is sure a lot of fun, too! ^_^

Eli's Mom said...

I love love LOVE the pics of him using you as a jungle gym...such a cute expression!!

handiemom said...

What a cute baby you have! I miss my kids being this small. My youngest is now 3 and there are no more in the works!

Fun story about the box flap. Isn't that the truth? We spend all this money on toys and they would rather play with the box!

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