Thursday, June 22, 2006

Our Semi-Famous Friend

Last night our friends Alli and Aaron came to visit us. They are in town from Minnesota and made time to see us during their 8 year anniversary trip. They moved away shortly after we got married and we have been to MN once to see them since... that was like 4 years ago!

Anyway, we have missed them a lot, and seeing them and spending time with them again made us remember how much we missed them. Since Robin and Trent moved away, we haven't had real good laughs with another couple. Alli and Aaron make us laugh just like Robin and Trent did... and with that said, they make us laugh as hard as Josh and Katie do too! All these friends and they live so far away! It's not fair!!! But it's so fun to see them again and just pick up where we left off... boys talking politics and guns... girls talking about babies and life.

Alli is a professional photographer. That is why I say "our semi-famous friend". She took my bridal photos, lots of project based experimental photos for herself and my engagement photos while she was completing BYU's Photography program. (Ian was even a star in her final photography project.) She was talented then and is even more so now. She has really made a name for herself in Minnesota and even has an agent in New York that books jobs for her too. She works a lot for Target® and many local magazines and modeling agencies there in MN.

I was so excited for her to meet Liam. She is really cute with kids and had a good time with Liam last night. I have always told her that when I had kids I would fly her out here to take all his milestone photos... yeah right... I barely have enough cash to get his photos done where we already have at 150 bucks... and that really is a steal!

Anyway, it was fun catching up and goofing off with our old friends. We are planning on seeing them again on Saturday for a double date to Comedy Sportz. Yay for endless laughter!


kate said...

spending time with friends is even more meaningful when there are kids in the picture. time is so limited, money, etc.
i find that i appreciate it so much more now when it does RARELY happen!

D said...

Yay for good friends! COme visit us and we'll go to Disneyland. Liam will love it!

Ashley said...

doesn't it suck when the people you get along best with are the people who don't live close by? my husband and i have several sets of friends that don't live anywhere close but yet we get along with them best (maybe that's why). one day, though, we'll have great friends who live right next door but they'll obviously have a child who's about 14 b/c we'll need a babysitter :) heehee

Nicole said...

I LOVE good friends! Sounds like ya'll had a great time. I think that is awesome that she is a photographer. That sounds like a rad job!!

Katie said...

You ought to upload some of those photos Alli took of you, Gina. They are stunning.