Monday, June 12, 2006

My Life Monday 6

Today's assignment is to write about our favorite childhood toy.

I thought hard about this and it took me awhile to realize that roller skates were my ABSOLUTE favorite toy as a kid.

My sister and I started roller skating when we were under 6 (down in our unfinished basement in winter and in the driveway in the summer) and continued until we were out of middle school (including the driveway and roller rinks).

When we were 12 and 13 we made up a game called roller tennis. We got the tennis rackets and tennis balls out of the garage, laced up our skates and basically made up our own rules of tennis with skates. There was an imaginary net line and if the ball went off the driveway, it was out. We taught this game to our neighbor friends, but Heidi and I knew [all] the rules to the T and had the most fun just the two of us playing until dusk each summer night.

The thing to do in our town, at middle school age, was to go to the roller rink on Friday nights. We had such a good time and spent our allowance on the snack bar and skated the night away! That was so much fun... and until I started typing this out, I didn't realize how much I miss roller skating. In my opinion roller blading is nothing close to how fun roller skating is!


Kim's Life said...

Roller Skating was my fav as a child. We use to have disco Nights on Friday nights at our skating Rink. Ohh the good old days.

Nikkie said...

I remember when the Roller Rink was the place to be! Roller staking was so much easier then blading!

D said...

I think we had very similar childhoods.:)

Taffi said...

My next door neighbor and I would set up little obstacle courses on her driveway to skate around, over and through while we listened to the radio. I remember once I fell and ripped my brand new Rocky Mountain jeans and boy, was my mom maaaaad!

Diana - Teacher Mom said...

Ah, yes! Roller skates! I was very envious of anyone who owned a pair though I don't know why, seeing as I couldn't skate if my life depended on it.