Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Randomness on 4/4/06

I gotta write on this thing daily now cuz I am dependent on my other blogger friends to be that religious about it. (I am setting a good example, people!) I really don't have anything to report other than the fact that Sunday night Master Liam slept until 3:30am! I was pretty proud of him. Then last night he didn't do so hot... so I was kinda discouraged. And here goes another night, another random night of guess-how-long-he'll-sleep... always looking forward to it! ;)

I have a friend from back home that emailed me today saying that we need to talk this weekend because we seem to be facing the same issues. (She reviewed my blog.) Her sweet boy is 2 months older than Liam, I think (sorry Jenne if I am off). She basically said that they have the same sweet demeanor, but torture us by night with their weird bouts of "need". I am really looking forward to talking to her. This is the same friend that, shortly after I gave birth, she sent me two 20 dollar bills, NOT for Liam, but for me... she wanted me to do something nice for myself as a new mom. I cried. I was so touched that she would be so thoughtful in my recovery time, period of adjusting to major fatigue and she just had general good timing of that type of gift.

Anyway, today Ian got Liam laughing again. He sings Sir MixAlot's "Baby got Back" and (just like on Friends) it cracks Liam up! Of course, only a glance towards Ian makes him smile and sometimes laugh. But the song really gets him to the core. It's hilarious! Mom says we have to send her a recording of that laugh so she can replay it again and again. (We called her tonight so she could hear it. It's so cute when we put the phone up to his ear and she talks in this fun little voice to him. It reminds me of when she was here that first month of his life. It was so neat to know that she wanted to spend every possible moment with him... the way she talks to him is the sweetest! Like we aren't even there listening... they are in their own world... Grandma and Liam.) --This photo was taken 11/28/05, the day before she went back to Minneapolis. Miss you Mom!


grandma -dixie said...

My time is very limited with Liam so yes we are " kind of in our own little world"I remember that day very well, I fell asleep with Liam, Loved, loved,loved the moment, not to fond of the picture of me.

grandma -dixie said...
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Gina said...

I know you don't like that picture, but I haven't found any that you like of yourself... and I think you are beautiful! You are two of a kind in this photo... adorable!