Monday, April 03, 2006

Liam today

Liam is really good at playing super man... sometimes it looks like he's swimming if there is something to be extra excited about!


Fallen Angel said...

OMG! Your son is so cute that I could eat him.....but I won't LoL.

So how is motherhood treating you? I bet it is amazing huh ^_^. Reading your blog made me think of my mother...May god bless you and all the mothers in the world (only the good ones).

*Rush to pick up the phone and dail Mom*

grandma -dixie said...

LOVE THAT CUTE FACE- Wish I could just kiss it any time I wanted. Miss you all a lot. It is a fun time when they are trying to learn to turn over and crawl and learn how to melt Mom and Dads hearts. Does a great job of melting Grandma and Grandpas heart also.

asiangarden said...

OmG! What a cutie he is, I love those gorgeous blue eyes!!